Friday The 13th Movie Props For Sale

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Friday The 13th Movie Props For Sale
Friday The 13th Movie Props For Sale

Friday The 13th Movie Props For Sale – Friday the 13th Props Museum Book The Mario Kirner Collection: A Nonfiction Book About Friday the 13th Horror Movies

This Friday the 13 Props Museum book is a must have for all Jason fans! Over the years, Mario Kirner has collected and exhibited in a private museum various items necessary for the filming of the Friday the 13th horror films. He wrote this non-fiction book about his “Friday the 13th Prop Museum” so that other fans can partake in his impressive Jason collection. When it comes to modern horror, Jason Voorhees quickly comes to mind with the ice hockey mask that Mario has posted several times in his private Friday the 13th museum.

Friday The 13th Movie Props For Sale

Friday The 13th Movie Props For Sale

In this exclusive Friday the 13th Props Museum book, you’ll learn 150 pages about the background of the various Friday the 13th episodes and the Mario Kirner museum in general. From “Friday the 13th – Part VI – Jason Lives”, “Friday the 13th – Part VII – The New Blood”, “Friday the 13th – Part VIII – Jason Takes Manhattan”, “Jason Goes to Hell”, “With original props by Jason X”, “Freddy vs. Jason”, “Friday the 13th (2009)”, “Crystal Lake Memories” and “Friday the 13th – The Game”.

Lifesize Animated Jason Voorhees Friday The 13th Prop

The hardcover texts are in English, but the pictures mostly speak for themselves. At the back of the Friday the 13th Prop Museum book there are also several certificates of authenticity proving that these are indeed original movie props from the Friday the 13th movies. With Jason reading about the supporting museum, we have Friday the 13th merch, like the Friday the 13th – Jason Ultimate Action Figure and the Jason Licensed Costume Set.

The article is intended for adults over 16 years of age. Not suitable for children. Keep away from fire and open flames for the last 15 years

“Uber” Jason Musk. Kirner’s publication is more than just a picture book, it’s more of a coffee table tome that includes interviews, in-depth prop information, fold-out pages, and behind-the-scenes production images. Kirner gives insight into the labor of love for his collection and the collection of screen-used props that created it.

“First of all, you have to understand that these kinds of monuments don’t grow on trees,” he says. “Finding and validating what you’re looking for can take years and a lot of research. Especially with old movies from the 2000s, when things end up in the post-production bin. It’s not like signing up on and ordering what think you can focus on your collection Everything is still a “I was lucky to start collecting when it was a common hobby and many good pieces with original provenance are still not sold and resold. Now it’s getting harder to find new parts.”

Jason Mask Friday The 13th Part 6 Vi Display Case Shadow Box

Kirner also talks about how hard it was to collect parts as a child in Germany – things that are commonplace today and the internet has really helped open up resources.

“As a kid in the early ’90s, I started collecting everything related to the Friday the 13th, Terminator and A Nightmare on LM Street franchises,” says Kirner. “This was before the Internet opened the doors to a whole new market. Compared to today, there wasn’t much. We had magazines, posters, stickers and that kind of collection. The main material in our collection was things like cardboard stands from video stores and until you got it from the store owner. I had to beg for this stuff for years and it seems like regular collectibles nowadays, it’s impossible to get autographed pictures of some F13 actors etc because they don’t there are conventions here in Germany.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Kirner turned his attention to researching images of Jason online and became interested in discovering new material (especially behind-the-scenes footage) that he had never seen before. One day a screen came across an ad for a used machete prop that was said to have been used on set

Friday The 13th Movie Props For Sale

He called that day, but unfortunately for him the prop was already sold; Momentum was set on Kirner’s quest to get the best collection

Neca Friday The 13th

“I started naively by contacting all the FX studios, actors, production companies and anyone who worked on these films. “Unfortunately, after weeks and months of trying, there was only one answer. They gave me a key item and we finally agreed on a deal. At that time an online forum was built by two other collectors. I joined and quickly found others like me.

“That was basically the beginning of my collecting career. I quickly discovered that in every field of collectibles with valuables and money there are scammers and fraudsters. A good thing that started in the mid-2000s were the ‘official’ auctions the studios held to promote their movie releases. Tons of items brought to market. Introduction. This allows new collectors a safe start with a good chance of acquiring original movie assets. But it only covers new movies, so unearthing the treasures of F13 is up to me to research.

For Kirner, collecting Jason’s clothes isn’t as easy as you might think; Some take years to complete and usually require some real digging and communication with several people to secure a complete suit. He explains why the home museum exhibit room is dimly lit and how it helps capture the feel of the props.

“As mentioned at the beginning, these items are extremely rare and hard to find. Of all the Jason suits in my collection, nothing has been taken as a set. For example, it took me about 7 years and materials from 5 different sources. until I added the last piece to complete Jason X’s costume”.

Jason Mask Friday The 13th Part 7 Vii The New Blood Display

“The clothes are distributed throughout the production”, he continues. “One had a shirt, another had a hockey mask, gloves and neck shells were in storage somewhere in the clothing section, and the actor took boots home for his daily use during kindergarten,” he said in an exaggerated tone. Some products are not manufactured or intended to support manufacturing. For example, materials such as foam rubber will begin to dry out weeks after they are formed unless stored in a specific way to mitigate the risk of deterioration. The exhibition and storage room where the props and costumes are kept in the museum is lit only by LED spots to prevent any irritation and staining of the items. A welcome effect of a very dark supporting room is that it works harmoniously and represents the mood of the images in which the pieces are used.

Anyone can start a support collection, but do your homework and get some experienced collectors if possible, says Kirner. Don’t get hung up on a certificate of authenticity, anyone can make them, and most importantly, you’ll be happy with the props, no matter how big or small.

Mario Kirner’s Friday the 13th Prop Museum Book will be available November 3, 2018 (or pre-order via eBay now and get your own numbered copy, author as soon as it goes to print). The cost of this book is approximately 90 USD.

Friday The 13th Movie Props For Sale

Curator of Creepy Collections. I have been an avid horror fan for over 3 decades. It was a pure joy to meet and write for some of the best artists from around the world. I have written for many websites in the field of art and collectibles. The horror bug in me has been well maintained and strong since my first introduction to horror was a VHS copy of John Carpenter’s 1978 classic Halloween. A revamped and customized scene for the screen using the headrest of Mrs. Voorhees from Friday the 13th Part 2.

Friday The 13th Jason Voorhees’ (derek Mears) Hero Mask Original Movie Prop

This is the original Friday the 13th Part 2 Ms. Voorhees head prop. Upon arrival, the foam latex and plaster bust was in good condition but showing its age. The paint was chipped in many places. Even the fragile foam on the face had begun to explode. One of the most unique challenges of this piece is that the head is made of heavy plaster with a foam face device. This means that the supporter is actually her own worst enemy. The weight of the heavy plaster limited our options for head position

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