Did Adolf Hitler Actually Die

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Did Adolf Hitler Actually Die
Did Adolf Hitler Actually Die

Did Adolf Hitler Actually Die – Hitler was portrayed by the US Secret Service in 1944, showing how he could disguise himself to avoid capture.

Conspiracy theories surrounding the death of Adolf Hitler, the dictator of Germany between 1933 and 1945, contradict the fact that he committed suicide in the Fuhrerbunker on 30 April 1945. The wife, Eva Braun, survived and escaped from Berlin, some insisting that she go to South America. In the years after the war, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) investigated some of the reports, disbelieving them. In 2009, a skull in a long Soviet archive (dubiously) attributed to Hitler was actually a woman, lending support to conspiracy theories.

Did Adolf Hitler Actually Die

Did Adolf Hitler Actually Die

Although these claims have gained some expression in popular culture, they are considered theories that have been debunked by historians and scientific experts. Eyewitnesses and Hitler’s remains prove that he died in a bunker in Berlin in 1945.

The Strange Death Of Adolf Hitler

The story that Hitler had not committed suicide but had instead escaped from Berlin was presented to the public by Marshal Georgy Zhukov in a press conference on 9 June 1945 at the request of Soviet leader Joseph Stalin.

When asked at the Potsdam Conference in July 1945 how Hitler had died, Stalin said he was living “in Spain or Argentina”.

In July 1945, British newspapers repeatedly claimed that a charred body found by the Soviets from a Soviet officer was a “very bad double”. American newspapers also repeated questionable quotes, such as the head of the Russian garrison in Berlin who said that Hitler was “hiding somewhere in Europe.”

Despite the official conclusion of the Western powers and the perception of historians that Hitler killed himself on 30 April 1945, this has been the impetus for various conspiracy theories.

Hitler’s Teeth Confirm He Died In 1945

In October 1945, France-Soir quoted Otto Abetz, the Nazi ambassador to Vichy France during World War II, as saying that Hitler was not dead.

Dick White, head of counter-intelligence in the British Department in Berlin, ordered their Hugh Trevor-Rober Act to investigate the matter, countering Soviet claims, and the first comprehensive investigation by the Western powers began in November. His findings that Hitler and Braun committed suicide in Berlin were written up in a report in 1946 and published in a book the following year.

Of the case, Trevor-Roper wrote, “More legs and fairy tales than love of truth…

Did Adolf Hitler Actually Die

In 1946, William Hiry Johnson, an American miner and Baptist preacher, began writing a series of letters under the name “Friar No. 1”, claiming that he was a living Hitler and that he had escaped to Ktaki with Braun. He accused Washington, DC of digging tunnels and researching armies, nuclear bombs, and invisible spaceships to take over the universe. Johnson managed to raise $15,000 (over $140,000 in 2020 currency) before he was arrested on mail fraud charges in mid-1956, promising high incentives to his supporters.

Researchers Say Adolf Hitler Died In 1945, Despite Various Theories To The Contrary

In March 1948, newspapers around the world reported that former German lieutenant Arthur F. According to Max’s account, on May 5, 1945 (during the bombing of Soviet Berlin), he, Hitler, Braun and Martin Bormann escaped from the Fuhrerbunker in tanks. . The group reportedly flew from Tempelhof Airport to Tønder, Denmark, where Hitler gave a speech, and boarded a flight to the coast with Braun.

In the May 1948 issue of the Italian magazine Tempo, writer Emil Ludwig wrote that a double cremation could have been carried out in Hitler’s place, allowing him to escape by submarine to Arctina.

Michael Musmanno, the presiding judge in the Einsatzgruppen trial at Nuremberg, wrote in his book in 1950, “It is reasonable to say that Hitler was carried away by angels.” Apparently Ludwig ignored the witnesses in the bunker.

In refuting Macks story, Musmanno cites his next story, where the lieutenant is said to have flown to Malaga, Spain, on May 9, when he was attacked by 30 Lightning fighters over Marseille (although the war had ended in Europe). He killed 33 other passengers besides himself.

Year Old Alligator Rumored To Belong To Adolf Hitler Dies In Moscow Zoo

Between 1951 and 1972, the National Police Gazette, an American tabloid style magazine, published a series of stories confirming Hitler’s survival.

