First Star Wars Movie Poster

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First Star Wars Movie Poster
First Star Wars Movie Poster

First Star Wars Movie Poster – STAR WARS, 1977. Original C-fold (27 x 41-inch) original international movie poster starring Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Alec Guinness, Peter Cushing, directed by George Lucas. “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away …” According to original records, this poster was intended primarily for international distribution. Most of the posters were destroyed, but reports indicate that about 1,000 of them were distributed to the general public and 100 of them were PG-rated boxes. For this reason, these C-style wallpapers tend to be more expensive than all the other original Star Wars style wallpapers.

Here are the Star Wars Style c wallpapers with 100% authentic international guarantee. If you are trying to buy them yourself online, please use the following guidelines to verify these wallpapers.

First Star Wars Movie Poster

First Star Wars Movie Poster

It is clear that there are two original versions of this wallpaper that are identical in every way except the stronger blue in both. Stronger shades of blue are more likely to be rare, and this is just one of those versions. A darker version is also available on our website here.

Close Up Star Wars Episode Iv Vi Poster Set 61 Cm X 91.5 Cm

This C-fold international movie poster is in perfect condition with no major or minor imperfections to notice.

Sorry, this poster is for sale. To find out if we have another video that has not yet been posted to the site or ask us to look for one, please contact <Contact Us # 10 Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me on The Best Movies About Clones that will make you Double view # 4. H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds in the greatest classic sci-fi movie.

Geeking Out: Star Wars Letters for and about those superfans who can name every member of Team Cantina, patiently cry Shyriiwook and wear lightsabers and Cinnabon hair to imagine what life will be like in the long run. And in distant galaxies. Far away.

With a 40-year legacy, the Star Wars series has unlimited storage and merchandise. Among the most valuable and lesser-known pieces are Star Wars posters from around the world, each with a unique representation of what became a family name. The International Star Wars poster from the original tripartite shows the greatness and wonder of George Lucas and co. Inspired, and some countries have created more than one Star Wars poster to show the immense popularity of the series. Star Wars wallpapers from Europe and Asia show threads and movie characters in a classic style that is rarely seen on movie wallpapers.

Star Wars (1977), British Poster, Signed By Carrie Fisher, Dave Prowse, Kenny Baker And Peter Mayhew

Star Wars wallpapers are often less elaborate and busy, featuring characters and scenarios that are considered unusual on standard wallpapers. C3PO before Leia, Luke and Han? Okay, Poland. But of all these interesting international posters, the Russian Star Wars poster may be the strangest, considering the fact that the series was banned when the Soviet Union was still in existence. Dark Star Wars wallpapers are more than just a collection. They let you look to the past, using pop culture as a mirror. If it sounds weird, that’s a poster. These are two of my favorite things. Tea! You are also waiting for the festival. I know most people have probably heard of

Wallpaper. They decided to change the name after making the poster. Based entirely on the premise that the Jedi did not retaliate. Disappointed, Lucas went to the printing house and demanded that they be destroyed. Cut into slices and cubes. Lucasfilm later sent some undamaged versions to fan club members. If you have a stem on your wall makes me jealous.

However, the history of posting is more than history. It is extended. Purpose. It has a surprisingly unified vision. Has a clear graphic effect in the original presentation

First Star Wars Movie Poster

Sit here with me for a moment as I go through the digital flat files of these amazing files.

Star Wars (1977) Original One Sheet Movie Poster

Concluded that their most likely audience would overlap with the average comic book reader. As part of this story, they approached Marvel to create a comedy. There have been some interesting exchanges between Lucasfilm public guys and Marvel Comics. Importantly, the first Marvel Cool made them go down because the movie did not sell. They eventually agreed to publish the bond on the condition that Lucasfilm would not receive any fees until 100,000 jokes from the line were sold. They can then renegotiate. That’s right. Error.

