Hangover Movie With English Subtitles

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Hangover Movie With English Subtitles
Hangover Movie With English Subtitles

Hangover Movie With English Subtitles – Continuing a self-contained comedy made without any ambitions for a sequel, while offering something new without betraying the spirit of the original, is certainly not an easy balancing act to master. This is especially true considering the fact that most of the sequels made in this scenario are disappointing on all fronts, if not commercially, then at least qualitatively. Despite this difficult initial situation, financial success (“The Hangover” grossed nearly $400 million at the box office) and a short-term increase in its own market value in Hollywood prompted many producers, directors, and screenwriters to create a tie-in. A great second part after a great debut, to come up with a great third joke. Faster, higher, more, but nothing new or risky, is often the motto in these cases. Unfortunately, Todd Phillips’ “The Hangover 2” also had to accept this charge.

2009’s much-loved anarcho-comedy The Hangover not only set world records at the box office, but was also a stunning critical success thanks to a great cast (and lead) cast, an innovative core concept, great timing and a stylish score. of “American Pie.” .Therefore, it was important to produce the second part as quickly as possible.

Hangover Movie With English Subtitles

Hangover Movie With English Subtitles

Phil (Oh No Limit’s Bradley Cooper), Stu (The Office’s Ed Helms), Alan (Deadline’s Zach Galifianakis), and Doug (Treasury’s Justin Barta), our four heroes from the first installment, have every reason to celebrate again. Stu is going to marry the beautiful Lauren (Sucker Punch’s Jamie Chung) – and not just anywhere, but in Thailand. Of course, our team couldn’t miss such an opportunity to celebrate. After initial hesitation and settling for a beer, things go off the rails again, and the next morning the wolf pack faces some serious problems. At the end of the day, Phil, Stu and Alan wake up in an unfamiliar hotel in Bangkok. Stu’s face is tattooed, Alan has no hair left on his head, and Phil is the amputated finger of Lauren’s little brother, Teddy (Mason Lee). It’s no longer to be found after a wild party that sets three chaotic men on an odyssey across Bangkok. Passing dumb but drunken monks, monkeys, men and women, and a considerable path of destruction, they repeated the evening of the preceding day little by little. A bastard who doesn’t think of a debut while reading this synopsis.

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The cast of “The Hangover” has been retained in the sequel, as have the direction, production and score. Augmented only by Jamie Chung and Mason Lee – in minor supporting roles – Todd Phillips relies mostly on his already well-known trio, playfully and destructively running from one mash to the next. Thanks to a production that relies on exaggeration, hate, and over-the-top brutality, the disparate friends don’t come across as sympathetic as they did in the first installment. Rather the opposite is true. Her adventures seem detached, exaggerated, and unrealistic, reducing the audience’s identification with them. For example, in the first part there was a wedding with a still hot stripper, which Stu encountered after a blackout, and in the second part there was sex with a transvestite.

The essence of the film is similar to its predecessor. A rude awakening, a phone call, a confession, a flashback, a false exchange, a flashback to the beginning of the movie, a realization, and then a typical Hollywood happy ending. There is nothing new in Thailand and Bangkok. To call a copy of the debut “The Hangover 2” is an understatement — the words remake and copycat are in the air for 102 minutes. This costs The Hangover 2 (along with the unrealistic exaggeration of the drunken night) a lot of sympathy points. The film has lost its innocence.

The sequel lacks the surprise effect and convincing identification of characters of “The Hangover”, as a trip through Bangkok is described more realistically than a trip through Vegas. The team behind it is 100 percent committed to the profit-maximizing formula of Hollywood comedies: faster, tougher, more exaggerated and more unrealistic than their predecessors, but not a fifth innovative.

The Hangover 2 is The Hangover, only more twisted, more violent, more surreal, and just plain unlikable. So the sequel to a successful party is a boring mass entertainment movie, which is kept in balance by a slightly sympathetic lead role and some jokes. Any deviations from the original and any innovations are avoided, and everything that is well known is redistributed with the addition of spices. Hollywood brand fast food.

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