Evil Dead Rise Bruce Campbell

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Evil Dead Rise Bruce Campbell
Evil Dead Rise Bruce Campbell

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Evil Dead Rise, the next installment in the long-running thriller series, is currently filming in New Zealand. Story details are thin on the ground, making it impossible to fit the story into franchise continuity. Considering Evil Dead already has a pretty hectic schedule. Does it really matter? ok bruce campbell has stepped up to provide information on the subject and he doesn’t seem surprised.

Evil Dead Rise Bruce Campbell

Evil Dead Rise Bruce Campbell

“People can call it whatever [they] want, a sequel, a remake, a remake. It’s really just another Evil Dead movie,” he told EW. “It’s about the book. It’s about [the Necronomicon]. What happened a hundred millennia after the book came out? In this case, it’s set in a city, not a room in the woods. It’s completely different. Unsuspecting heroes save the day.”

Evil Dead Rise Review

Starting with 1981’s The Evil Dead, the flesh-and-blood cast has played a central role in every Dead movie. It first appeared in the 1981 original, called Naturom Demonto, and continued to expand in each subsequent installment.

Although its origins have changed throughout the franchise, the fundamentals of its creation and purpose remain the same: it was created as a tool to channel the Kandarian demons created by the Dark Ones. If you’ve ever seen the Evil Dead movies; You will find out that these are evil creatures that seek to harm and breed Deadites by possessing the living.

The latest sequel to the upcoming movies is a secret. But Campbell is confident that Evil Dead creator Sam Raimi chose a director: “Sam chose Lee Cronin, the Irish director of something called The Hole in the Ground. Lee is a very interesting filmmaker and he’s worked with Sam. He’s been with Sam in two years Quibi projects he’s producing.”

“I’m filming in New Zealand right now and I’m filming there with some of their amazing crew and they’re having a blast,” Campbell added. “Rob Tapert is the executive producer and we’re all involved in the script. Everyone jumps in multiple times to record. But yeah, the three of us are very involved.”

Evil Dead Rise Director Lee Cronin Will Give You 50 Bucks If You Spot His Bruce Campbell Easter Egg

Campbell, Raimi, and Tapert directed the first film in 1979, served as producers, and occasionally participated in video game voice work. Campbell vs. Ash Ash’s role in the Evil Dead TV series was canceled for three seasons, but he will not be in the movie, but it has been confirmed that he will return in the new game. “I have a voice for that. Good thing your voice isn’t as old as your body, so I can nurse it for a few years.”

There’s no release date for Evil Dead Rise yet, but it’s set to air exclusively on HBO Max in the US. Before it arrives, why not be scared by our picks for the best horror movies?

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Evil Dead Rise Bruce Campbell

The “dream team” behind one of the best indie games of 2022 is back for a new project.

Bruce Campbell ‘is Hidden’ In Evil Dead Rise

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