Genesis 1:1 Coloring Page

Genesis 1:1 Coloring Page

Genesis 1:1 Coloring Page – Today I asked my two oldest children, “What question would you ask God (if you could know) when He created the world?” My 5 year old daughter immediately stood up and said, “I asked her what she did!!” I laughed and quickly explained the power of God’s Word, His true Word in this situation!

I find that young children are always interested in nature and they like to talk about the things animals are made of and why. These creative coloring pages are designed for kids to enjoy painting the different days of nature and learn about how God created the world! Families can use it while listening to our podcasts or learning about our commitment to nature.

Genesis 1:1 Coloring Page

Genesis 1:1 Coloring Page

This offering can be used in conjunction with the Donuts and Devos Podcast for Kids (Part 1) or on its own as a personal or family offering. Free coloring pages and worksheets for kids are available to download and print. Share with other families to help bring God’s Word into your home in a fun and exciting way! If you have a specific bible topic you want us to talk about Donuts and Devos we want to hear from you! Leave a comment or email us at info@.

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No! Let us know if we use cookies on our website (even if we want to use donuts!) to make sure we give you the best experience on our website. We want you to keep playing with us. If you stay we’ll think you’re good with it! OkOuter space is a topic we have been talking about a lot with our five year old daughter for the past few months!

Space is a very interesting place. It’s not cool, the creators of the sun and all the stars make small details in the flowers and leaves and know how much hair is on your head!

“Surely, your hairs are all numbered. Fear not! You are worth more than many sparrows.” Luke 11:7

God is great! And you are very creative! Everything he did was perfect!

God Creates The World.: Genesis 1:1 2:25

God created all the great things in space, but he sees you and loves you so much! God is greater than we understand!

When I talk about spaceships, it makes me wonder how great God is and how good he is to us! He created a beautiful place for us to live, and the sky is proof of how great it is!

When we talk a lot about the sky and all the great things created by God, it is good to have coloring pages on that topic.

Genesis 1:1 Coloring Page

So here are the coloring pages for you! Two of them are detailed and suitable for older children, and one is suitable for young children who have difficulty staying in line. 😉

God Created The Animals!

These colored pages are 15 cm x 15 cm. For the best quality coloring pages, we suggest you click Download below the image to download and print them!

Heaven is telling the glory of God! Everything God has done shows who He is! Heaven reminds us every day of God. You are good and honest, creative and there is no limit to what you can create!

Remember that the Creator of the universe sees you and loves you! He created you with fear and wonder, he created you with a purpose!

If you have any suggestions for what kind of coloring pages you’d like to see from us in the coming weeks, please leave a comment and let us know!

Book Of Genesis

If you would like to see some of the coloring pages we have published before, please click the link below:

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Genesis 1:1 Coloring Page

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Genesis 1:1 Coloring Page

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Genesis 1:1 Coloring Page

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This Genesis coloring page can be used to teach children the first book of the Bible. It begins our series on each book of the Bible.

Scripture Coloring Sheets

In one of the illustrations, Mandy shows important themes from the Bible account. You will see Noah’s ark, the forbidden fruit, and the elements of nature come together. There are many things that make children talk when they paint this page.

We print these original color pages for each book of the Bible. Use it freely in your ministry. For online use, please link back to our website so others can find more.

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Genesis 1:1 Coloring Page

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Genesis 1:1 Bible Verse Printable Coloring Page For Kids

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