Dawn Of The Dead 1978 Dvd

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Dawn Of The Dead 1978 Dvd
Dawn Of The Dead 1978 Dvd

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Dawn Of The Dead 1978 Dvd

Dawn Of The Dead 1978 Dvd

The dead return to earth! A mysterious plague is slowly destroying humanity, but the dead find no rest. They return as bloodthirsty zombies and, because of their hunger for human flesh, seek out the few who are not infected. A small group of survivors managed to barricade themselves in a mall. But as the dead crowd gathers outside, a claustrophobic nightmare unfolds in the shopping paradise.

Mcbastard’s Mausoleum: Dvd Review: Dawn Of The Dead (arrow Video 4 Disc Edition) Dvd

This is the ultimate zombie movie! George A. Romero’s masterpiece is one of the most famous and best horror films in the history of cinema.

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Switch to German To make our website and web ads more interesting for you, we use so-called cookies to record / check access to content that interests you (for details, see the category which is “Improvement”). Our partners also receive usage information for evaluations and advertising (for details, see the category “Advertising”. With “Select all” you allow us to use the cookies described in more detailed under “Additional information” for the purposes stated there (can be canceled at any time). You can also limit your consent to your choice (eg “advertisement”, “improvement”). There you can adjust or deny your consent sooner or later. More details in the privacy policy. Imprint This graphic design project to design a DVD cover is actually part of a larger project that is not yet finished. In 2007 when I decided to try and do a composite edit of the 1978 George A Romero film Dawn Of The Dead, by editing together three different cuts of the film; the Theatrical version, the European (AKA Argento) cut, and the Extended (AKA Cannes) cut from the newly released Anchor Bay ‘Ultimate Edition’ DVD box set.

I started editing on May 11, 2007. I copied the three ‘Ultimate Edition’ box-set discs to my hard drive, each containing MPEG-2 interlaced video running at 29.97fps, then used in DGindex to create a D2V project file, then run it through the inverse telecine processor in TMPGEnc, save it as a TPR project file, then use VFAPI to create a frameserving ‘fake’ intermediary AVI file that behaves like progressive video running in 23.976fps.

Found Dawn Of The Dead Signed By The Machete Zombie!

This ‘fake’ AVI file can be opened and edited in Adobe Premiere, then re-encoded to progressive MPEG-2 using Cinema Craft Encoder SP2, all meaning just one re-encode of the source video of the entire process to retain anything. generational degradation of quality from the source footage to a minimum. To get the maximum edit possible, I imported all three versions into a timeline in Adobe Premiere and edited each version cut by cut, then added gaps to -sync frame for frame for every shot in all three. This means it’s easy to see which of the 3 has the highest version of any one shot (even in one frame) and it’s clear where some have shots that others don’t. Using this method, I got the longest version possible by changing versions from shot to shot (and even splicing two halves of the same shot from different versions) , but it – saves a big headache when it comes to audio editing. The 16:9 anamorphic widescreen from the source was retained, along with a Dolby Digital 2.0 audio track, with the intention of releasing it on a dual layer DVD. I worked through editing all of the video (leaving the audio edit to the second edit pass) to complete it on June 23, 2007.

The audio editing pass was more difficult than I expected. I only have a small number of score tracks available, taken from one or other of ‘The Complete 1978 Soundtrack’ 49 track Theatrical version, made by an American fan, Chris Stavrakis, the 2004 Trunk Records’ Unreleased Soundtrack Music to the 14 track CD of Dawn Of The Dead by George A Romero, and the 17 track 1978 Zombi Soundtrack by Goblin. It was a few years before I put together my ‘Dawn Of The Dead – Extended Cut Ultimate Soundtrack’, although I contacted Chris Stavrakis who gave me some extra tracks that I needed to do in a certain order. . . By far the hardest section goes from Wooley to the conversation between Peter and Roger after the SWAT member shoots himself. In that section, each of the three source versions had different backing music and I switched between them almost shot to shot. Finally, I had to rubber band all the audio, overlay the backing music track from the Goblin Zombie score CD over the entire sequence, then rubber band back any speech or sound effects that I could sufficiently isolate from their backing. tracks to do so. ‘clean’. Then I used sound effects CDs to replace some of the missing sound effects, and copy and paste some sound effects and bits of background speech from elsewhere into the audio tracks and then add some ambience noise. to fill everything. I even recorded myself making zombie noises (!) to use for the sequence when the legless, female zombie attacks the apartment because the source speech was too quiet to separate the backing track from the music. . I was about 13 minutes into the movie and decided that I couldn’t give the project the justice it deserved, using the source material I had, and I didn’t want to do a bad job just to complete the project.

Having edited all the video, I know that the finished version will run at 161m 54s 28f (24P NTSC). Without any new source material found, that’s the maximum composite edit anyone can do, and that’s using three versions plus some shots from the trailer in German and some additional footage from the Documentary of the documentary The Dead any of them are in any of the three versions. There have been two other joint edits done and I know my version is longer than both. The German language Astro ‘Ultimate Final Cut’ DVD from 2001 runs at 154m 38s (PAL or 161m 14s NTSC equivalent) which is about 40 seconds shorter, and the fanmade ‘Extended Mall Hours Cut’ DVD released in January 2008, edited by OfficiallyUnofficial runs 154m 35s (24P NTSC), which is about 7½ minutes shorter.

Dawn Of The Dead 1978 Dvd

I have always admired the concept design used in the Dutch Filmworks 2 disc DVD box set, and I plan to draw it for my DVD artwork. In anticipation, I used Adobe Photoshop to design a DVD cover for the release of this project. I built it as a 6463px by 4351px image at 600dpi, with the SWAT team member on one side, and the zombie on the other, signifying the battle and transition between the two extremes. Since the project isn’t finished yet, I only have the DVD cover to show for it.

George A. Romero’s Dawn Of The Dead [divimax] (pre Owned Dvd 0013131216394) Directed By George A. Romero

However, all was not lost, this project eventually became the Dawn Of The Dead – Extended Cut Ultimate Soundtrack project a few years later in 2009, mainly due to some library tracks sent to me by Chris Stavrakis .

In August 2020, I spent some time upgrading the old DVD cover artwork, to a Blu-Ray cover. While the overall editing project is in the same limbo as in 2007, I found some higher quality source artwork, which I used to give the upgraded cover a little polish. .

If you are interested in any of my fanmade projects, you can contact me via email at , or via Rob’s Nostalgia Projects Facebook page. Check out and ‘like’ that Facebook page to see the latest updates on any current projects, and check out my Wish List to see if you can help me with either any future projects or upgrades.

Web design, text and graphics © copyright ‘Rob McLaine’, all other images © copyright of their owners. Successor to Blu-ray Disc, Ultra HD Blu-ray is the optical data storage for movies in ultra-high definition format. The eponymous Ultra HD resolution is a maximum of 3840 × 2160 pixels. Unlike before, high contrast range, higher refresh rate and larger color space are also supported. Normal Blu-ray players cannot play the new media. Ultra HD Blu-ray enabled devices are generally backward compatible.

Land Of The Dead [blu Ray] [director’s Cut]: Amazon.de: Baker, Simon, Hopper, Dennis, Argento, Asia, Leguizamo, John, Romero, George A., Baker, Simon, Hopper, Dennis: Dvd & Blu Ray

The Blu-Ray is released as

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