Friday The 13th 2009 Full Movie

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Friday The 13th 2009 Full Movie
Friday The 13th 2009 Full Movie

Friday The 13th 2009 Full Movie – It’s been 14 years since we last saw Jason Voorhees patrolling Camp Crystal Lake. With new projects on the horizon…it’s a good time to revisit the 2009 remake.

Does a lot of good things, but struggles to deal with the underlying problem. Jason Voorhees never felt out of place in the ’80s.

Friday The 13th 2009 Full Movie

Friday The 13th 2009 Full Movie

Let’s start by discussing remakes. I think there are several distinct types of movie remakes and we shouldn’t lump them together. You have films that are remade from foreign films ::: Friday 13th (2009)

Let’s focus on two large boxes instead of breaking it up into dozens of smaller boxes to install specific movies. There are remakes that come from a creative place, movies like…

. Each is an example of a filmmaker taking an existing property and making it his own. Whether you love all of these versions or not… there’s no denying that they’re a new take on an old story, even if they’re based on it.

Unfortunately, we have a different kind of remake. Remakes that give the word a bad name. For every John Carpenter

There were dozens of remakes made simply because the studio owned the property and tried to make money off of it. This is not to say that all of these remakes are bad or worthless. But … most of them. 2003

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This is not the first attempt to get money. Its commercial success, however, means we’re getting more of them. In fact, it was 2009

All that said… in this particular case, the remake money is perfect. The recycling franchise itself is a blatant attempt to make money

Being a remake is not as important as others. There is not enough soul to understand the matter.

Friday The 13th 2009 Full Movie

Didn’t come into the picture from one person’s burning creative desire to tell a variation of their own story…springing from a surprisingly clever idea. Instead of retelling the story of Pamela Voorhees by remaking the original…it takes elements from the first four Friday movies. It might seem obvious because people want to see Jason in his own movie… not his mom. But that’s something other remakes haven’t really attempted. A greatest hits package from the era of the series when Jason was still human (maybe).

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At the opening of the film, we see Pamela in flashback. The finale of the original was reworked to fix a major logical flaw in the original series. Years later, when Camp Crystal Lake reopens, instead of revenge…Pamela’s justice comes quickly. Like his death. We see a young Jason at the scene, who survived the drowning. It basically tries to repeat part 2 but doesn’t work because we all saw part 1.

. We get an extended opening sequence introducing the new Jason (Derek Mears) and the final girl, Whitney (Amanda Righetti). Jason doesn’t get his hockey mask until the end of the movie…so Jason runs around with what looks like a makeshift sack over his head. That’s right… just like Part 2 before it, Ol’ Sackhead is back in action! Before we get to the actual story, Jason sends a load of teenagers. It’s useful with some (borrowed) lore and at least some input

When we get to the actual story… things slow down. Clay (Jared Padelecki) searches for his sister Whitney after she goes missing in the opening (cough episode 4). He meets another group of teenagers who are going to the lake to kill. Eventually Jason gets his mask (Part 3) and almost everyone dies. The new cast of victims get more time to develop their characters, and there are some pretty good ones in the bunch. Jenna (Danielle Panbaker) is the last woman you’d think of, but in another great movie moment, she’s not. The remaining character is Trent (Travis Van Winkel). The rich, stupid you hate. He steals every scene and gets the best death in the movie. He’s one of the best characters in the series, all told.

Mears makes a great Jason. He is fearsome, skilled and fleet of foot. More people than any Jason since Part 4… and the Part 2 version of the nomadic woodsman was heavily influenced. Physically amazing and frankly, doing something more interesting with the character than we often see. While this movie doesn’t cry out for a sequel (it’s sure to be a box office hit), it’s a shame we don’t get more Jason time.

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It’s something that really can’t be helped. It was released in 2009. A recurring problem with the series is how poorly it has translated into different eras. Jason may be a ’50s kid, but he belongs in the ’80s. Even if you’re a fan

Unlike his name. But if you can’t (or won’t) recreate the feel of the series, you better do what you need or feel good about. Here it is

Will ultimately fail. By the end of the 80s, no one knew how to make a Jason movie. Even the poor recordings from the original 8 have the same aesthetic and feel. 2009 instead feels like every remake of the season.

Friday The 13th 2009 Full Movie

The Michael Bay factor comes into play here. Most of the characters are male. I’m not saying they’re men…I’m saying men. Half of the female characters are male. Friends and brothers. This seems like a particularly annoying fraternity weekend trip to the lake. Trent is the ultimate version of this… but he’s so good that he might be a problem for other characters. We don’t need two sets of men when we have the last man.

How Friday The 13th (2009) Tried (and Failed) To Revive Jason Voorhees

At the very least, it helps us quickly weed out who we should care about. Jenna is different because she doesn’t write like everyone else. Clay and Whitney are not really different from most of the characters and just force the story to the other side of the coin. They’re not the most interesting characters, so when the film builds to its climax… it falls flat. Jenna is a character you really care about (besides Trent). So his unexpected death was a great moment. Unfortunately, it hurts the rest of the movie.

Really. This director and cast do their best to add life to what is missing. It will be more successful (especially from this era) than most cash-in remakes thanks to Panabaker, Mears and Van Winkel. But that doesn’t justify its existence as a 2009 movie.

In fact, the era does not know what to do with slasher films. The Scream series and its own knock-off were canceled a few years ago.

And a generation of glossy remakes of new ideas. We still didn’t get the kickbacks, and the legacy sequels didn’t arrive for another decade or so. We had to comment on this era…there are these remakes. Low copies of cherished memories. Movies that add nothing to the story.

Friday The 13th: Vengeance

However… considering Friday defined the franchise’s original existence… it’s an odd fit. In this particular case.

Works. This is one of the best remakes from that era. It falls somewhere in the middle of the series in terms of quality. The biggest problem it faces is that it is the same as the previous three films in the series. Aesthetically, Friday movies worked well in the 1980s. A great opening and some great kills make this remake stand above other non-80s entries. Derek Mears is a great Jason and it’s a shame he didn’t get more opportunities in the role. Founded in 2007, it has become a major player in Taiwan’s film entertainment business, offering a wide selection of films in both quantity and quality. Over the years, it has continued to distribute more than 30 films annually, an average of one film every two weeks, and more than 100 titles for release on home video, television and digital platforms. Today, we are the largest independent distributor in Taiwan with a library of over 2,000 titles, most of which we exclusively own all rights to.

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Friday The 13th 2009 Full Movie

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Friday The 13th

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