Foreign Films With English Subtitles

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Foreign Films With English Subtitles
Foreign Films With English Subtitles

Foreign Films With English Subtitles – Scenes from Rome, the Oscar-winning Mexican film, is coming with subtitles in Castilian-Spanish, French and English to widespread criticism. Image: Netflix

Clumsy and ineffective translations can ruin the use of a foreign language film. Don’t blame us, the better the filmmakers are the more their art is appreciated.

Foreign Films With English Subtitles

Foreign Films With English Subtitles

The best news is the one you never see. In some cases, Anthony Burgess was responsible for the English subtitles in the Alexandrian style for Cyrano de Bergerac (1990), Timur Bekmambetov was the surprising version of the animated subtitles in Night Watch (2004), and or laugh at the shots of old Hong Kong movies (“You caught me. by short rabbits” “). But most of all you just read a quick read and go.

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This year, however, the titles are getting more attention than ever. In January, Alfonso Cuarón criticized Netflix’s decision to add Castilian-Spanish subtitles to his film Rome as “parochial, ignorant and heavy-handed Spanish” that did not believe in the Mexican language. Two days later, the titles of Castile were lifted.

But the criticism of Roman images did not stop there. In February, the ATAA (Association des Traducteurs/Adaptateurs de l’Audiovisuel) revealed that French subtitles are full of grammatical errors, typographical errors and translations. ATAA National President Ian Burley, who has watched French, Belgian and Italian films for over 30 years, looks at the English titles of Rome and finds them caught up in a variety of styles. , to the analysis of duplicates and awkward line breaks and punctuation. is likely to disturb or disturb viewers. And the woman’s misgivings encouraged him in the form of desire

(“Go!”) to a dying man, whose head is the cradle, is the ignorant translation “Let’s go!” — as if he were a fool.

Not only the problems of Rome, which was widely publicized due to the great nature of the Oscar-winning film, but in general the decline below the standards of the subtitles, AVTE is working together (AudioVisual Translators Europe) and its member groups (including the British Association. of Subtitles. Subtle) in the call of cinematographers to collaborate more with your professional subtitles, reminding us that subtitling is a craft – an art – that does not leave it to the public or traditional translation software. Chapaev (chapayev) (russian Civil War) (1934)

Burley recalls that when he first started, titles were printed on film stock using wax and a chemical bath technique; One way to improve a breed is to breed a new breed. By the end of the 1980s, a large scale was produced with the first laser projectors, which made video recognizable and could be edited to the last minute.

Today, buyers send digital copies of the film to translators, usually (but not always) with subtitles. Sometimes the film reaches other content, which has been “discovered” by the subtitle studio, although the younger generation of subtitlers often do their own “marking” – a technical process that fixes Check the location of entry and exit for each detail and provide. good news for reading. “In an ideal world,” says Burley, “there wouldn’t be an easy transition past the shot, but it gets harder in today’s movies, where things move faster than ever.” old.”

The art of translation is much more than languages ​​and much more than speech translation. “The analyst has to decide what is the priority at a given moment, to make the film in the best possible way,” says David Buchanan, a freelance translator who specializes in French to English, a member of Subtle. “Like reading. Is the text clearly laid out? Does the text flow clearly and logically? Is the text long enough on the screen for the viewer to read properly?”

Foreign Films With English Subtitles

According to Jacqueline Ball, a certified translator in German with English subtitles, she says: “With precision, unlike text translation, you often have a hard time choosing as much as you can retain based on your reading speed (an average of 15 to 17 notes per the period between 37 and 42), and the number of lines – a little less than in a foreign language, due to the ability to listen to subtitles. two.”

The Scent Of Green Papaya (1993)

It is also important that the speeches take into account age, social, personality and behavioral patterns, as well as the historical period in which the film is set. Knowing the location is important; since the scene is so tight, you can’t cut out the gunshots if someone fires them in the third act. Other things to consider are the rhythm of the voice and the small words. “Tectorary,” said Buchanan. “Therefore, the narrator must be very familiar with the themes of the film, the puzzles, the puzzles, etc.”

Buchanan added: “The right thing to do is to make a good movie so that you don’t have to watch it alone. When you watch it three times, you have to give each character a place to enjoy it. interpret his words. When you send your titles, I have spent many days with these characters to understand them. You invest more in it because it is a good movie. If it is too little movie, you’re still stuck in the company of these villains, and you’re still trying to make bad decisions!”

[‘Do we use the form du?’] cannot be translated literally into English. Usually he goes on to say things like, ‘Should we use first names?’

It is also important to understand the culture you are crossing. “To some extent, you transfer culture through conversation,” says Buchanan. “For example, a UK audience may be familiar with Asterix, but less familiar with a story like Les Nuls or the inner workings of French politics.”

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As with many other disciplines, especially the related arts, undergraduates are expected to make less money, relative to quality. And while the move to digital has made art easier, it has also created new problems; New technology allows us to film movies until the last minute. “There’s no denying that advances in software and precision work allow us to achieve better results,” says Burley. “The downside is that the tighter the deadlines, the tighter the hands.”

Also, many filmmakers look at film as a remedy for hypocrisy, a feeling that AVTE aims to correct. According to Buchanan, “Subtitles are a way to get your movie ideas around the world. Simple mistakes can destroy millions of dollars in an effort. The artist should not film that combines his color correction or his experiment, just think: ‘He will leave, surely it will end.’ They want to see, to hear, to agree. second thoughts, to get everyone on the same page. It should be the same with the stories.” Last month, when Bong Joon Ho, the director, received of the film “Parasite” in the South of the South to the Golden Globe for the best foreign language film, it will attack the American moviegoers who have been waiting for everyone. world and wonderful film.

“Once you get past the inch-long barrier of subtitles, you’ll be in for a lot more amazing movies,” Bong said in his acceptance speech.

Foreign Films With English Subtitles

In the United States, there is a foreign language film with a small amount of influence on “Parasite”. It won over viewers and critics and grossed more than $35 million on its way to winning four Academy Awards on Sunday, capturing the season’s clearest awards and Oscar’s best picture. It’s not the first film in English to take home the prize in the university’s 92-year history.

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It was a tumultuous night for foreign film fans in the United States, where classics were favored over English-language films. And it leaves one wondering: Are these finger-pointing titles still closed?

Even before the release of “Parasite” about the demobilized army killed in South Korea, there were signs that it was beginning to turn into entertainment in the United States. The film is part of a small group of subtitled films that have been successful in Hollywood in the last two years, such as “Rome” (2018), “Pan’s Labyrinth” (2006), “Amelie” (2001) and “Crouching Tiger. Hidden Dragon” (2000). the Chinese drama, which took in $128 million, making it the highest-grossing foreign-language film in the United States.

At the same time, as streaming services replaced network and cable television, subtitles became increasingly available on small screens, from cell phones to television sets.

The Inquisitors believe some

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