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Dirty Games
Dirty Games

Dirty Games – When I accepted my dream job across the country, my boyfriend went into planning mode, even arranging for us to stay with his aunt until we could find our own place. So imagine my surprise at the airport when he ditched me, leaving me alone to go to Florida. With just an address and an entry code, I move on without him, and am completely unprepared when I encounter my new roommate, Zayn North – famous bad boy, womanizer. I try my best to keep my distance from the polite man, but one kiss changes everything and I definitely want more. Disclaimer: This book is intended for adults due to strong language and bold situations. This book is about a quirky, sassy heroine and a possessive alpha male.

**Please direct all questions to my website as I do not check messages on this site: www.michelleavalentine.com ** New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Michelle A. Valentine is a nurse in Central Ohio. and she is a writer. Sexual romance and novels for adults. His love of hard rock music, tattoos and sexy musicians inspired his Black Falcon series. Follow Michelle on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Michel… Website: www.michelleavalentine.com Newsletter: http://michelleavalentine.us3.list-ma… If you Interested in creating a book for review please email Michelle at [email protected]

Dirty Games

Dirty Games

Sassi, the curvaceous heroine who is not afraid to speak her mind, never intended to fall in love with her former abusive uncle for women’s football, but sometimes the attraction of animals cannot be stopped. Get ready to meet the devil!

Dirty Games (12

3.5 ⭐️ A very important quick read that takes you from the beginning, and a cliffhanger ending that leaves you wanting more!

The Drey Games is the first book in the Florida Devils series. When Vivi took her dream job as a production assistant, she knew things were about to change. She needed a place to live in a new city and it was a fresh start for her live-in boyfriend. Now that she was standing at the airport with a boyfriend and thoughts were drifting to the strange city, how could things get worse? She puts on her big girl pants and moves on. She has decided to stay with her old aunt in his house and it may be strange, but she will do the best as long as she stays on her feet. Zayn is a professional soccer player who has never been close to his family. to communicate with Family never really. He knew. Now we have the smart, independent, sassy but sweet Vivy with the big burly footballer. She’ll stay out of his way but it’s not easy until the friendship starts to affect them. Zane has never been with a woman, and he can’t believe how easy Vivi makes it. He wants to protect her, help her and be her friend, but soon lines are blurred and his place on the team is threatened. They also had an unexpected guest at their door, Vivi’s ex-brother-in-law and Zane’s brother-in-law. Well, it got complicated quickly! I can’t wait to see where this story goes! ~~ Michelle McMullen ~~

3 stars – Enjoyed this quick read. A perfect pallet cleaner. It was exactly what I was looking for. He will start next.

2.5 stars were rounded up to 3. This is my first time reading this author’s book. I found their tik tok and thought I’d give it a try. The book itself was fine. It was well edited and the writing was fine. My struggle comes with the development of the story. He had some speed issues. The story felt flat and lacked creativity. I really wanted to see more of the hero Zen fighting his attraction to the heroine. I like the idea of ​​this story that Zayn has been banned from interacting with his team due to some issues in the past. As the ex-girlfriend of Vivi’s nephew he adds another layer but at the end of the day it wasn’t enough to carry the story. Full review at https://bookcaseandcoffee.com

Dirty Would She Rather

DIRTY GAMES is the first installment in Michelle A. Valentine’s adult contemporary erotic romance series FLORIDA DEVILS. This is 34-year-old, NFL football player Zane North, and twenty-four-year-old, production assistant Vivi. Told from the perspective of two people (Zane and Vivi) DIRTY GAMES follows our heroine, Vivi, as she travels to Florida to start a new job. Dumped at the airport with her boyfriend Robert Estelle, Vivi struggles with what she should and shouldn’t do, only to realize she has nowhere to stay in Jacksonville, Florida but her great-aunt Zane North’s estate. . No idea who or what Zayn North is, Vivi will soon discover that her great uncle is a star player for the NFL’s Florida Devils, a player who is currently living his own personal dream. Then there’s the romance and relationship building between Zane and Vivi, and the potential breakdown forces Zane to keep Vivi at a distance, while neither is ready to give in. Zayn North has been following a scandal for a year, and the Florida Devils have ordered our hero to stay out of the public eye, with no connection to the future except for the arrival of Vivi, his older niece. – girl, bring something deep inside Zayn North that he struggles to hold against living under the same roof. Vivi has nowhere to live now that she is no longer in a relationship with Robert. Fortunately, Zane North has agreed to let our heroine stay until she finds her place, but another scandal is brewing and Zane is going to put them both in the direct line of fire. The relationship between Zane and Vivi is a forced intimacy in which Vivi is currently living with the hero of our story. Zen North knows that if his relationship with Vivi is revealed, he could be suspended, and lose the woman he is trying to claim as his own. $ex scenes are personal and passionate without the use of over the top sexual language and text. We meet Zane’s best friend and Beckett’s neighbor; Bella’s wardrobe assistant; Vivi’s ex-boyfriend, Robert Estelle; and movie star Gaya Vet. DIRTY GAMES is a story of friendship and relationships, obsession and love. We learn a bit about Zayn and Vivi’s family history, from similar backgrounds and heartbreaking childhoods. The premise is charming and charming; Love is passionate and steamy; The characters are charismatic, strong-willed and energetic. DIRTY GAMES ends on a cliffhanger – you have been warned. www.thereadingcafe.com

OMG I devoured this book in less than 2 hours!!! Zayn and Vivi meet under unusual circumstances to say the least. Their relationship begins as friends and builds. It’s a fast build but so much fun! Vivi is a strong woman who is ready to start her new career. Zayn is a great soccer player who tries to stay under the radar due to events beyond his control. They shouldn’t fall for each other but they can’t help it. I don’t want to give too much away. Michelle A. Valentine always tells a great story and this time is no different. She is giving us new characters to fall in love with. I can’t wait for this book with the two romances of this age difference Vivi and Zayn but it’s only 10 years bad. I was given RC for an honest review

Holy Batman cliffhanger (but also expected not too bad). Zayn and Vivi’s story is hot, sexy and sweaty and leaves me wanting. Let’s see where the story goes next

Dirty Games

Interesting story, very quick read. Includes installation and age difference. Not much plot, he can’t date, she just got dumped, they’re roommates. It is not completely black but it is on one side.

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Incredibly hot and not put down!!!! I love a story with a curvy heroine and Michelle Dre has delivered a great story with the games. When unexpectedly brought together, Vivi and Zayn can’t stay away from each other, or keep their hands off each other, despite everything they say they should. Their chemistry is off the charts and I’m crossing my fingers that the next episode of this new series (yes, there is a cliffhanger) gives them both what they want, and deserve. . . A caring, serious relationship. This is the type of story that Michelle has on my “Automatic 1-Click” Author List.

4 stars When I started reading this book it was going to be more than one book so watch out for the cliffhanger 🚨. from reading

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