Do You Need Special Shoes For Volleyball

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Do You Need Special Shoes For Volleyball
Do You Need Special Shoes For Volleyball

Do You Need Special Shoes For Volleyball – As a former world-class volleyball player, I have personally tested many volleyball shoes over the years.

As the head product tester, Caity Meale, I am currently in the process of extensive testing and performance evaluations of each product listed in this article.

Do You Need Special Shoes For Volleyball

Do You Need Special Shoes For Volleyball

We must have looked at 15-20 shoes in total and narrowed it down to the top 8, so you don’t have to waste your time reading about “28 best volleyball shoes” not close to the answer!

Can You Wear Basketball Shoes For Volleyball? [3 Reasons You Might Want To]

I recommend going through the description of each shoe below and choosing the one that best suits each individual’s needs as a volleyball player.

If you are having a hard time deciding, at the end of the article I have a list of the most important things to look for.

This is easily the best volleyball shoe we’ve seen on the market in years. They stick to the floor like glue, have heel-toe fluid transfer, strong support, and excellent shock absorption.

If you know me, you’ll know that I think the best volleyball shoes are basketball shoes, so you know I love it!

These Are The Shoes You Need To Run Your Fastest Mile

There is no such thing as a good volleyball shoe. These are very flat on the ground, which is good for all volleyball positions, but especially good for defensive specialists.

By the way, the only possibility of this shoe is that the soles are very thick, that is, it is high on the floor.

For some court players who like to stay close to the floor, this may not be the perfect match…

Do You Need Special Shoes For Volleyball

However, for most attacks, this will make you feel more dominant overall, so I see that as a positive.

Are Basketball Shoes Good For Volleyball?

It’s the best shoe for flying because of the thick, soft sole that provides plenty of cushioning when you hit the ground.

The heel-toe transition feels perfect and you definitely get a really springy transition from these shoes when you fly.

Historically, Asics isn’t known for making the best style shoes, but these red Tokyo Sky Elite are a classy look.

Everyone at the gym will know you’re a serious baller when you pull these out of your volleyball bag!

The Special Thing About The Sizes And Width Of New Balance Shoes

Can I end this article here? Honestly, I would need a very good reason to buy volleyball shoes now…

This shoe works great for almost any position on the court, although the midsole may be a bit thick for some liberos who prefer a less earthy feel. If so, check out my article discussing the best volleyball shoes for liberos instead.

The mid-top design offers excellent support and generally fits better than low-tops.

Do You Need Special Shoes For Volleyball

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Nike Zoom Hyperace 2

With the Asics Sky Elite FF, these two shoes are so far ahead of the competition that they can still be in a league of their own…

This is another volleyball shoe that has a hefty price tag, but is worth it for any athlete who takes the game of volleyball seriously.

My favorite thing about this volleyball shoe is the extra bounce it has when flying, perfect for anyone playing in the front yard.

One of my biggest concerns with volleyball shoes is the lack of shock absorption which, if you do a lot of running, can be really hard on your joints.

Glycerin Stealthfit 20 Women’s Running Shoes

Season Wave 2 isn’t as good as the original Seasons on this front. They basically trade shock absorption for extra density.

They also have a higher midsole design which means more heel support when tossing around the joint.

The Wave Momentum 2s are great for anyone who wants a super light and immersive shoe that will make you feel like you’re flying out of the gym!

Do You Need Special Shoes For Volleyball

As far as Nike volleyball shoes go, it’s close between the HyperAces and Hypersets. I’ve ranked the HyperAces higher because they’re fantastic with comfort and heel support, and they’re more in stock.

Best Nike Volleyball Shoes

The HyperAce 2s sport a minimalistic design, but trust me when I say these shoes grow on the back of your feet.

They have a long stretch around the knee which makes them very comfortable but also supports the lower leg for better support during lateral movements.

However the boots are very high off the ground due to the very thick soles, which makes them better for advanced players as opposed to defenders.

