Field Hockey Stick Weight Chart

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Field Hockey Stick Weight Chart
Field Hockey Stick Weight Chart

Field Hockey Stick Weight Chart – If you want to play your best and realize your potential in all sports, it is important to invest in great equipment. This is true in hockey, as playing with the wrong hockey stick can hinder development, cause injuries, and reduce the fun and enjoyment.

Whether you are an experienced hockey player or a complete beginner, our extensive hockey stick guide has all the information you need to buy the best hockey stick for you or your child.

Field Hockey Stick Weight Chart

Field Hockey Stick Weight Chart

Using the hockey stick size chart below you can quickly decide on the best hockey stick size for yourself or someone else.

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The table below shows the length of the hockey stick in inches and cm according to the height of the hockey player.

As seen in the table above, hockey sticks are available in both junior and senior sizes, with lengths ranging from 28 inches to 37.5 inches. The pictures below show the sizes used by senior hockey players:

The average length of an adult hockey stick ranges from 35 inches to 37.5 inches (89-95 cm). Hockey stick rules regarding length and size are established by the FIH (International Hockey Federation).

According to the rules published in 2015, the maximum length of a hockey stick that can be used in a regulation game is 41 inches (104.1 cm).

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Adult hockey sticks usually have a length of 12 to 14 inches (30.5 cm – 35.6 cm) with a width of 1.2 inches (3.0 cm).

Adult hockey sticks usually weigh between 538 and 595 g. In 2013, a rule stated that the maximum weight of a club allowed in competition was 26 ounces (737 g).

In the 1980s, for example, a limit was placed on lifting the head of the foot, which was set at 10 cm and in 2011 a rule was established based on the location of the arch of the club cannot be lower than 8. inches (20 cm) above the head.

Field Hockey Stick Weight Chart

A good way to measure the size of hockey stick you need is to see where the stick reaches your body. Most hockey players say that a hockey stick should reach the top of the hip bone. However, playing style and position should be considered when choosing the size, as defenders will prefer a slightly longer stick to tackle and push the ball out of defense block, while most attackers prefer a short stick to allow better grip and control.

What Is The Right Hockey Stick Length For You? Guide To Hockey Stick Measurements

That being said, if you are looking to buy a hockey stick, most players will measure or measure the hockey stick by placing it directly on the floor in front of them and measuring how long it is. how much for their waist. Most coaches say that the hockey stick should be slightly higher, approximately on the line with the belly button.

Now that you have all the information you need to buy the right hockey stick, you can browse our selection of FORZA hockey sticks and shop with confidence. Available in various sizes for children and adults; and made of materials, including wood, fiberglass and carbon, you are sure to find the ideal stick.

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At Net World Sports we also offer a wide range of hockey balls, hockey goals and hockey training equipment. If you’re looking to improve your fitness routine, we also offer a variety of exercise and fitness equipment including cardio machines, free weights, hex bars and squat racks. There is a lot of conflicting advice, arguments and misinformation on this topic, just a quick Google or YouTube search on how to choose the length of a field hockey stick will show You are exactly what we are talking about.

It is important to have the right size to be both skilled and advanced. Long can be a decision in completing a pass, a challenge…or a mistake. – The length of the Link field hockey stick can affect your play, ball control and hitting ability. – Link… having a long stick can affect your game. If the club is too long, you can cut the ball or have contact with the ground, causing the head to break. If the rod is too short, you can bend too much and cause serious problems in the long run. – Connection

Field Hockey Stick Weight Chart

For the American method some people say that the top of the stick should be according to the hip joint, which may be easier and can give you more accuracy.

How To Choose A Field Hockey Stick

, field hockey legend Jamie Dwyer shares some great advice on choosing a hockey field.

At 2:59 he talks about the necessary length and once again, as you can see in the screenshot, his 37.5″ stick seems to be in line with the image above.

Have you seen all the big charts posted on different brands or affiliate websites?

Jamie Dwyer is approximately 5′ 8″ (172cm) tall…

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You might say 2 is right, but I’m 6′ tall. As for 2 and 3, I should only use a stick that’s half an inch longer, when in fact I’m 4 inches taller than Jamie, so

We all agreed that it went out the window because there was no way a 38 inch stick would reach my waist.

Or like I always buy long shirts and cut them myself at home because, I’m not the popular average height…

Field Hockey Stick Weight Chart

What they really mean is that they don’t keep longer or shorter seniors because that would cost a lot of money.

Y1 Glb 90 Field Hockey Stick

And this we think is not because they do not give longer, but because they change the words and give bad advice, not honest because of their personal limitations.

HOWEVER?? Ask them if you want to try their 34.5″ Senior Stick, you know just to see if you feel comfortable!

So everything that talks about “most adults play 36.5 or 37.5 and you have to pass”, is true because there is no real choice!

Another thing you need to know… professional athletes spend a lot of time because of the possibility of back pain or injury. In Jamie Dwyer’s video at the 3:26 mark he mentions this fact and most players around the world we know or have worked with specify the length they want their wood cut. The most common hockey stick size chart

Stx Hpr 2 Intermediate Ice Hockey Stick

So, now that we have established the main names and their partners are interested in pushing everyone to just a few lengths, we want to present the most comprehensive advice hockey size chart NOW according to the needs of the height! For completeness we have added all the dimensions even those that may not be available immediately, even through us…

The recipe is based on our 50+ years of manufacturing products for players around the world, thousands of custom sticks, and the process we discussed above:

We have worked very hard to build the capacity and infrastructure necessary to provide our customers with all these options, so when we end this campaign with RAGE Custom, we believe that there should be transparency, good results and innovation. in business. The hockey industry in general.

Field Hockey Stick Weight Chart

So, if you are still wondering, where can you buy a long pole? Well, obviously from us 🙂 You can order hockey balls from RAGE Custom in all the dimensions mentioned in the above table.

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You can combine all dimensions with weight … Available weights are Super Light (520-535 grams), Light (535-560 grams), Medium (565-590 grams), Heavy (595-620 grams) and Super Heavy (625-660 grams). For more information on hockey stick weights, click here.

Offer your customers all of our products and services without having to plan for anything! Contact us today at [email protected] for details on how you can be ready to sell in 3 weeks or less with the same benefits you currently have 🙂 Get the The size of the field hockey stick is important when working.

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