Free Learn To Read Books

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Free Learn To Read Books
Free Learn To Read Books

Free Learn To Read Books – As a child, I was a big bookworm, like everyone in my family! My mother read to me for over an hour every day; And I couldn’t wait until I learned to read. I remember how excited I was when I was able to read my first chapter book! Naturally, I thought that everyone loves to read.

As a teacher, I quickly learned that this was not the case. Learning to read was frustrating for many of my students. I often had to step back and love them until the words, rhymes, poems and songs were ready. That’s because the journey to becoming a reader begins much earlier than most of us realize.

Free Learn To Read Books

Free Learn To Read Books

When children learn to read, the most important indicator of literacy is what teachers call phonological awareness. Rhyming is one of the seven skills under this umbrella.

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Play games that help your child hear the sounds in words and learn to manipulate them. Silly songs like “Apples and Bananas” are very effective in helping children master the vowel sounds in words.

In my seven years of teaching struggling learners, I have learned that mastering phonological awareness skills is essential to becoming a fluent reader! So make sure you spend a lot of time practicing these skills. When you play word games, sing songs and rhyme, it’s natural that you want to read together every day. When you read to your child, encourage him to tell you the story in his own words, using pictures. Even before your child is able to say the words, you can invite him to read with you.

Let your children say the words they know as you read familiar books together. I’m sure you have at least two books that your kids beg you to read over and over again. “The Little Blue Truck” was a favorite in our house. We have read it hundreds of times and both my kids loved saying the animal sounds when we pointed to the words.

Rebus readers fit the concept of reading with parents very well. If you’re not familiar with them, check out “Pig Out” from the All Aboard Image Readers series or “We Love Our School” by Judy Sierra. The sentences in Rebus Readers include words and pictures, making them a great step towards learning to read. Your child can read along with you by naming the pictures, which helps him understand that the words we speak relate to the “symbols” in the book.

I Can Read For 4 6 Year Olds: Learn To Read At Home Book For Children Age 4: Akinniyi, Olufunke: 9798815140448: Books

In addition to reading to and with our children, research tells us that teaching specific and specific phonics and words helps them learn to read. You want to enter letter sounds at the same time as the alphabet. I love learning sounds and letters with fun and ABC games and activities.

If you have a busy toddler or preschooler, you might enjoy Todd’s Fridge Phonics from Leapfrog as much as I do. My kids would have plenty of time to prepare dinner and practice letters and sounds while they played. Definitely a win all around.

I love to incorporate all the senses in children’s learning as much as possible. ABC’s Look, Listen, Do book series does a great job with this! This multi-sensory approach to learning letter sounds and blending first words is a game-changer for preschoolers! This will make learning how to be fun and interesting for your beginning student.

Free Learn To Read Books

As you can see, a lot happens before your child is ready to read. As you play, sing, rhyme, and read together, watch your child, wait for his interest, and let him take the lead. It will show you when your child is ready to take the next step.

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When my children were learning to read, I chose materials that followed systematic phonics and included only a small number of sight words in the text. Many “phonics learners” do not follow this concept well. So, my advice is to choose the books that you will use when your child starts reading.

My son and I enjoyed working on Teaching Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. Every lesson in this book is well covered and very easy to follow. Your child will learn to read while you complete the homework day by day. Learning to Read is one of my favorite books! The downside is that the methodology can seem repetitive and not very interesting. Instead of skipping parts of the book before moving on, take a break and switch with other phonics readers.

Both of my kids loved the Bob series of books. We have all these collections and study them together with 100 easy textbooks. This Learn to Read with Chapter Book set even includes an activity book. The twelve books in this first series focus on letter sounds and have kids saying, “I read the whole book!” “. Consistent vowels and a few more stories ensures that your child has mastered basic phonics with this reading foundation before reading. All series include a parent book. Use it to guide you and your child!

Another easy beginning phonics series, Simple Phonics Book allows a child to gain confidence in their pace. If your child has a hard time connecting with the simple images and look of BOB books, this series is another great choice for you. In the first set of five books, simple phonics words made up of consonant-vowel-consonant and minimal sight words are used without punctuation and are clearly linked with humorous illustrations. Follow it up with Set #2, which keeps the story line similar but introduces punctuation and more complex words.

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Remember to follow, let them lead, and most importantly, have fun in whatever you do! Learning to read can be filled with fun, games, laughter, silliness and lots of bonding time between you and your little ones.

I’m Marion and I’ve been a 1st grade ESL teacher for seven years and a passionate, literate stay-at-home mom to my two wonderful children. Categories: Ages 2-5, All PCB Books, Beginning English, BookBot, Creative Commons, Early Readers, Q&F, Fantasy, Learning to Read, Toddlers

A fun rhyming book for young children and a perfect early reader. Bookbot provides a range of decodable readers for children learning to read. Check out BookBots at Or in free children’s books below:

Free Learn To Read Books

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Free Learn To Read Books

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