Unproven claims include that Hitler fathered a child with Braun in the late 1930s, that he was actually physically fit during World War II, and that he escaped to Antarctica or South America. Writing for the newspaper, US intelligence officer William F. Heimlich said the blood found on Hitler’s couch did not match his blood type.

Following decades of conflicting reports, in 1968 the Soviet journalist Lev Besimsky published his book The Death of Adolf Hitler. This includes a Soviet autopsy report that claims Hitler died of cyanide poisoning, but records no dissection of internal organs.

Did Adolf Hitler Actually Die

Bezimski says the autopsy reports were not released earlier, “in case someone tried to slip into the role of the miraculously saved Führer.”

Newly Released Doctor’s Letters Show Adolf Hitler’s Fear Of Illness

He later admitted that he was acting as a “typical party propagandist” whose intention was “to lead the reader to the conclusion that [the shooting] was seen as a dream or a half-wit, that Hitler had really poisoned himself.”

For some on the extreme right, it was unthinkable that [Hitler] would have died so cowardly and hatefully. In some cases, supporters of Hitler’s survival have strong ties to neo-Nazis, or hold anti-Semitic beliefs, or are associated with American white supremacist organizations that see Hitler as an inspiration for their actions. … Some fringe groups who study various forms of ‘alternative’ knowledge, such as occultists or UFO watchers, feel that associating their beliefs with Hitler will bring them attention. Some versions of the survival myth therefore relate to Hitler’s escape by supernatural means, or his journey to a secret Nazi flying saucer under the Antarctic ice sheet.[28] Evidence

On 30 May 1946, part of a skull was found in the pit where Hitler’s remains had been dug up.

In a 2009 episode of History’s Mystery Quest, University of Connecticut archaeologist and osteologist Nick Bellantoni examined the skull fragment.

Hitler Teeth Analysis Dispels Myths Of Nazi Leader’s Survival

A small piece of DNA taken from the skull was tested, as well as the blood from Hitler’s couch. The skull was determined to be a skull – providing fodder for conspiracy theorists – while the blood was confirmed to be human blood.

Former Soviet and Russian officials did not claim the skull was the key evidence, citing fragments of a jawbone and two detal bridges found in May 1945, which were shown to two members of Hitler’s personal paymaster Hugo Blaschke: his aide Keith Hughes and long-time recording technician Fritz Echtmann. It was confirmed that the remains still belonged to Hitler and Braun, as did Blaschke in later reports.

According to Ada Petrova and Peter Watson, Hugh Thomas denied these remains in his 1995 book, but speculated that Hitler may have died in the bunker after being strangled by his valet Heinz Link. It was noted that Dr. Thomas agrees that there is no evidence to support this theory.

Did Adolf Hitler Actually Die

Ian Kershaw wrote, “Hugh Thomas’ theories that Hitler was strangled by Linge and that the cremated woman was not the body of Eva Braun, who survived the bunker.

Adolf Hitler’s Death 70th Anniversary: Five Facts About The Final Hours Of The German Nazi Leader

In 2017, Frch forensic pathologist Philippe Charlier confirmed that the teeth on one of the jawbone fragments were an “exact match” with Hitler’s 1944 X-ray document.

This investigation of the teeth by the Frch team, the results of which were published in the European Journal of Internal Medicine in May 2018, found that the tall remains were definitely Hitler’s teeth. According to Charlier, “There is no possible doubt. Our study proves that Hitler died [in Berlin] in 1945.”

There are several records of seeing Hitler in Europe, South America and the United States, and some of them insist that he changed his appearance with plastic surgery or by shaving his mustache off his toothbrush.

In mid-1945, Army General Dwight D. Eshover and Lt. John F. Although some notable figures, including Neddy, speculated that Hitler might have survived,

Hitler’s Nurse Breaks Silence After 60 Years

Richard J. Evans notes that the FBI must document such allegations, no matter how “false or sloppy,”

Meanwhile, American historian Donald McCauley says their files produce no credible evidence of Hitler’s survival.

A photo from a CIA document shows a former SS soldier and a man he claims is Hitler

Did Adolf Hitler Actually Die

A CIA document released on October 3, 1955, claims that Hitler is still alive and that he “left Colombia for Arctina in January 1955” by a former German SS soldier named Philip Citro. Enclosed with the Citro document is a picture of a man who he claimed was Hitler; On the back of the picture was written “Adolf Schüttelmayor” and the year 1954.

The Unsolved Murder Of Hitler’s Half Niece And His Romantic Obsession

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