Friday The 13th Reboot Full Movie

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Friday The 13th Reboot Full Movie
Friday The 13th Reboot Full Movie

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Friday the 13th series co-creator Sean Cunningham is defying all expectations and teasing a new installment for 2023.

Friday The 13th Reboot Full Movie

Friday The 13th Reboot Full Movie

If you’re counting, it’s been 13 years since last Friday the 13th movie, the 2009 remake of the underrated banger. That’s at least partly because of the years-long legal battle between Cunningham himself and the original film’s writer, Victor Miller.

Friday The 13th Reboot Delayed Yet Again

According to Bloody Abomination , a judge ruled in Miller’s favor in 2018, giving him the rights to the original Friday the 13th script and character, while Cunningham retained the rights to the older Jason Voorhees character and his iconic hockey mask. franchise after the first film The split seems to be related to Miller only writing the first movie, and Jason Voorhees growing up to be the killer until the second movie (it was his mother in the first movie. Didn’t you see the scream?).

However, Cunningham is now telling a new Friday the 13th movie that a movie is coming next year, but he hasn’t officially announced anything. Instead, he quietly updated his cameo bio to include this magnetic tidbit:

“Fireman S. Cunningham directed and produced the horror film Friday, which created the iconic villain Jason Voorhees.

It’s a little surprising to hear that a new Friday 13h could debut in a few months, but who are we to deny the words of the series’ co-creator? We hope it’s as good as the remake

Unanswered Questions From The ‘friday The 13th’ Franchise!

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Hankai Star Rail’s best DPS does so much damage that he damages the player’s eyesight, so his animations become hilarious It’s been 14 years since we last encountered Jason Vores patrolling Camp Crystal Lake. With new projects at last…it’s a good time to look back at the 2009 remake

Works great but struggles to deal with one major issue Jason Voorhees never felt like he was out of the ’80s

Friday The 13th Reboot Full Movie

Let’s start with a discussion about the remake In my opinion, there are different types of movie remakes and we should not lump them together You have a movie that is a remake of a foreign movie

Where To Watch Every Single Film In The Friday The 13th Franchise

Without breaking it down into a dozen smaller boxes to house specific movies…let’s just focus on the two big ones There are remakes that come from a creative place…like movies

. An example of a filmmaker taking an existing property from the past and making it his own Whether you like all these versions…even if it is based on an old story, no one can deny that it is a new vision

Unfortunately, other types of remakes are what we get more of Remakes that give the word a bad name For every John Carpenter

There are a dozen remakes made because a studio owns the property and looks to monetize it. This is not to say that all of these remakes are bad or worthless But… many of them of 2003

Friday The 13th Should Try Something No Slasher Reboot Has Attempted Yet

This is not the first of these attempts at remittances Its commercial success means we’re going to have more of them Actually, that’s why it’s 2009

All that said… a cash in remake is perfectly acceptable in this particular case It was a blatant attempt to cash in on the franchise itself that created it

Being a remake doesn’t really matter with others No matter is sufficient to extract the soul from it

Friday The 13th Reboot Full Movie

The story doesn’t enter the picture born of someone’s burning creative desire to convey its own diversity… it comes up with a surprisingly clever idea. Instead of simply retelling the story of Pamela Voorhees by recreating the original… it takes elements from the first four Friday movies. It seems obvious that people want Jason in their movies… not his mom But that’s something other remakes haven’t really attempted A greatest hits package from the era of the series where Jason was still (probably) human

Hellraiser’ Director Addresses A Potential ‘friday The 13th’ Reboot

As the film opens, we see Pamela in a flashback The original finale is created in a way that corrects major logic errors in the original sequence After opening Camp Crystal Lake years later, instead of revenge…Pamela’s justice is immediate Like his death We saw a young Jason who survived the drowning at the scene It basically tries to go back to the story of Part 2 but never works because we all saw Part 1.

. We get an extended opening sequence that introduces our new Jason (Derek Mears) and finally the final girl, Whitney (Amanda Righetti). Jason doesn’t get his iconic hockey mask until later in the movie… so Jason runs amok with what looks like a bag on his head. That’s right… like part 2 before it, ol’ Sackhead is back in action! Before we get to the real story, a truckload of teenagers are dispatched It is effective to introduce some (borrowed) knowledge and even a little

When we break down the actual story… things get a little slow Matty (Jared Padelecki) is looking for his sister Whitney after she goes missing in the opening (Cough Part 4). He encounters another young man going to the lake to kill Finally, Jason gets his mask (part) and almost everyone dies The new batch of victims gets more time to establish character and there are some good people in the set Jenna (Danielle Panabaker) plays what you’d assume would be the final girl, but in another great moment of the film, she’s not. The standout character is Trent (Travis Van Winkle). A rich, badass that you love to hate He steals every scene and has the best death in the film He is one of the best characters in the series

Myrrh makes for a wonderful Jason He is dangerous, efficient and sailing More human than any Jason since Part 4… and more influenced by the titular Woodman version of Part 2. Physically compelling and frankly, we do something more interesting with the character than we see most of the time While this movie doesn’t scream out for a sequel (although its box office success certainly did), it’s a shame we didn’t get more time with Jason.

Friday The 13th Reboot Film Being Developed By Original Director

Something that really can’t be helped It takes place in 2009 A recurring problem with the series is how poorly it translated into different eras Jason may be a ’50s kid…but he’s firmly rooted in the ’80s. Even if you are a fan

Doesn’t feel like its name But if you’re not going to (or can’t) recreate the feel of a chain, you better create something that feels necessary or good on its own merits. This is true

Finally failed By the end of the 80s, no one knew how to make a Jason movie Even the worst entries in the initial 8 share the same aesthetic and feel Rather, it feels like every remake of the 2009 era

Friday The 13th Reboot Full Movie

The Michael Bay factor is at play here Most of the characters are milky I don’t mean they are men… I mean they are young Half of the female character is milk Dudes and bros It was as if a particularly boring fraternity took a weekend trip to the lake Trent is the ultimate version of that… but he’s so good at it that he can actually be another character’s problem When we have extreme people, we don’t need two sets

New ‘friday The 13th’ Blu Ray Collection Coming Next Year; Full Details

At least it helps us know what we should take care of sooner Jenna stands out because she is not written like the others Clay and Whitney aren’t really that different from most of the characters, and only combine with the story to force them to be on a different side of the coin. They’re not the most interesting characters, so when the movie comes down to them for the climax… it falls flat in a big way. Jenna is a character (in a different way than Trent) that you really care about That’s why her shocking death is such a big moment Unfortunately, this then hurts the rest of the film

It’s actually a director and cast that do their best to add a soul to something that’s lacking It succeeds more than most cash-in remakes (especially of this era) on the backs of Panabaker, Mears and Van Winkel. But this

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