Deliver Us From Evil Korean Movie

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Deliver Us From Evil Korean Movie
Deliver Us From Evil Korean Movie

Deliver Us From Evil Korean Movie – In fact, In-na (Yung-min Hwang) has already decided to quit her job as a contract killer. She was good enough to kill. But when he learns that his friend’s daughter has been kidnapped in Thailand, he must pick up the gun again. Once there, they immediately found the accused and the little girl. He is supported by a female translator, Yui (Yung-Min Park), who can really use the money. But the task will not be easy. Not only that, During the search, gangs, We have to deal with corrupt police. After him, In-na’s brother Ray (Yung-jae Lee) killed her last job…

While cinemas around the world are struggling to survive in 2020, South Korea has a success story or two. One of them is:

Deliver Us From Evil Korean Movie

Deliver Us From Evil Korean Movie

. With over four million viewers, the film about a killer who wants to free a little girl was a huge hit. In the annual charts, only Das Attenat – The Man Standing Next did slightly better. Such a thing arouses curiosity in advance. So the crowd-puller is only available with a slight delay, at least for local home theater, and you’d better get your own idea of ​​what draws people to theaters in the Far East.

Deliver Us From Evil (2020) Movie Review

But don’t ask. On the contrary, It is a very popular action movie in South Korea. A typical representative of the combination of crime and thriller. The most unusual thing is not the absence of a prominent hero like a cop or an agent, but also a contract killer. This needs a little explanation. how’s it going

Lately, there has been a need for some form of justification as to why the criminal suddenly became the good guy. Director and screenwriter Wang Chenghong (

) is a more popular tool: it allows the criminal to attack more serious criminals; Thus putting the hero’s actions into perspective. This means that someone kidnapped a little girl. A fact that justifies a murder or two if he kills her or commits other atrocities to her.

Usually from unpleasant and despicable characters who do horrible things independently of each other. They expected the story to be mostly about In-nam chasing down his kidnappers. But that wasn’t enough for the director, so he brought in several other villains, especially Ray. It’s kind of an interesting idea. It also includes a period where the hero must constantly rush to reach his goal before becoming a victim himself. Also, Jung-Min Hwang (Highway Racing)

Sinopsis Lengkap Film Deliver Us From Evil (2020)

He wants to create fake chaos and chaos. However, Hong has no exciting story to tell. Instead of dealing with what’s going on here. They’re mean and stupid, who think they’re so important and don’t know they’re anything more than cheap caricatures. Yes, This can be fun too. I get bored here, especially as the action scenes don’t distract from the central theme. They rely mainly on speed. However, due to a strong thunderstorm, a lot of power that should have been lost in that battle. Anyway, The presence of unnecessary slow motion is annoying; It’s meant to be witty, but everything here means nothing and nothing is done. pitiful Mainly Thailand perspective and beautiful pictures. You don’t need to understand some of the achievements.

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A killer wants to free a kidnapped girl and is being pursued by another killer. “Deliver us from evil,” the constellation promised. Finally, The film takes its silliness seriously, intersperses it with action scenes, and doesn’t let the pace down, but ultimately disappoints. I’ve said it a million times, “No one does crime like Korea.” There is a saying that I keep repeating. I tried and liked the films.

Deliver Us From Evil Korean Movie

Exhibits of this type of ticket. It portrays a dark world where wealthy organized crime syndicates engage in war with outsiders or ex-operators. Every attempt to replicate the success of the aforementioned titles has failed at home, though. The next exciting addition to the genre is always just around the corner. Hong Won-chan despite some familiar plot lines

Savage Trailer For The New Korean Action Thriller Deliver Us From Evil — Geektyrant

On the verge of retirement, the shot (Hwang Jung-min) is in Thailand. He found out he was connected to a recent kidnapping in Bangkok and decided to do it there before he left for good. With the help of his associate and a local foreigner (Park Jung-min), the details of the case lead him deep into the heart of Bangkok’s criminal underworld. At that time, Rei (Lee Jung-jae), the brother of the attacker’s latest target, a brutal assassin from Japan’s top yakuza group, embarks on a mission to hunt down the killer to avenge the victim’s brother.

Two of Korea’s biggest acting talents, Hwang Jung-min (Veteran, Spy Gone North) and Lee Jung-jae (The Murder, Thieves), will be seen together for the first time since their globally successful and now legendary film.

The audience will surely feel the transformation of actor Lee Jung-jae’s role as Ray that they have never seen before. “A computer.”

In dark, dirty hallways and garages, they fight when they get close to the knife. Other action sequences are highlighted by elaborate shootouts and thrilling chases through the crowded streets of Bangkok. With superhuman combat skills, each person can take down dozens of enemies at once and defeat them unaided. This makes for an intense attack of the titans reminiscent of the movie Super Soldier.

Deliver Us From Evil

It also uses innovative stop-motion camera techniques during the chaotic fights, creating fun and innovative action that will have the audience bursting out of their seats with furious punches.

Young talent Park Jung-min (Dongju: Poet of a Portrait, Keys to the Heart) plays an amazing role. For those trying to avoid all possible spoilers, please skip to the next paragraph as this character has not been featured in the movie promos so far. Minor Sponsor: Park plays a trans woman who meets an associate of an assassin (Hwang Jung-min) in Bangkok. By tricking himself into getting enough money for the operation, he decides to help the killer get the information he needs from his nightlife connections. Therefore, it is worth noting that this character may cause controversy for its portrayal, given the few roles that portray transgender characters in films. Final spoiler: But Park’s character is great; Park has played both roles that mix drama and comedy. It eventually became the main ingredient of the gallery.

Bring together Korea’s best artistic talent to create a television party like no other. Cinematographer Hong Gyeong-pyo (Parasite, Burning) once again immortalized the images in my brain with the jaw-dropping visual brilliance with which he bursts into furiously moving scenes. Korea Covering the diverse backdrops of Japan and Thailand, it is beautifully shot with vivid colors used to bring each locale to life. Accompanied by a score by the lovely and hypnotic composer Mowg (I Saw The Devil Burning).

Deliver Us From Evil Korean Movie

It’s not insanely epic or mind-blowing; Some are quite familiar. But it’s enough to get the ball rolling and let the art team and actors work their magic. The film is like a letter to movie lovers and is sure to make its way to various festivals in the coming years. At any cost

Deliver Us From Evil Review

In vintage Korean action style, this long journey will be seen on the biggest screen with music to keep you entertained for a long time. As an audience, I sincerely hope that viewers will be able to enjoy the film in this way because of the current global health crisis.

Tyler is an avid fan of East Asian films, and has followed South Korean films in particular for nearly two decades. He started one of the Pacific Northwest Korean Film Clubs at the University of Idaho in 2004 and spent a year abroad studying Japanese at Nagasaki University of Foreign Languages. Since 2011, Tyler has lived and worked in Seoul, South Korea as a freelance English teacher and writer. He studied for one year at Sogang University’s famous Korean language program.

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