The weight is on the heavier side and they are the most responsive shoe in the world, so this is another reason to choose these shoes if you are a libero.

Best Water Shoes In 2023 [for Men & Women]

However if you are a runner who puts a premium on leg support and strength, these are a great option.

Because the padding is so thick, you can’t fit your feet in these shoes without breaking them. If you wear ankle boots, I would avoid the HyperAces!

Nike Hypersets are worn by professional volleyball players around the world not only because they look great, but also because they are exceptionally well made.

Do You Need Special Shoes For Volleyball

As far as compression goes, Hypersets are simply incredible. They also work great on outdoor courts and the rubber sole is more durable than you’d expect!

Great Volleyball Gift Ideas

A great heel turn with plenty of flexibility in the forefoot makes these ideal for running as well as quick lane changes.

These shoes are relatively low to the ground and have a very responsive release setup making them a popular choice among back court professionals.

You won’t get a lot of extra padding or incredible impact protection from these shoes, but they certainly hold their own in that regard.

Unfortunately these shoes have been discontinued by Nike, meaning availability is very low and this has caused prices to increase.

Ask A Sustainability Expert: How Do I Recycle My Worn Out Shoes?

As we all know, basketball shoes are the new volleyball shoes, and the way I see it, the Dame 7 is the best for all those who want to protect their ankles with a shock upper. .

I am a midfielder/opposite who plays a lot and runs a lot. For me, shock absorption is important because I want to protect my knee joints from overuse injuries such as jumper’s knee.

The Dame 7s are widely regarded as the best budget mid-range basketball shoe – meaning you get the most for your money!

The worst thing about this shoe is that it is on the heavy side, yet it feels very light and springy to wear.

Mizuno Wave Lightning Z4 Volleyball Shoes, White/navy/red, Men’s 7 D Us

The heel is too high off the ground, making it a poor option for liberos and defenders.

The Dame 7 is also available in a variety of unisex designs for women who don’t like the idea of ​​wearing men’s basketball shoes!

These are also much cheaper than any other pair on this list, so they are a great budget option and excellent value for money.

Perfect for wide legs! These are the widest shoes I’ve ever worn, so definitely not a great choice if you have narrow feet!

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A great choice for any spiker who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on expensive volleyball shoes.

The Giannis Death is what I would describe as a nice budget bag. It is the lightest shoe on this list and works really well for liberos and setters who like a lot of response.

This shoe might share the title of ‘best budget shoe’ with the Dame 7s, but it’s a very different shoe.

Do You Need Special Shoes For Volleyball

The immortal Giannis is known for his ease. It is the lightest shoe on this list.

Nike Zoom Hyperspeed Court Le Volleyball Shoes White

This means a higher response which makes it especially good for liberos who like to feel low on the ground and need to make a lot of blog corrections as they pass.

The locking system in this shoe is unfortunately too big, not the best idea for front court players who do tons of running.

That being said, players who play mostly from the backcourt will also find this shoe unique as they want to be lighter on their feet and need less impact protection.

These shoes are a little on the thick side, so if you have wide feet, consider going up a half size.

The Best Crossfit Shoes For Intense Training

This is a great, budget shoe for setters and liberos who like a great responsive shoe that feels low on the ground.

The Lebron 18s are arguably the most technologically advanced midsole of any sneaker. This gives them a unique response while maintaining the best possible effect, making these designs for high-flying athletes.

But today I chose to shine the spotlight on the Lebron 18 because they have one of the craziest midsoles we’ve ever seen in a shoe…

Do You Need Special Shoes For Volleyball

The comfort is exceptional and the grip system is absolutely ridiculous, giving you a ton of extra spring when flying.

Dolce & Gabbana Low Top Sneakers Daymaster Calfskin Online Shopping

This makes them perfect for central defenders who do a lot of tip-toeing when blocking opposing midfielders.

If you’re a spiker and do a lot of running (I’m looking for you in the middle and vice versa), these will protect your joints better than anything on the market.

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