Was in the cinema forever and also turned into a cultural gamer. There is more than one source that honors Marvel’s financial success in 1977 and 1978 with series sales. There is a great book by Garry Jenkins called Empire Building: The Remarkable Real-Life Story of Star Wars that covers this.

Howard Chaykin is an illustrator hired for the first 10 issues of the comic book series. He also got the first picture on the poster for the film. The beginning of the joke is interesting. This character appears in an impossible atmosphere, continuing to this day.

Wallpaper. Satisfying the audience with the new settings, the acting, the characters, the look and sound of the story is something that comic book artists know very well when it comes to covers.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Movie Poster By Darkavengers3000 On Deviantart

There is an invaluable price. For example, this guy designed the look of Darth Vader, C-3PO and R2-D2. Let it soak for a minute.

. He made murals, paintings, posters, art, ideas and good. All. Above are four poster ideas that McQuarrie submitted. I think they are amazing. You can see some great Death Star designs. He uses a slightly different approach than beets. Instead of inserting figures in space, it seems to be tied to the ground. This allows the Death Star to fly over them almost like a small moon. Sorry. It will never happen again.

I found two bottoms with different attacks of Leah characters that are particularly interesting. One has her in normal form, um, obsequious pose. The one on the right shows her like she was in the movie: the gun in her hand and the whole piece of gum.

First Star Wars Movie Poster

If you really want to dive into the crazy stuff, there’s an 800-page hardcover cover with 2,000 full-color McQuarrie paintings inside. It’s called Star Wars Art: Ralph McQuarrie and costs about $ 160.

Star Wars, Original Authentic Style C International Theatrical Movie Poster

In 1977, Tom Jung was working as an independent illustrator for an advertising company that Lucas consulted for marketing and promotional materials. He was given the subject of the struggle between good and evil. There is a strong element of fantasy art in the work. Frankly, it seems similar to Frank Frazetta’s Conan work. Of course, the elements of space are different, but it is definitely spiritual.

I think it explains how they chose Leia in this scene. Her appearance really has nothing to do with her appearance and character in the story. At least it stands here. And she has a gun. But still. But you know what? Luke does not look like he complains about getting a converter at Tosche Station. He just goes. Lots of muscle!

It’s very interesting, isn’t it? In the year 3000! “When mankind will know that every extraterrestrial being in the infinite universe.” I like it. “When a billion suns and all their planets are ruled by an incredible force.” Incredible. All kinds of marketing when you are trying to explain to viewers about the connection of a new category.

Glad to see the sketch. Leia may be in a state of arousal, but the one on the right has a devastating thigh muscle. Despite the awkwardness, it is even more intimidating.

Star Wars, First Russian Release Poster, Igor Majstrovsky, 1990

So what’s so significant about a billboard that seems to be a duplicate of The Brothers Hildebrandt? That’s right. Lucasfilm does not like dark Jung wallpaper. They called Tim and Greg Hildebrandt and gave them thirty-six hours to do something that was not “too dark”.

Their original image is missing droids that were added before distribution. Leia is more active but a little less intimidating. It could be a chest leaking from me. However, it is a great work of art. It is interesting that after all these failures Lucasfilm came up with a version of Tom Jung for release in the US. Hildebrandts’ work was briefly used in England, but that’s about it.

Okay, that’s it. Here is the boss poster. This is my favorite. One of the problems they tried to deal with this version was that the other wallpapers were effectively generic characters. Well, not common. But not based on the similarities of the actors. Lucasfilm began to take Star Wars as a concept, mostly exemplified by comic books released before the film’s release. I think the kind of anonymous appearance of the characters works well in selling it. But once the movie is released and people get to know their characters, you will need something to remind them of the real movie.

First Star Wars Movie Poster

Tom Chantrell was asked to do the following. The added bonus is that he actually saw the film before developing his approach. He also has extensive access to character photography and plenty of time to work.

The Empire Strikes Back Vintage Turkish Movie Poster

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