English Movies With Subtitles Youtube

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English Movies With Subtitles Youtube
English Movies With Subtitles Youtube

English Movies With Subtitles Youtube – Chal Mohana Ranga is a 2018 Telugu romantic comedy film written by Trivikram Srinivas and directed by Krishna Chaitanya.

Dear Friend is a 2019 Telugu romantic action drama film written and directed by Bharat Kama and produced by Mythri Movie Makers.

English Movies With Subtitles Youtube

English Movies With Subtitles Youtube

Kavacham is another Telugu action thriller film written and directed by Srinivas Mamila in his directorial debut.

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This is another romantic comedy Telugu film written and directed by Trivikram Srinivas and produced by S. Radha Krishna of Haarika and Hasine Creations.

This is another Ram Pothineni movie with Anupama Parameswaran and Pranita Subhas playing the female lead.

Nenu Sailaya is a 2016 Telugu romantic comedy film directed by Kishore Tirumala, bankrolled by Sravanti Ravi Kishore starring Ram Pothineni and Keerthy Suresh.

Sita is a 2019 Telugu romantic comedy film written and directed by Teja, starring Kajal Aggarwal in the title role, while Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas plays her co-star in the film.

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The popularity of this movie is well known because it was a rage during the pandemic and during the lockdown

This Boyapati movie starring Belamkonda Srinivas, Kajal Aggarwal and Pragya Jaiswal, which is a medium grosser in the theatres, is a big hit on YouTube through its Hindi version called ‘KhoonKhar’. The best subtitle editor to create subtitles for videos, add SRT files to videos, quickly generate subtitles from videos.

Subtitles are useful written texts below the video you watch on YouTube, which can be in any language. They are used so that you can clearly understand what the video is about. YouTube can also display subtitles. And a beginner YouTuber who uploads movies may need a guide on how to add subtitles to a YouTube movie. Therefore, in this article, we will guide you on how to add subtitles to YouTube movies in any language on your computer with the best subtitle editor.

English Movies With Subtitles Youtube

To know how to put English subtitles on YouTube, we need to know what kind of format YouTube supports. YouTube supports many types of subtitle formats, but the SRT (.srt) file is highly recommended. It is the simplest that you can easily edit without any problem. Below is a tutorial on how to add English subtitles to YouTube:

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Step 1: Open YouTube, log in to your account and go to Settings on the right corner. Choose YouTube Studios from where to start editing your video and add subtitles.

Step 2: Once you enter YouTube Studios, on the left you will see a list of different options with different functions, select the one that says “Subtitles”.

A list of the videos you have added to YouTube will now appear. Select the video you want to add with subtitles.

Step 3: After choosing your video, then you will see an option “Add Language” click on it and select the language for your video as English.

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Step 4: After choosing the language, click on Upload file, then another option will appear. Now click on the subtitle file to select .srt.

Step 5: You can add your subtitles by clicking on “Create new subtitles or CC. You can also upload your subtitle file and then publish the video.

Wondershare UniConverter Subtitle Editor is a desktop application that is said to be the best for editing subtitles. This app makes it easy to edit your subtitles, as you can import and edit local subtitles. When adding subtitles to a movie, this app can be very useful. It is one of the easiest to use applications that you can make to edit your YouTube video subtitles that you can do your job effortlessly. If you are a beginner YouTuber, you should get this app because it will make your work easier and save a lot of your time.

English Movies With Subtitles Youtube

Open UniConverter and select the Toolbox option from the left menu bar. Then select the translation editor to start the process.

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Then, you can click the +/Add button to import the video clip into the program. When the import is complete, click New to import the subtitle content. Here you can adjust the start and end time of the subtitle, as well as set the position.

After that, you can change the font color, size, type and opacity of the subtitle text. Once you have set everything, you can click Apply to All.

Finally, select the file location for the final video and then click the Export button to save the video.

UniConverter allows you to import and add an existing subtitle file to a video you’ve already downloaded from any online subtitle library. Try the steps below –

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In the same way, launch UniConverter and open the subtitle editor and import the video into the program. Then go ahead and click the Import button to add the subtitle file you downloaded or created earlier.

Finally, adjust the subtitles for the video and synchronize the start/end time correctly. Then select the location of the file and tap Export to finish the process.

Wondershare UniConverter has an Auto-Subtitle Generator feature that can automatically detect audio and create subtitles for it. Follow these steps to use this feature:

English Movies With Subtitles Youtube

Click the Automatic Subtitle Generator option from the Subtitle Editor after uploading your video to start the process.

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Finally, when the program has finished generating subtitles, click Export to save it in the selected location.

Create custom subtitles or download and edit subtitle files (font, color, size) and sync them with your movies.

Most of the questions that people often ask is how to add subtitles to YouTube movies. Well, I’ve been an editor for the past few months and I’ve been learning how to edit since I started my YouTube channel. I like to add subtitles so my bilingual fans can enjoy. Check out the questions we have answered below to clear your confusion:

You can add subtitles to your video either by using the automatically generated mode or by importing subtitles from the file location. I use this application Wondershare UniConverter which makes my work easier. It’s my go-to app whenever I need to edit subtitles on my video.

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You can add subtitles in the same way using the automatically generated mode and select the language you want to be in your video. You can also edit it in your own way. In this way, you can also change the style and color of the fonts or use the borders on those fonts to make them clearer. By adding your subtitles now, a bilingual person can enjoy watching and understanding the video.

You can include your subtitles with an option below your video “CC” which means subtitles. You need to click on it and all the subtitles will be automatically generated by YouTube. And then your subtitles will appear under your video. Now you can enjoy the video by watching and understand what it is all about.

Adding subtitles doesn’t take too long. It takes seconds to generate and align properly for viewers to understand and enjoy the video. The Auto Generate mode is quite easy as you click on it and then the subtitles are automatically generated for your entire video.

English Movies With Subtitles Youtube

This was my article on how to add English subtitles to YouTube. I have described each way and method above so that a beginner YouTuber can know how to add subtitles to a YouTube movie. Adding subtitles on the go is easy once you follow the appropriate instructions. I recommend you to get this Wondershare UniConverter app to add subtitles to your videos without any problem.

Add Subtitles & Captions

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