Friday The 13th Movie Trailer

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Friday The 13th Movie Trailer
Friday The 13th Movie Trailer

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Lately, it feels like almost every iconic horror property is making a comeback. From Jamie Lee Curtis is coming back for another

Friday The 13th Movie Trailer

Friday The 13th Movie Trailer

Jason Voorhees shows up again, doesn’t he? The franchise has been receiving a previous series called Crystal Lake, but now it seems that a reboot movie is also in the works.

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Sean S. Cunningham, who was the director and producer behind the original 1980 Friday the 13th film, is said to be involved in the development of what could be a cinematic return of Jason Voorhees. The news comes from Jeff Locker, who has been working on a few projects with Cunningham. Here’s what Locker had to say to Blood Disgust:

Sean hired me to do a rewrite of The Night Driver and after working closely with director Jeremy Weiss and his team on that, naturally we started talking about Friday the 13th and Home. Jeremy and I presented our dream reboot on Friday the 13th – with Sean’s blessing to continue developing with it.

, and he directed the ’80s classic that went on to spawn twelve sequels over the years. Locker also said this about themselves

Obviously the prequel TV series has dominated the interest in a new movie so we hope that the local excitement will encourage both parties to come together and give us Jason on the big screen again for the first time in 14 years, but we still have a Plan. B for the sequel to the original that we think fans will absolutely love and should avoid any legal entanglements.

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Film for nearly 15 years, in part due to ongoing legal battles with the film’s writer Victor Miller suing Sean S. Cunningham and other producers for the rights to the franchise, which Miller won in 2018. Miller is handling the script and characters from the original film. , but not the title

, according to CNN. It is a complicated situation, but it is clear that one of the authors behind the other part hopes to overcome these problems.

Locker’s words seem to indicate that they are trying hard to get Jason Voorhees back for their own

Friday The 13th Movie Trailer

Reboot, but if they can’t reach a rights deal, they have a “Plan B,” perhaps without the masked killer at the center of the franchise. It’s exciting to hear that another movie is in the works, but for now, we’re still keeping our hopes low due to the complications the property has gone through over the years.

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Creator Bryan Fuller is working with Peacock and A24 on the series, which is expected to be released in 2023. Speaking about getting the rights back in November, Fuller explained that the film rights are “a completely different thing” and “a big mess “. But when it comes to changing ownership for television, they can get “the rights to do everything under

While we await more updates on the future of the property, you can check out how to watch all the Friday the 13th movies in order in preparation here at

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Their own film – many other fans have tried to take similar steps to keep the franchise alive.

Friday The 13th Movie Trailer

, and creators James Sweet, Karl Whinery, and Robert Blanche are using Indiegogo to make it happen. The group is aiming for a goal of $20,000 to fund the project.

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“We’ve reached more than 50% of our goal. Vincente Disanti of Never Hike Alone joined the project as co-writer and producer as well.” Jason Rising accompanied Wessex County Police Pete Daltry with two local gift walkers, Jed and Bear. hot on the trail of three escapees from the Wessex County Corrections Farm. Soon after he realizes that their hunt has taken them to the cursed grounds of the Camp. Crystal Lake, Daltry and his men quickly discovered that they were being hunted.”

Also has a trailer that gives you an idea of ​​what’s to come, and it looks like a smart and fun addition to the franchise. In fact, it almost seems like it will bring some interesting changes by bringing the unseen face of Jason’s mother Pamela Voorhees.

What do you think of Jason Rising? Are you excited for a new age of romantic movies? Let us know in the comments section below! Today is Friday the 13th and that means it’s time to look back at one of horror’s most beloved franchises! (No one looks like a Jason Voorhees town.) That’s right, I’m here with my special status and the absolute perfection of every single one.

Movie, start with the best and end with the worst! So if teenagers and college students are being slaughtered in the woods by an unstoppable killing machine eating your pocket, it’s time to grab your machete, pull up your apron, put on your hockey mask and he kissed his mother’s head saying goodbye because we have. a bloody, bloody money ahead!

Friday The 13th: No Man’s Land (2010)

When you are at its very best. They brought back the legendary terrorist roles Tom Savini and so this movie is not only Jason’s most iconic face, but also some of the best people in the entire franchise. It also stars Corey Feldman as Tommy Jarvis, starting a trilogy that places Jarvis as Jason’s greatest, or at least consistent, enemy. The final sequence, where Jarvis transforms himself into a monster to seduce Jason (and ultimately kill him) sounds like silly territory, but Feldman pulls it off and the results are surprisingly creepy and disturbing. The film’s visuals manage to strike the perfect balance between comedy and horror, an adaptation of the tones the franchise has become known for. Plus it’s the one with Crispin Glover’s dance floor. That alone should give it the top spot.

One of the funniest Jason movies (it’s an actual version of Jason doing a tribute to James Bond 007’s credits), it also marks the beginning of the depravity, Zombie Jason. It’s also the only movie in the entire franchise based on a summer camp that has real kids at the camp! It also marks the end of the Tommy Jarvis saga, which could be for the best considering this movie, poor Tommy is responsible for accidentally reanimating the dead Jason! Oh!

The first real Jason movie! Part II brings us redneck, bag Jason, who won’t lie, if we serve him. It also featured many classic, iconic Friday the 13th seasons, such as Mrs. Voorhees’ head is carved on a special small platform. Not only does it have some really good deaths (a couple getting impaled with a spear while the townspeople are classic slasher business), but you also have Ginny (played by Amy Steel), who is Arguably the best “final girl” in the franchise. She’s smart, smart, and has the guts to wear Jason’s dead mother’s shirt!

Friday The 13th Movie Trailer

Established many of the classic slasher tropes and archetypes that are still in place today. And Jason doesn’t even appear until the last episode! More of a whodunnit than any other movie (except A New Beginning maybe), it has not one, but two twists! The first is the revelation that Jason’s mother Pamela Voorhees is the real killer (seeking revenge on the camp that killed her son in 1957), and the second is that Jason is still alive! Or it is! The finale of a devastated Jason jumping out of the Flipper-style water to rescue Alice from the boat could have only been a dream sequence (or was), making Friday the 13th and slashers an integral part of type of goods. Also, Kevin Bacon’s son is one of the camp counselors you get!

Happy Friday The 13th, Jason! We Rank Every ‘friday The 13th’ Movie

Movie featuring Jason’s iconic hockey mask! Taking place directly after the events of the second film, it is about a new set of teenagers who have arrived at Crystal Lake to live in their friends’ cabin. Trying to tap into the 3D revival craze, the 3D effects of the film are simply ridiculous and include a large 3D joint sent to the audience and Jason smashing one of the children’s heads with his bare hands until the eyeballs appears on the screen. It also introduces one of my favorite characters in the entire franchise: Shelly Finkelstein. Shelly is an annoying yet loving buff and nerdy prankster (and she’s great).

Power Seth Rogen) who gives Jason his signature hockey mask. We had

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