Evil Dead Movie Poster 2013

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Evil Dead Movie Poster 2013
Evil Dead Movie Poster 2013

Evil Dead Movie Poster 2013 – Evil Dead is a 2013 horror film; it serves as a remake of The Evil Dead and the first film in the series since Army of Darkness in 1992. It is a soft reboot of the first film in the Evil Dead franchise, loosely acting as a sequel to the original series , and therefore of the fourth installment of the series as a whole. It was directed by Fede Alvarez and produced by Bruce Campbell, Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert. Bruce Campbell makes a very brief appearance after the credits. The cast includes Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez, Taylor Pucci, Jessica Lucas and Elizabeth Blackmore.

In April 2011, Bruce Campbell did an AskMeAnything interview on Reddit.com, saying “Newsflash: We’re doing Evil Dead again. The script is great. I’ll be one of the producers and maybe play the milkman”. He added “In all honesty, we would all love to do another Evil Dead movie. When will that happen? Who can say – we’re all working on other jobs now. Not much to say. The remake will kick ass – you have my word”. On July 13, 2011, it was officially announced, through a press release, that Ghost House Pictures would produce the next remake of The Evil Dead, with Diablo Cody rewriting the script and Fede Alvarez cast as director. Lily Collins would originally have been in the lead role of Mia, but on January 24, 2012, Collins stepped down from the role. On February 3, 2012, it was announced that actress Jane Levy, star of the television series Suburgatory will replace Collins in the lead role of Mia.

Evil Dead Movie Poster 2013

Evil Dead Movie Poster 2013

The film was released on April 5, 2013 to generally positive reviews. The film has a more serious tone than previous installments, reflecting the deliberately gruesome and provocative nature of the 1981 original more than the lighter sequels. Of particular note is the emphasis on producing in-camera effects and physical props over computer-generated effects with minimal visceral impact. Stylistic changes include more sophisticated makeup effects comparable to Linda Blair’s makeup in The Exorcist, as well as a more clearly established possessive force program, which is currently recognized as a specific demonic entity. The original films were more ambiguous on this point, with the evil presence’s main job being simply to torture, possess and eventually kill and claim the souls of any victims it could find.

Evil Dead Rise Poster Revealed Alongside Brand New Teaser

A young woman is seen running through a dark forest, only to be beaten by a group of men, knocking her unconscious. The girl later wakes up in what appears to be a cellar, surrounded by the same group of men, as well as an old woman and her father, who reveal that the girl killed her mother some time ago. . The old woman, in a foreign language, urges the man to kill her daughter, who turns out to be possessed by an invisible demonic force, controlling her, mocking the man for killing his wife. The girl’s father continued to burn her, as she screamed in pain.

Some time later, a group of five young people: David, his girlfriend, Natalie, David’s friends Eric and Olivia, and his younger sister, Mia, find themselves in a remote cabin in the woods. Eric and Olivia are old friends of David and Mia and come to help Mia overcome her heroin addiction. Upon entering the cabin, Mia notices a horrible rotting smell, which leads David and the others to the cellar, where they find animal carcasses as well as a rifle and the Naturom Demonto. A curious Eric ignores the warnings written in the book and reads an incantation, which releases a demonic force that begins to appear to Mia as an evil doppelganger of himself. She asks David to take her back to town, but he refuses, believing that she is out of control due to her heroin withdrawal. In response, Mia climbs out the window and flees in one of their cars, but sees a man in the road and swerves to avoid hitting him, crashing into a nearby pond. Mia gets out of the car, unharmed, but is attacked by a demonic force, which chases her into the woods. He eventually falls into some vines, which soon trap him, before the doppelganger appears, opening his mouth. A sticky, vine-like appendage popped out of the demon’s mouth, before crawling inside Mia’s genitals, who screamed in pain. She is later discovered by David, who takes her back to the cabin.

A traumatized Mia takes refuge in one of the bedrooms. When David checked on her, Mia asked him to leave the cabin, but he again refused. After that, David discovers his dog, Grandfather, beaten to death with a hammer, before finding an unresponsive Mia in a hot shower. He decided to take her to a nearby hospital, but discovered the road was impassable due to flooding. David is forced to take Mia back to the cabin, where Olivia puts her to bed. As the group debates their growing mental instability, Mia appears with a gun and shoots David in the shoulder, before warning the group that they are all going to die and die. As Olivia checks Mia’s vital signs, she suddenly comes to life and vomits blood into Olivia, before David pushes her into the cellar. Olivia goes to the bathroom, where she tries to clean up the blood, but becomes possessed in the process. A worried Eric appears and is attacked by Olivia, stabbing him with a shard of broken mirror and a syringe, only for Eric to beat him to death.

As Davis tends to his wounds, Eric reveals that he unknowingly released some sort of demonic force from the book found in the basement; Meanwhile, Natalie fetches water for David and is lured into the cellar by a possible Mia, who sleeps with her. David appears and saves Natalie, who comes out of the cellar, while Mia taunts David. David continued to chain the cellar door. Natalie soon learns that she is next to be possessed, as Mia bit her hand earlier, and proceeds to cut off her fragile arm with an electric carving knife. David tends to the injured Natalie, while Eric reveals that the only way to clean up the entity is to burn, maim, or bury. Suddenly, a pregnant Natalie ambushes the two. He attacks them with a nail gun, before hitting Eric with a crowbar, being shot by David, who restrains him as he eventually succumbs to his injuries.

John’s Horror Corner: The Damned (2013), A Solid Premise And Great Atmosphere That Fails To Deliver An Effective Possession Movie About An Evil Dead Witch.

David decides to leave the cabin and asks Eric to wait in his Jeep, planning to burn down the cabin with Mia inside. However, Mia manipulates David into saving her and he decides to bury her alive. When he descends into the water cellar to retrieve it, Mia attacks him and attempts to drown him, but Eric overpowers him, stabbing him with a box cutter in the process. Eric eventually succumbed to his injuries and died. David buries Mia alive, who mocks him for their mother’s death. Moments later, David began to dig up her body and revive her. As he enters the cabin to retrieve the keys to his Jeep, Eric appears and stabs him with a pair of pliers, which turned out to be his final moments. In a final act of defiance, David shoots a gas can, causing an explosive fire that kills himself and Eric’s form.

With five souls now claimed (Olivia, Natalie, Eric, the maiden, and David), blood rains down from the sky and Abomination rises from the depths of Hell as Mia’s evil doppelganger. The Abomination pursues Mia, who attempts to escape in a Jeep, but is attacked and set on fire in the process. He took refuge in a nearby tool shed, where he armed himself with a chainsaw, which he used to cut off the demon’s legs. However, she was trapped when the demon rolled the Jeep, pinning Mia’s arm to the ground. In a last ditch effort to escape, Mia rips off her own arm, before ramming the chainsaw into the demon’s skull, splitting it open. The rain of blood ceased and the demon was swallowed by the ground from which it came. A traumatized Mia limps away from the cabin, while the Naturom Demonto stops, unbeknownst to her.

In a post-credits scene, Ash Williams’ silhouette is seen and he is heard saying “Groovy”, before the screen fades to black.

Evil Dead Movie Poster 2013

In an alternate ending, Mia is shown walking down a long stretch of road, covered in blood and limping from injuries sustained during the events of the cabin, before dying of exhaustion and blood loss. A passing motorist pulled over to help him, planning to take him to hospital. As Mia lay in the backseat, her eyes and the film suddenly opened

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