Friday The 13th Part Iii 1982

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Friday The 13th Part Iii 1982
Friday The 13th Part Iii 1982

Friday The 13th Part Iii 1982 – Friday the 13th Part III (also known as Friday the 13th Part 3 and marketed as Friday the 13th: 3D) is a 1982 film. It was directed by Steve Miner, who also helmed the previous installment in the series. The film is presented in stereoscopic 3-D and Dolby Stereo. The screenplay was written by Martin Kitrosser, Carol Watson and the untitled Petru Popescu. Kitrosser will later help write the fifth installment, Friday the 13th: A New Beginning, and will mark the first time Jason Voorhees dons his iconic hockey mask.

According to actress Katherine Parks, this entry was supposed to be the last feature in the series. Due to its box office success (it grossed approximately $37 million on a budget of $2.5 million), Paramount Pictures decided to finance another film, 1984’s Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter.

Friday The 13th Part Iii 1982

Friday The 13th Part Iii 1982

Part 3 was first released theatrically in 3D format, which was popular at the time. For many years the 3D version was only available to home video audiences in Japan in a video high density format. On February 3, 2009, the 3D version was released for the first time on North American home video on deluxe DVD, which also included the 2D version of the film.

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Like many other entries in the long-running series, Part 3 was edited to receive an R rating by the MPAA. The deluxe edition of the movie also has a theatrical cut.

The film has another infamous ending where the main character, Chris, played by Dana Kimmel, is beheaded by Jason at the end. Although the sequence was never released, promises of it can be seen in Peter Bracke’s book Crystal Lake Memories, and it was included in Michael Avalon’s 1982 book. Simon Hawk’s 1987 novel contains the ending used in the film release. The film sees Jason avenge his mother by killing the new adults who enter Higgins Haven, a lakeside community a day after Jason’s murder in Part 2. Another fate survived Ali; Chris opens the door to find Jason, but is surprised to see Ali. They both ran away. Soon, paramedics arrived, but they did not find Jason’s body.

The film takes place the day after the events of Friday the 13th Part 2, where severely disabled serial killer Jason Voorhees is stabbed in the shoulder by Ginny Field, a survivor of his brutal murder, and nearby Paul Holt. summer camp Jason arrives at a small, country store run by middle-aged couple Edna (Cheri Maughans) and Harold Hackett (Steve Susskind). She kills them both (stabbing Harold in the chest with a butcher knife, then stabbing Edna in the back of the neck with one of her knitting needles), steals some new clothes, and heads to a lakeside place called Higgins Haven. He will exact a lot of blood revenge on the new team.

Meanwhile, we’re introduced to a new group of teenagers en route to Higgins Haven, including heroine Chris Higgins (Dana Kimmel), who was attacked by a mysterious, crippled man in the woods near Higgins Haven two years ago. Higgins returns to Haven in a desperate attempt to overcome his memories from the attack. Chris is accompanied by a pregnant woman named Debbie (Tracy Savage), her boyfriend Andy (Jeffrey Rogers), Shelly Finkelstein (Larry Zerner), the prankster of the group, and some of his friends, including a stoner couple named Chuck (David Katims). Chili (Rachel Howard). Another highlight was the “blind date” set up by Shelly and Vera Sanchez (Catherine Parks).

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A group of young men see an unknown man named Abel lying in the middle of the road, speaking cryptically and warning the young men about this place and hiding body parts, showing a severed human eyebrow. The bewildered teenagers get back into their van and speed away, the man encouraging them to turn around and walk in the dirt. Ignoring the man’s warnings, they arrive at Higgins Haven and find it to be a lakeside village with a sparkling pool, a large two-story cabin, and a barn. While everyone is drowning, Chris goes inside to check on the house, where his boyfriend Rick Bombay (Paul Kratka) has already arrived. All the young men are indifferent to Jason hiding in the barn.

Later, Shelly pulls off a practical joke (pretending to be killed by a meatball on her head), angering Chris and the rest of the group. Vera decides to go to the store in Rick’s car and Shelly begs her to let him go with her and Vera reluctantly agrees. At the store, Vera and Shelly meet a tough gang, including Ali (Nick Savage), a vigilante named Loco (Kevin O’Brien), and a biker chick named Fox (Gloria Charles). After a brief altercation at the store, as Shelly and Vera are about to leave, Ali leaves the store and wrecks Rick’s car, smashing the windows. Seeking revenge, Shelly and Vera run over the biker’s motorcycles due to their abuse and speed while celebrating the victory.

The two return to the cabin and Rick is shocked, upset and angry to find his car crashed. Chris and Rick decide to go for a drive so Rick can calm down. At that time, a gang reached there to fill the youth’s van with gas. But little did I know, Jason had other plans in mind. He quickly sends Fox to investigate the barn (off-screen, Jason props his body on one of the logs with a sharp fork in his throat), and is close to being killed by Jason when Loco enters the barn. Staring at her – Jason poked her midsection with another sharp fork like he did to Fox. Ali enters the barn after his group to find their bodies and Jason appears. Ali tries to fight him, but is easily caught and killed as the madman hits him with a large iron wrench.

Friday The 13th Part Iii 1982

It’s nighttime and Jason springs into action. Shelly desperately wants Vera to love her, and she resorts to another elaborate prank, wearing a wet suit, hockey mask and spear gun. As Vera sits on the edge of the dock, Shelly grabs her feet under the water, scaring her. Vera later tells Shelly to break up, and Shelly is injured when Jason, off-screen, attacks her and steals her hockey mask and spear gun. Vera discovers that she still has Shelly’s wallet and accidentally throws it into the lake. He went into the pool and pulled it out. Now wearing Shelly’s mask and spear gun, Jason approaches Vera (who he thinks is one of Shelly’s worst pranksters) and stabs her in the eye with a spear.

Friday The 13th Part Iii Reviews

Debbie and Andy go upstairs and have sex, and Jason now uses Shelly’s hockey mask to subtly cover his disfigured face. Afterward, Debbie takes a shower and grabs a beer while Andy does a handstand (walking on hands, feet up in the air). But before he can get to the stairs, he runs into Jason, who swings a machete at Andy’s upper body, slicing him in half. Debbie passes out and rests in the hammock to read a magazine, so blood drips onto the magazine. Looking up, he finds Andy’s mangled body hanging from a rafter, and before he can scream, Jason stabs him in the chest with a kitchen knife under the hammock.

At that point, unaware of the massacre, Chris and Rick stop the car and go outside to talk, and when Chris finally tells Rick about an incident two years ago when he ran away from home after a fight with his parents to “teach them a lesson”, a strange, mysteriously disabled man attacked him in the woods with a knife. and managed to escape him alive. Rick tries to fire up the car again, but the engine fails and they are forced to turn back. Back at the cabin, Chuck and Chili are having sex (with lots of weed) when the lights go out. Chuck goes to the basement to check the fuse box and Jason is waiting for him. Jason pushes Chuck toward the fuse box, electrocuting it and restoring power to the cabinet. Cili finds Shelly being tortured with her voice. At first, you’ll believe it’s just another prank, but soon you’ll get the hang of it

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