Free Chinese Movies With English Subtitles

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Free Chinese Movies With English Subtitles
Free Chinese Movies With English Subtitles

Free Chinese Movies With English Subtitles – In 2023, many websites will allow you to watch Chinese dramas and TV shows online for free. The problem is, not all of them are legal. While some free sites are littered with lots of ads and pop-ups, others try to trick you into adding suspicious extensions to your browser. Some of them might even redirect you to dangerous sites without your knowledge. And that could put you in danger, my drama-loving friend.

That’s why we dive deep and put together a list of the best streaming websites where you can watch Chinese dramas for free and legally.

Free Chinese Movies With English Subtitles

Free Chinese Movies With English Subtitles

IQIYI is one of the best websites where you can watch Chinese dramas online free without registration. It’s basically China’s equivalent of Netflix, with over 500 million monthly active users.

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The site has a large collection of famous Chinese dramas, movies, variety shows, anime, and even lots of original content created by iQIYI themselves. Neat and clean interface with a search bar to help you browse.

You’ll need a VIP subscription to access all of the drama, but the site has lots of free content that’s worth checking out. Good streaming quality gives you a great viewing experience and lets you switch between multiple devices with the free app (Android and iOS).

Everyone knows YouTube – there’s anything you can imagine. However, it may come as a surprise to some newcomers to the world of Chinese dramas that yes, there are plenty of free full-length episodes of Chinese dramas on YouTube with multilingual subtitles.

Just type [name of Chinese drama+ eng sub] in the search bar and you will get a list of matching results. If you don’t know what to watch, start with the manufacturer’s official channel. Here are some recommended YouTube channels for watching C-dramas with high image quality and subtitles.

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Viki is one of the best streaming sites to watch Chinese dramas without registration or downloads. In fact, it has the widest selection of shows for Asian drama fans. Apart from mainland Chinese shows, there are many series and films from Taiwan, Japan, and Korea. The video quality is excellent and the streaming is quite fast compared to other websites.

The best part is that the subtitles on Viki are created by Chinese drama fans from around the world, and most of them are available in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, etc., which are also very accurate. But sometimes newly released episodes are downloaded before translation, so you may have to wait for the subtitles if you are new to Chinese.

Like other websites, Viki also offers an all-inclusive “access to all content if you subscribe to VIP” deal. Depending on what you want to watch, it may or may not be worth it. (Many popular Chinese dramas can be watched on this website for free.)

Free Chinese Movies With English Subtitles

WeTv is another popular TV streaming site that allows you to watch Chinese dramas and TV shows with English subtitles for free. This website is owned by the Chinese tech giant Tencent, so you can trust its quality and reliability.

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Wetv has tons of dramas available in various genres such as romance, fantasy, costume, horror, action, etc. While this recently released series is not 100% free (there are paid plans), you can be left hanging around with a lot of relatively older content. And the best part is that you can watch it on multiple devices like Android TV or Smart TV by downloading the app.

Mango TV is a great video entertainment platform that allows you to watch full Chinese TV shows without downloading in 2023 for free. Aimed at overseas users, Mango TV is famous for its original variety shows. It has also released many Chinese dramas with English subtitles, including many that were not previously available with English subtitles. No registration is required to access free content.

Price: Free (limited content) or you can unlock early episodes and archive VIP drama by paying through Google Play or Apple App store.

Apart from the 5 websites mentioned above, there are three more platforms where you can watch Chinese dramas online with English subtitles in 2023 that are worth mentioning:

English Movie Wallpapers

However, you will need to pay after the trial to continue with the service (Netflix does not offer a free trial). That’s why we didn’t include it.

As far as we know, above are the best websites to watch Chinese dramas with English subtitles for free. Now, if you know a little Chinese or want an authentic language experience, you will be happy because we are here to show you a list of authentic Chinese video platforms designed for Chinese speaking audiences as well.

The websites we will list in a future section have at least ten times more fun content in Chinese than the previously mentioned sites. They almost certainly don’t have English subtitles (some have Chinese subtitles), but depending on your level of Chinese it may be fine, especially if you are at an intermediate/advanced level of learning Chinese. You can learn new vocabulary and expressions in an immersive environment without the distraction of English.

Free Chinese Movies With English Subtitles

Although all the websites and TV services listed below are free and 100% legal, due to copyright issues, much of the content is only available to users in mainland China.

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However, you can use a VPN to stream free content that is not available in your country. Services like ExpressVPN and NordVPN let you bypass IP address restrictions and unblock dramas easily.

Tencent Video is our favorite Chinese drama streaming site in China. It is currently one of the largest online video platforms in the world with more than 200 million daily users and 106 million VIP subscribers.

While the international version of WeTV targets overseas users, Tencent Video provides richer content for Chinese viewers. Apart from the latest TV shows and original series, it has a large collection of classic dramas, HD movies and anime, many of which are free without creating an account.

Tencent Video is only available in China. Therefore, if you are abroad, we recommend that you use a VPN to access this website. If you are a mobile user, download the free apps for Android and iOS.

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Youku, owned by the Alibaba Group, is another popular resource where you can watch free Chinese dramas in good quality without registration. However, if you choose to do so, Youku allows you to create a favorite watch list and continue playback on a different device.

Navigating the website is quite easy if you can read Chinese. In addition, it allows you to browse shows by genre (drama, adventure, comedy, crime, vintage costume, sci-fi, wuxia fantasy, etc.) and sort by ratings and recent ratings.

Bilibili, also called Site B (B站) in China, is the most popular animation and game video sharing website among young Chinese. However, the site also offers a large collection of free TV series, documentaries, variety shows and other original content for a wider audience.

Free Chinese Movies With English Subtitles

What’s interesting about watching dramas on Bilibili is the “danmu (弹幕)” comment system. You can post comments directly over the video and they will then scroll the screen in real time for all to see. Sometimes the comments become so dense that they resemble a bullet train alias danmu (literally “curtain of bullets”).

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You don’t need to register to watch the show, but if you choose to do so, you can get better quality videos to enhance your viewing experience and create playlists of your favorites.

Although Migu Video mainly focuses on sports broadcasts, its large collection of Chinese dramas, TV shows and movies is also worth checking out. In short, it is a great platform to watch Chinese shows and sports online for free. But that can be fixed by adding more filters for series like other websites. Here, you only get a bar to search for your favorite TV shows.

That said, Migu Video does offer free apps for Android and iOS with well-managed layouts for viewing content on mobile devices. Although VIP events require a subscription, there is lots of free content that you can enjoy in high quality.

Sohu TV, owned by leading Chinese internet company Sohu, is another good website to watch Chinese dramas online for free in 2023 with a large collection of high-quality TV serials. You can filter dramas by genres like idol, family, romance, suspense, fantasy and many more. You can also watch interesting Chinese vlogs here.

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The website also has a free version and a VIP section, but most of the new events are free when they end, so you don’t have to buy a subscription if you’re willing to wait.

Last but not least, PPTV, formerly known as PPLive, brings thousands of free Chinese drama episodes at your fingertips. Besides TV series, you can watch popular Chinese movies. PPTV has done a great job updating their media library with fast streaming servers. Like other sites, there is no need to register to access the free content, and subscription is optional.

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Free Chinese Movies With English Subtitles

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