Everything You Need For Newborn

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Everything You Need For Newborn
Everything You Need For Newborn

Everything You Need For Newborn – In just 20 months, Brett and I went from zero children to three. When we found out we were pregnant with twins in December 2014, we knew we had our work cut out for us…but we had no idea how much we would learn. As I researched and began preparing for the arrival of my twins, I remember being overwhelmed by the amount of baby products available…and all the options?! I am beyond loss.

One day (somewhere around 4 months) I waddled into an aimless Babies R’ Us. As I wonder up and down isle after isle, the anxiety sinks deeper – I start to feel like the new kid at school. How can I know so little about being a new mother? Should it be normal? And there’s this big store dedicated to a little man? Does my child really need all these things? So somewhere between a baby bottle and a boppy pillow I decided- yes. If they do it all, I am

Everything You Need For Newborn

Everything You Need For Newborn

Need it. I love the two babies in my mother’s womb as much as I can. Get them what and

Baby Bath Essentials: Everything You Need For A Newborn’s First Bath

. So I spent the next few weeks recording everything everyone said I wanted. I read reviews, asked friends, and pinned every item from Pinterest, my directory. God is full of every kid gadget you can imagine…TWO.

Then, at just 27.5 weeks pregnant, the unthinkable happened. I labored and delivered our twins at 28 weeks. Everything I thought I had prepared for flew right out the window as we faced a new reality. Thankfully, by God’s grace, our happy and healthy twins, Grant and Hayden, came home three months later. This is when the real fun started and I found out that I was very wrong about everything I thought I knew. Our twins were followed by several therapists who all confirmed my findings. All the gadgets and devices I’ve bought hinder the twins’ natural ability to learn and grow. Swings, rockers, and Mamaroos are substitutes that replace essential tummy time and precious face time with mom and dad. They just don’t want them!

Fast forward to April, 2016, when I found out I was pregnant with baby no. 3! This means that when he is born we will have three children under the age of 2. A shocking reality for a new mom who wonders who was wandering around Babies R’ Us 15 months ago…but I’m a changed woman. I am now super confident with the knowledge I have gained over the past year as a twin mother. Of course I’m nervous about having three children under the age of two, but I know that having a new baby isn’t that complicated.

. It may sound silly, because having a child is the most profound thing a person/couple can do, but children need less than us, as consumers are led to believe. So when Harrison Gray was born in January 2017, this time I was ready with everything I needed and nothing I didn’t have.

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I developed this list after the birth of my third child. After a lot of trial and error and spending a lot of money on Useless baby products, I found this new baby checklist. He is all.

Needed to prepare for the birth of a new baby. I should note that this is based on my personal experience and opinion, and of course there will be more purchases after giving birth; Especially about diapers and clothes if you have a fast grower! That said, if you’re a new mom, be prepared with these simple things before your baby is born—you will

Now for the baby checklist part…I’ve included my own personal baby product recommendations and favorites! Note:  I am not getting any commission for any of the links below, my opinions and recommendations are based solely on my personal experience.

Everything You Need For Newborn

The single most important piece of clothing your child will own. Depending on the season you will have to choose between long and short sleeves (or both) and your child will live in these things. Carter’s has endless base options and you can’t go wrong.

My Favorite Things You Actually Need When You Have A Baby

The second most important item of clothing your child will own. Babies are not rude and the only practical clothes are perfect for what they talk, sleep and play! You can find these everywhere, but Carter’s still has a great selection. They can be worn with buttons and zips, my advice – *take zips whenever you can*! You’ll thank yourself at 3am when you edit your third broadcast.

This style is more for moms than kids 😉 Start with 3-4 shirts and pants/shorts (depending on the season) to match. You can add more as your child gets older and you start to feel your own style (yes, it really happens!). We love to shop handmade for unique baby products, Etsy has the best selection; And of course we are part of our own line of handmade harem pants and shorts 😉

Regardless of the season, children need socks. Start with 5-10 pairs and add more as you lose them (trust me, you will – baby socks will look tiny) and as baby grows.

Beanie hats are another essential for new babies. Babies lose most of their heat from their heads, and they use less energy to warm up than we do. H + G offers these adorable handmade beanie hats!

Feeding Your Newborn: Everything You Need To Know About Breastfeeding

Babies cannot sleep with blankets and other things in the bed, so it is best to use a sleeping bag for warmth. You want to start with a mushroom sleeping bag. Most bags have the option to wrap the baby’s arms inside or release them. You won’t know what your baby likes until he arrives. We love this Halo sleeping bag from Pottery Barn

Newborn diapers are not necessary. The price of a diaper is actually higher than one size of diaper, and most babies only fit in them for a few weeks, so moms often don’t use half the pack. If you start with a one-size-fits-all diaper, they may be more roomy but offer more protection than the famous newborn socks, and you can always tuck them down so they don’t ride too high on baby’s belly. This will also save you money buying larger boxes of starter sizes, because the kids will use them longer! I used Pampers with the twins and then after baby number three I had enough of Pampers and switched to LUVS. The Honest Company also makes cute printed diapers and I love their quality, but they are definitely cheaper.

Not much to say here, handkerchiefs are a necessity for children. I have tried many brands and I am very interested in Pampers sensitive wipes.

Everything You Need For Newborn

There is no need for a really beautiful baby bath. We have tried with twins a few times and found them bulky and difficult to work around. My favorite baby bath chair is the Baby Bather from Summer Infant. Because of the mesh, it is very light and easy to clean. As your child gets older and can sit up, you can grab one of these to make your life easier!

How To Swaddle Your Baby In 5 Easy Steps

Almost all babies get diaper rash at one time or another. Get Boudreaux’s Diaper Rash Paste, available everywhere.

You need to use a good shampoo/body wash before showering. Grabbing something organic with simple ingredients, I’ve always loved the California baby.

If your baby has dry skin like all of mine, you’ll want to have a natural baby lotion or oil on hand. I always use organic coconut oil on my kids and love the results!

These things have been around since the beginning of time. Almost all hospitals will give you an injection to take your new baby home. Take it and maybe get some extra money up front if your hospital doesn’t send you home.

Newborn Winter Clothes: Everything You Need To Keep Baby Warm In Winter (2023)

Baby hair is soft and fine, so you want to grab a baby brush with soft bristles.

You really don’t need an expensive furniture store bed. Children can use less than 2 years and it can be chewed (yes, it happens) and destroyed at the end of the run. Grab a chair for under $250, there are many beautiful options available. For the twins we chose a Jenny Lind bed in white and when Harrison was born we chose a lovely navy blue chair for less than $200. Read about raising Harrison’s youngest child here. You also need to decide if you are going to co-sleep, have the baby sleep next to you in your room, or move him to his own bed when he is born. Depending on what you choose, you may need to grab a simple trundle for your bed frame.

We go along

Everything You Need For Newborn

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