Dragons Dawn Of The Dragon Racers

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Dragons Dawn Of The Dragon Racers
Dragons Dawn Of The Dragon Racers

Dragons Dawn Of The Dragon Racers – Dawn of the Dragon Racers is a short film released on November 11, 2014 for the DVD/Blu-ray/digital release of How to Train Your Dragon 2. The digital HD version was released on October 21. It is available on Netflix. Since December 2014.

The short film opens approximately three years before the events of the sequel and after the events of the second season, where Hiccup and Snotlout compete and practice catching sheep for the annual Dragon Race, a new and official sporting event in Berk. Later, Tuffnut has just finished his new scary face paint which shocks both Astrid and Hiccup and Toothless. Tuffnut says that at least that doesn’t seem to be the goal, scoffing at the new format implemented by Fishlegs; Fishlegs reveals that this is actually the Ingerman family crest. Snotlout arrives gloating that his new sheep launcher finally worked, to which Astrid points out that it took him thirty-two tries to fix it. It then cuts to the sheep-throwing sequence, which seems to be impervious to pain as the helmeted sheep Snotlout wears land in several different places. Snotlout decides that the sheep thrower is ready for the Dragon Race. Astrid complains and asks when she made that decision; Snotlout says it’s because he created the sport. Hiccup and Astrid quickly deny that claim, saying they don’t remember. Astrid tries to remember the events of how and who invented dragon racing.

Dragons Dawn Of The Dragon Racers

Dragons Dawn Of The Dragon Racers

Cut to a flashback, after the events of season two, where the Riders are still in their teens. Berk is preparing for a traditional annual boat race called the Regatta that starts in a few days, when suddenly a flock of sheep pass through the village, causing a little trouble. Hiccup asks Dung what’s going on, and Dung explains that after Silent (now called Not So Silent) Sven broke his silence, his sheep ran away from his pen because they were afraid of his new voice. Stoick and Gobber struggle to gather the sheep, so Stoick orders Hitchcock and the gang to gather the sheep while he prepares for the regatta. If I had to hear Sven scream, I’d put a hook in his head to end the tyranny.

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While the sheep are in the process of being caught, the riders turn it into an impromptu competition with each other to get as many sheep as possible. They all go back to the fold and find that they all got three sheep. Astrid says there are no winners in this “competition”. Then Sven screams, his precious black sheep is still missing and he hopes it doesn’t fall back into the well. In this mention, the Raiders declare Black Sheep as the tiebreaker. Hiccup says it’s not a contest, but it falls on deaf ears: except for Fishlegs, the others have already closed. Moments later, both Snotlout and Hiccup find the sheep and run towards it. Just as Hiccup is about to grab the sheep in his clutches, Goof blocks his path and they collide, allowing Snotlout to claim the Black Sheep. Hiccup asks Gobber what’s so urgent, and as he tries to remember, Stoick calls Hiccup to come see him, which Gobber was trying to inform Hiccup of.

Stoick prepares to set sail on the docks and informs Hiccup that it will take him several days to get wood from Loki’s island – the wood is lighter and stronger than any they know, and he will make his regatta out of it. it will be your secret weapon. He appoints Hiccup to oversee the preparations for the regatta in his place, which Hiccup is not happy to hear about, having seen the ships slowly “boring” in the harbor. Stoic justifies that the regatta is a tradition and assures that it is a good way to “let off steam”. If the Vikings don’t fight any enemies, they must fight each other in a competition, with two Vikings on another dock fighting each other with fish. As Stoick leaves, Fishlegs meets Hiccup, and happy for Hiccup, considers it an honor to be in command of the regatta. Fishlegs then helps Mitlog into a boat covered with a large cloth, which hides what he has been working on. Fishlegs considers himself a sailor at heart and is excited to finally be old enough to compete. He and Meatlug will work on their boat until the regatta.

Meanwhile, at the academy, Tuffnut is planning some rules for the Riders’ sheep competition, but is interrupted as Hiccup reluctantly forbids them from going ahead with their plan, Stoic’s strict orders for the regatta. The next day, Hiccup discovers that the riders have disobeyed his orders and are capturing the sheep. Down below, the locals enjoy the riders’ sheep fishing competition and say it’s much better than the regatta. Later, the villagers gather in the Great Hall, desperate for fun and wanting to watch the Dragon Race again. Hiccup calms down the toothless crowd then tries to regain enthusiasm for the regatta but fails. Inspired by the twins, the crowd wants another breed of dragons. Astrid tells Hiccup that Stoick won’t be back for a few days and points out that the Dragon Race is also a good way to get rid of him. Seeing no other option, Hiccup agrees to run with a dragon. After Hiccup points out the race’s starting location, Snotlout and the twins suggest that they should have teams. Snotlout says that the teams are already decided, with Snotlout and the twins on one team and Astrid, Hiccup, and Fishlegs on the other. The twins then mention their team name “Snitnuts”. Hiccup and Astrid go to find Fishlegs, but after teasing the name “Snitnuts”, he refuses to join the race as he and First Mate Meatlogue are still too busy preparing for the regatta, refusing to deny their family tradition.

The race starts when the gothi raises the flag that signals the start of the race. They all leave immediately, and a Viking signals to Sven to release the sheep. Early in the race, Hiccup manages to get one sheep but the twins manage to get two. Meanwhile, both Astrid and Snotlout move forward to get a ram and run first, and both tirelessly turn around until Snotlout turns back, fearing a collision, allowing Astrid to take the rams. Later in the race, the scores are tallied and the teams are all tied. As soon as Mulch calls it, it’s a tiebreaker for the Riders to get the head of the black sheep. Hiccup and the twins fail to catch the sheep, and soon after Astrid and Snotlout find the black sheep, setting up another front run. As the two riders are seconds away from the black sheep, it passes out, becoming an unexpectedly stationary target. Shortly after, Astrid and Snotlout collide as neither of them backs away, and this injures Astrid’s arm. Snotlout flies off to find Goth, but is still thinking about the game and picks up the black sheep. Snotlout runs to a branch and out of Hookfang; The sheep land safely on top of him. Some time later, in the Great Hall, an unofficial dragon race leads the villagers to demand another breed of dragons, but Hiccup tells the villagers that the deal was just a dragon race and then the regatta. The villagers, however, are unhappy with this and continue to claim another breed of dragons. Suddenly, Snotlout declares that Hiccup is right, but taunts him that it’s not like he’s going to beat Team Snotnuts anyway.

Dreamworks Dragons: To Berk And Beyond!

Astrid wants to support Hiccup, but she’s still hurt and can’t take the risk. Snotlout points out that there is no rematch since Hiccup has no companions, but Hiccup is still determined to continue the race, so he again asks Fishlegs to join his team. At first, Fishlegs refuses because he is putting the finishing touches on his ship. As he happily discovers the little ship, Toothless can’t help but laugh at the decorations. Fishlegs slowly goes out to sea with Meatlogg, but Meatlogg immediately begins to feel seasick and vomits lava, causing the ship to immediately sink. Fish immediately changes his mind about accepting the offer.

They both go to the academy where the tournament is about to start. As the flag falls, Stoick is suddenly heard yelling Hiccup’s name – he’s back earlier than expected. stoic

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