Dawn Of The Dead 1978 Hd

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Dawn Of The Dead 1978 Hd
Dawn Of The Dead 1978 Hd

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Dawn Of The Dead 1978 Hd

Dawn Of The Dead 1978 Hd

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Dawn Of The Dead’ Movie Facts

The dead return to earth. A mysterious epidemic is gradually destroying humanity, but the dead find no rest. They return as bloodthirsty zombies, driven by a hunger for human flesh to prey on the few who are not yet infected. A small group of survivors manage to barricade themselves in the mall. But while hordes of the dead gather outside, a claustrophobic nightmare is brewing in the shopping paradise.

This is the ultimate zombie movie. George Romero’s masterpiece is one of the most famous and best horror films in the history of cinema.

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In 1968, director George Romero shook up the horror genre with his zombie classic Night of the Living Dead. Ten years later, he repeated the trick with his followers

. Halfway through his three-decade obsession with the dead (culminating in Day of the Dead in 1985),

Set in a world where the tide has turned and zombies have taken over.

Dawn Of The Dead 1978 Hd

Romero’s trilogy of the dead is about the deterioration of society and life as we know it. Each film is a product of its era, as well as a commentary on contemporary issues and the socio-political atmosphere. In this way, each entry in the saga has its own unique personality, look and feel.

Dawn Of The Dead Kaufen

It centers on a new misfit group of survivors who seek refuge from a zombie apocalypse in a large indoor mall. Once again, the cast is strong. Ken Forrey, who became a staple of the genre thanks to his starring role as Peter, this time appeared in films such as:

Exciting, unique environments, various shops and services offer many creative ways to keep the zombie hordes at bay. As many critics have pointed out, the mall operates on a different level than Romero’s commentary on consumption. In fact, images of hordes of mindless zombies wandering aimlessly aren’t too far off from what one might see on a trip to the local mall. Both zombies and customers buy for the same consumption reason. The only difference is that zombies eat meat.

Romero is not just about consumption. There is sensational television dealing with ratings, even in the middle of the world, which is coming to an end; police brutality and racism with police officers committing murder; abortion and a woman’s right to choose whether to keep her child; and man’s propensity for violence and enjoyment of a lawless world. Most of these questions suggest that humanity is doomed even without zombies.

Funny, fun and exciting. It has some great action set-pieces, like a motorcycle raid in a mall, and some really funny black comedy moments, like a biker gang throwing pies at zombies. Romero even reverses the standard sad worst horror ending of the 70’s that he himself made popular.

Dawn Of The Dead (1978) Zombie (alt) George A Romero (dir) Dode 001 Vs Stock Photo

They were often the main reason why fans flocked to see the latest horror movie. Not because of the actors or the directors, but because of the lure of the latest, most amazing special effects that really drew the crowds. The horror magazine Fangoria celebrated and strengthened this fandom by focusing on behind-the-scenes photos and interviews with the artists, discussing how they achieved their impact.

Became the stuff of legend, paving the way for the more complex and unusual sequels of the next decade. And for good reason; its effects are pioneering not only in their technical preparation and credibility, but also in their creativity.

Many creative ways to send off the dead. Heads explode with blows, entrails are pulled out, various body parts are dismembered by machetes and helicopter rotor blades. Tom Savini’s wild effects are simultaneously disgusting, funny and hilarious, the perfect foil to George Romero’s clever 70s satire.

Dawn Of The Dead 1978 Hd

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My Favorite Scary Movie: Dawn Of The Dead (1978)

1978’s Dawn of the Dead is one of the great horror classics, and now it’s back in theaters. It was forbidden to show him for decades. Our film critic Raiko Burchard explains why the zombie movie is coming at the right time.

What’s playing in the mainstream? What flies under the radar? Here, the meeting of the artistic and the edgy, the ordinary and the awkward. We make the irritation understandable and tell you what’s progressed. Compressor Podcast – for pop fans with attitude.

A zombie outbreak hits the United States and law and order collapses. The police and military act brutally against the walking dead, but also against overburdened citizens. So begins director George Romero’s “Zombie: Dawn of the Dead,” a horror classic from 1978. It is still popular today, but it was not shown in Germany for decades. The film is now showing again in German cinemas, just in time for Halloween.

Max Opel. Why is the film so special and why hasn’t it been shown in theaters for over 40 years?

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Raiko Burchard. Dawn of the Dead is considered one of the most influential films of the genre and has a worldwide fan base, perhaps even in Germany. When it opened in Germany in 1979, more than three million people saw it in theaters, a remarkable number for a blockbuster.

With this popularity began an extraordinary history of censorship. The film, which has already been cut in Germany, was not only listed on the index, i.e. on the list of media harmful to young people, but it was finally banned from distribution in 1991 due to its depiction of violence.

The local rights holder managed to lift this ban only last year. Almost three decades later, the “dawn of the dead” can be relived in Germany in its full, now relatively harmless glory. This success is now being celebrated with a re-release, before more home cinema releases are soon to follow.

Dawn Of The Dead 1978 Hd

Opel. Due to the plot of the film, there could hardly have been a more suitable occasion for this. They describe a quarantine scenario where people pop into a department store to avoid an unknown epidemic.

November 1, 2017, Wednesday

Burchard: With its deliberately murky images of confinement, isolation, and uncertainty, Dawn of the Dead actually feels very modern. Over and over again, the film shows heated televised debates, followed by TV characters in which various experts think they know how to handle the situation. From the very beginning, the scientist demands that measures be taken against the threat with all diligence, and the angry woman criticizes the government’s policy.

Zombie movies like Dawn of the Dead are, so to speak, epidemiological cinema. Within a very short period of time, humans become highly contagious and deadly threats. A zombie outbreak marks the immediate onset of an apocalyptic mood in which societies rapidly fall behind the progress of civilization. George Romero’s breakthrough classic, Night of the Living Dead, is based on this motif, and Dawn of the Dead is the thematic sequel.

Opel. What makes Dawn of the Dead so special compared to similar movies and series today?

Burchard: Compared to the imitators, who are especially under “Dawn of the Dead”.

Dawn Of The Dead (1978)

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