Dragons Dawn Of The Dragon Racers Full Movie

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Dragons Dawn Of The Dragon Racers Full Movie
Dragons Dawn Of The Dragon Racers Full Movie

Dragons Dawn Of The Dragon Racers Full Movie – Dawn of the Dragon Racers is a short film released on November 11, 2014 along with the DVD/Blu-ray/digital release of How to Train Your Dragon 2. The Digital HD version was released on 21 October. It’s on Netflix. Since December 2014

The short film opens approximately three years before the events of the sequel and after the events of the second season, where Hiccup and Snotlout compete in the annual Dragon Race, the new and official dragon sport event in Brick, and practiced catching sheep. . Afterwards, Tufted had just finished painting his scary new face which shocked Astrid, Hiccup and Toothless. At least it doesn’t look like a target, says Tuffint, teasing the new Fishlegs pattern; The fishlegs indicate that this is the true Ingerman family crest. Snotlout is happy that his new form launcher is finally working, which Astrid explains took him thirty-two to fix. It then cuts to a series of sheep launches, where the sheep, wearing the helmet worn by Snotlout, is seen in pain as he lands in several different locations. Snotlout decides that the crowd is ready for the Launcher Dragon Race. Astrid complains and asks when he would make such a decision. Snotlout says it’s because he made the game. Hiccup and Astrid immediately deny the claim, saying they don’t remember it. Astrid tries to remember the events of how and who invented dragon racing.

Dragons Dawn Of The Dragon Racers Full Movie

Dragons Dawn Of The Dragon Racers Full Movie

It jumps into a flashback shortly after the events of the second season where the Raiders are in their early teens. The brick is preparing for the traditional annual boat race called regatta that will start in a few days, when suddenly a flock of sheep runs into the village, causing a small disturbance. Hiccup asks Dung what happened, and Dung explains that after Silent (who is no longer called Silent) broke Sven, his sheep ran out of their fold because they were new to him. Scared of the sound. Stoke and Gobber struggle to round up the sheep, so Stoke orders Hiccup and the gang to prepare for the regatta and catch the sheep. If he had to hear Sven’s screams, he would put a hook in his own head to end the torture.

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During the process of catching the sheep, the riders make it a quick competition against each other to get as many sheep as possible. They all returned to the fold and discovered that they had all seen three sheep. Astrid points out that there are no winners in this ‘competition’. Sven screamed again, panicking that his precious black sheep was still missing and hoping it wouldn’t fall into the well again. Speaking of which, the Raiders called the Black Sheep the tie breaker. Hiccup says it’s not a contest, but it falls on deaf ears: aside from Fishlegs, the others have already flown. A few moments later, Snotlout and Hiccup saw the sheep, and they ran towards it. As Hiccup is about to take the sheep from his hands, Dung blocks his path and they collide, allowing Snotlout to claim the black sheep. Hiccup asks Gobber what’s so urgent, and as he tries to remember Stoke Hiccup is called to see him, which Gobber is about to inform Hiccup of.

Stokes prepares to sail to the docks, and tells Hiccup that he will walk for a few days to get wood from Loki Island: the wood is lighter and stronger than any wood they know. This is their secret weapon. He assigned Hiccup to oversee the preparations for the regatta in his area, which Hiccup was not happy to hear as he watched the boats slowly ‘boring’ across the harbor. Stoke justified the regatta as a tradition and claimed it was a good way to ‘blow off steam’. If the Vikings do not fight against an enemy, they must fight each other in competition, which is shown by two Vikings hitting each other with fish in the next port. As Stoick leaves, Fishlegs crawls up to Hiccup, saying that he is happy for Hiccup, as he considers it an honor to preside over the Regatta. Fishlegs then helps Metalig board the ship covered with a large cloth, which hides what he is working on. Fishlegs considers herself a sailor at heart and is excited to be old enough to compete. He and Matlig will work on their boat until the regatta.

Meanwhile, at the academy, Tufted makes some rules for the Riders’ sheep competition but is interrupted when Hiccup reluctantly forbids them from going ahead with their plan because he has Stoick to prepare for the Regatta. The next day, Hiccup discovers that the riders have defied his orders and continue to capture the sheep. The villagers below enjoyed the sheep-catching competition and said it was better than the regatta. Later, the villagers gathered in the Great Hall, eager to have fun and want to see the Dragon Race again. Hiccup silenced the Toothless crowd, then tried to regain his enthusiasm for the regatta but failed. Inspired by the twins, the crowd wants another dragon race. Astrid then tells Hiccup that Stoke won’t be back for a few days and explains that the Dragon Race is a good way to blow off steam. Seeing no other option, Hiccup agreed to a dragon race. As Hiccup points out the starting point of the race, Snotlout and the Twins suggest that they should be teams. Snotlout says that the teams have been decided, Snotlout and the twins on one team and Astrid, Hiccup and Fishlegs on the other. The twins then named their team ‘Snotnuts’. Hiccup and Astrid then go to get Fishlegs, but after mocking the name ‘Snotnuts’, he refuses to join the race as he and first mate Mattig are too busy preparing for at the regatta, their family. tradition.

The race started when Guthi dropped the flag marking the start of the race. They all quickly left, and one of the Vikings motioned for Sven to let the sheep go. When the race starts, Hiccup gets one sheep but the twins get two. Meanwhile, Astrid and Snotlout both see a swarm and move to take it out first, and they both turn around until Snotlout backs off, fearing a collision, allowing Astrid to take the swarm. Later in the race, the scores were high and all the teams were tied. As Milch said, the Raiders were headed to take the Black Sheep because it was a tiebreaker. Hiccup and the twins both fail to catch the sheep, and the black sheep is seen shortly after Astrid and Snotlout as they join another race. Just as the two riders were seconds away from the black sheep, it fainted, unexpectedly becoming a constant target. After a while, Astrid and Snotlout collided as neither of them backed down, causing Astrid’s arm to be injured. Snotlout flies off to get Gothi, but he’s still thinking about the game and gets the black sheep. Snotlout then runs into a branch and is knocked down by Hookfang. The sheep landed safely on top of it. Sometime later in the Great Hall, the strange dragon race prompts the villagers to demand another dragon race, but Hiccup tells the villagers that the deal is just one dragon race and then the regatta . However, the villagers were not satisfied with this and continued to clamor for another dragon race. Snotlout suddenly announces that Hiccup is fine, but taunts him by saying that he will never beat Team Snotnuts.

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Astrid wanted to support Hiccup, but he was still injured and couldn’t take any chances. Snotlout points out that there won’t be a rematch though since Hiccup doesn’t have a partner, but Hiccup is still determined to continue the race, so he once again asks Fishlegs to join his team. At first, Fishlegs refused because his ship was completely touched. After he unfolded the little ship, Toothless couldn’t help but laugh at his decorations. Fishlegs slowly sails out to sea with Meatlug, but Meatlug soon begins to feel the sea and vomits lava, causing the ship to sink immediately. Fishlegs quickly changed his mind about accepting the offer.

They both headed to the academy where the competition was about to start. Just as the flag was about to fall, Stokes suddenly heard Hiccup’s name called: he was earlier than expected. Stoke

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