Hangover Full Movie With English Subtitles

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Hangover Full Movie With English Subtitles
Hangover Full Movie With English Subtitles

Hangover Full Movie With English Subtitles – Continuing an independent comedy that was filmed completely without ambition, offering something new without betraying the spirit of the original is certainly a balancing act that is not easy to master. This is especially true given that most sequels made in these conditions are generally disappointing, if not commercially then at least qualitatively. Despite this difficult initial situation, financial success (in the case of “Hangover” almost 400 million dollars at the box office) and a short-term increase in its own market value in Hollywood will push many producers, directors and screenwriters to create the same film. the best second half after a first first and at best they come with a third round phenomenon. Faster, higher, further, but nothing new or risky is often the motto in these cases. Unfortunately, “Hangover 2” Todd Philips also has to support this accusation.

The highly enjoyable anarcho-comedy “Hangover” of the year 2009 not only celebrated the world box office record, but also the critical success, surprising with an ideal cast (main characters), an innovative basic idea, perfect timing and a funny soundtrack like “American Pie”. Therefore, the fastest possible production of a second part was essential.

Hangover Full Movie With English Subtitles

Hangover Full Movie With English Subtitles

Phil (Bradley Cooper from “Oh No Limit”), Stu (Ed Helms from “The Office”), Alan (Zach Galifianakis from “Deadline”) and Doug (Justin Bartha from “Treasury”), our four heroes in the first the party , there is every reason to celebrate again. Stu is about to marry the beautiful Lauren (Jamie Chung of Sucker Punch) – and not anywhere but Thailand. Needless to say, our team cannot miss this opportunity to celebrate. After initial hesitation and imprisonment in one beer, the situation derails once again and the wolf pack faces some serious problems the next morning. At the end of the day, Phil, Stu and Alan wake up in a familiar hotel in Bangkok. Stu has a tattoo on his face, Alan has no more hair on his head and Phil is in possession of Lauren’s younger brother Teddy (Mason Lee). This, in turn, can no longer be found after the wild night of party, which forces the three chaotic people to embark on an odyssey in Bangkok. They pass mute but drunken monks, restless monkeys, women and a great trail of devastation, summarizing the previous night bit by bit. A rogue who doesn’t think of the premiere when he sums this up.

Hangover: Amazon.de: Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Heather Graham, Justin Bartha, Jeffrey Tambor, Christophe Beck, Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Bill Brzeski, Louise Mingenbach, Jon Lucas, Thomas Tull, Todd Phillips, Debra Neil Fisher,

The cast of “Ressaca” was preserved in the end, as well as the direction, production and soundtrack. Expanded only by Jamie Chung and Mason Lee – in minor supporting roles – Todd Philips mainly relies on his already familiar trio, which stumbles from one mess to the next in playful and destructive ways. Thanks to a staging that depends on exaggeration, disgust and excessive brutality, the different friends do not seem friendly and down-to-earth as they do in part 1. On the contrary. Adventures seem far-fetched, exaggerated and unrealistic, which also causes the public’s identification with them to decrease. For example, in the first part it is still the wedding with a hot stripper that stumbled upon after his blackout, in part two he has to have sex with a transvestite.

The core of the film itself is exactly the same as its predecessors. Rude awakening, phone call, confession, flashback, fake exchange, regression to the beginning of the film, realization and then a typical Hollywood happy ending. There is nothing new in Thailand and Bangkok. To call “Hangover 2” a rip-off would be an understatement – the words noticed and plagiarism are in the air during its 102 minutes runtime. This, in turn, costs “Hangover 2” (along with the unrealistic exaggeration of the night of drinking) a number of sympathy points. The film has lost its innocence.

The effect of surprise in “Hangover” is missing at the end, as is convincing identification with the characters, as the trip to Bangkok defies realistic description even more than through Las Vegas. The team behind it relies 100% on the proven formula of Hollywood comedy to maximize profit: faster, harder, more over the top and more unrealistic than its predecessor, but not one iota more innovative.

“Hangover 2” is “Hangover”, only kinkier, more brutal, more unrealistic and clearly less lovable. The security of the successful night is therefore a movie of dull entertainment for the masses, which is only kept in balance by its lead actors at least partially enjoyable and a few acceptable jokes. Any deviation from the original and any innovation is avoided and everything that is well known is simply spiced up and redistributed. Hollywood fast food brand.

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