Friday The 13th Original Movie

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Friday The 13th Original Movie
Friday The 13th Original Movie

Friday The 13th Original Movie – Starring: Betsy Palmer, Adrienne King, Harry Crosby Screenplay: Victor Miller Release Date: May 9, 1980 Director: Sean S. Cunningham Genre: Horror Country: USA Streaming Now Tim Rating: Bang for your Buck:

So let’s go back: it’s 1979, and Shock producer Sean S. Cunningham wants to make a movie about a psycho killer. He does it from a script by soap opera veteran Victor Miller and an unknown Ron Kurtz in which seven teenagers go into the woods and die. I believe it is more than that, but more important than that. The population of this film will be a veritable army of twenty-somethings. The make-up effects were created by Tom Savini, whose work Cunningham admired in George A. Romero’s Dawn of the Dead…

Friday The 13th Original Movie

Friday The 13th Original Movie

…and that single choice sealed the fate of 1980s cinema: while Friday the 13th was a tedious film at best, the gory effects were undeniably the work of a genius in their field. Perhaps if the film had been sad in every way, it would have been completely forgotten by now; but now Friday the 13th has become a huge hit, spawning a whole generation of dogs who (unless they’re fans of Italian exploitation films, which is a rather sly suggestion at the beginning of home video) have never encountered of anything like the guts of Savini’s muse , which is chilling, but rated R. The film was a hit, of course, not because of tension (which there was none) and not because of sex (a quick flash of a tit , a brief shot of a human ass), but because of the graphic and sickeningly realistic depictions of throats – slashes and piercing arrows available for the first time to a teenage viewer in this relatively clean film.

Friday The 13th (1980 Original Score) [vinyl Lp]: Cds & Vinyl

On Friday, June 13, a young woman (Robbie Morgan) arrives in an abandoned New Jersey town looking for a way to Camp Crystal Lake, which reopens more than twenty years after a boy drowned, and two counselors brutally butchered to death. . The revival of the camp was a brilliant scheme by Steve Christie, who spent nearly 25,000 dollars on renovations, and this woman named Annie was to be the camp’s new cook. At a local diner, a crazy man named Ralph (Walt Horny) warns him that there is a “camp blood” curse and he will die along with all the other teenage counselors if they stay there.

Confused, Annie pulls up in a blue Jeep whose driver we can’t seem to see, whose voice we can’t hear, and whose appearance obviously scares Annie, because moments later she jumps out of the moving car. car, and ran. in the woods to be caught and killed with a large hunting knife.

Meanwhile, six other teenagers and Steve Christie himself (Peter Brower) live at the camp. The great tradition of slasher meat, characterized not only by name but by stereotype, is witnessed here in its first, full bloom: Bill (Harry Crosby), a crazed cipher; Brenda (Laurie Bartram), a social and intelligent sexpot; Jack the Horned (Kevin Bacon, the film’s only famous or even semi-famous alumnus); Marcy (Janine Taylor), Jack’s more smitten girlfriend; Ned (Mark Nelson), a prankster; and Alice (Adrienne King), who is smart, artistic, asexual and outgoing. You’d never know that an Alice had more than one character, and this brings us to another great tradition: the only character who actually looks human is undoubtedly The Last Girl.

Without thinking about the plot, here’s what happens: the teenagers are killed one by one by an unseen killer, who throws in four convenient red herrings (in this order): Steve Christie driving the blue that Jeep, like the man who killed. Annie; a bigoted, angry policeman who comes to the camp to warn/harass the kids; Crazy Ralph, found in a camp barn moaning about death and blood; and Bill, who shows extraordinary skill with a machete and always has to go somewhere for a moment whenever someone is killed.

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It is a kind of mystery that the characters do not realize is a mystery, because they are all killed separately and found by Alice (this structural element, which I like to call “The Revealing of the Table” après Joseph Campbell, is drawn from the slasher film Black Christmas), and he clearly doesn’t realize he’s in on a murder mystery, given how willingly he dismantles his relatively sane safe room the moment a middle-aged woman named Mrs. Voorhees (Betsy Palmer, the young 1950s TV star who played the role, she calls him a “piece of shit” in the script because he has to pay for a new car) arrives at camp and all our red lights are started flashing so this girl must surely be the killer.

That makes it an unfair secret, the worst. For 75 minutes we wonder who the psycho is, and it’s a character we don’t see until there’s no doubt that he’s our villain. Not that I’m complaining, mind you – the movie is no longer a good mystery. The movie is not good. Anyway, Mrs. Voorhees Alice around the camp after telling her the story of how her little Jason died in 1957 because a counselor clung to him when he fell into a lake, and how it made him want to kill the least of all. the teenagers associated with the Crystal Lake camp and enjoy sex. It’s a very boring camp chase, poorly paced and poorly lit. In the end, Alice cut off Mrs.’s head cleanly. Voorhees before boarding a boat to spend the night on the lake, where he would hopefully be safe. When the police arrive the next day, even though he wasn’t called, he begins to paddle back to shore until a slimy zombie boy jumps out of the water with a roar and pulls him down…

Then she’s in the hospital, being assured that there was no zombie boy when the police saved her and maybe she was just dreaming. Or him?

Friday The 13th Original Movie

Friday the 13th made a ton of money, established the rules of the slasher film, and launched the biggest subgenre of the 1980s. I think there’s one simple reason why this movie got made when the equally successful and infamous Halloween and Texas Chainsaw Massacre didn’t: it’s annoying. John Carpenter and Tobe Hooper are very good directors and their projects are very individual and controlled. As for Friday the 13th:

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Almost no lines were read above par, and many (including every line spoken by Annie or Marcy) made the cast sound like it was their first run and they were drunk.

Was filmed with little regard for visual beauty or narrative subtext. My favorite element of Friday the 13th as a bad movie is the surprising number of times the shot is nothing but darkness and the white dot of someone’s flashlight swinging around the corner, with no indication of what’s going on or if where. This happens literally six or seven times.

Makes no attempt to hide the blatant theft of each of its ideas from better films.

Suddenly you don’t need to have any talent other than the most basic knowledge of a craftsman; you had to have decent blood, or in most of the films that followed, actresses willing to take their tops off for twenty seconds.

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So why was this movie so successful? Fair question, and I was a bit surprised by the answer earlier, but I want to try again. And I want to use Harry Manfredini to make my case.

Harry Manfredini composed the music for Friday the 13th, all but one of its sequels, a whole host of forgotten 80s horror films and, obviously, the Agnes Varda film. Manfredini may not have been a very good composer. His work in this film is, almost without exception, as silly a clone of Bernard Herrmann’s Psycho score as you can imagine. The exception is a recurring motif—to call it a “theme” is pushing it—where a synthesized “voice” very faintly sings something like “hhhhhhh, ha ha ha ha.”

In 1980, the gold standard for horror soundtracks was John Carpenter’s main theme for Halloween, a minimalist work largely inspired by Philip Glass. It’s fancy to get to the point. Now Manfredini is involved, and he decides the music we all remember from his score isn’t even music. It will be a little sting, atonal and even brutal.

Friday The 13th Original Movie

This is the heart of the slasher genre: this atonal brutality. This is the whole spirit of making a movie about the brutal and quick killing of young people. The morality of this, of course, is questionable (and beyond the scope of this review, but there is still a lot left until the summer), but the effect is there

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