Hansel And Gretel Bedtime Story

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Hansel And Gretel Bedtime Story
Hansel And Gretel Bedtime Story

Hansel And Gretel Bedtime Story – Once upon a time, a brother and sister named Hansel and Gretel lived in a cabin in the forest with their father. Their father is a woodcutter. His wife, their mother, died when the two children were young. Their father thought that they would never be alone again when they remarried. But the new stepmother is hard on Hansel and Gretel. The children are not allowed to eat until the mother-in-law has taken all they want from the plate. Usually, there is one loaf of bread left. And every day the work is hard for them to do.

Hansel and Gretel tried to tell their father about this story but he didn’t listen. It seems that the only one he will listen to is his wife. And all the parents talk about the great difficulty of having children in the tent, and that they want them to go forever.

Hansel And Gretel Bedtime Story

Hansel And Gretel Bedtime Story

Every day the food for boys and girls becomes less. However, the mother gave them a lot of energy to work. One day Gretel begged her father, “Please, Father! Every day we work hard and we are hungry!” But the old lady slapped him in the face. “You ungrateful old men!” he shouted saying. “You will eat us out of house and house!”

Hansel And Gretel Story

That night the two children were not allowed to sleep in the tent. Except in the cold season, they shiver and try to keep warm. Winter is coming, and the clothes they wear are thin, as if they don’t have any clothes.

The next morning when the sun rose, Gretel turned to her brother. “Hansel,” he said, “we can’t stay here. We must run now, today, into the forest! Surely we will find more food if we are alone.”

“We don’t want to!” Gretel said. “I will eat.” We will lose the breadcrumbs behind us. If we want, we can follow the pieces home. “

They entered the forest. Gretel carefully dropped a crumb and after a while, another.

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But alas! They looked and looked for any sign of something to eat – an apple tree, a nut tree, some fruit on the ground, or even a dried fruit. There is nothing to eat! They were starving. Finally, poor Hansel and Gretel knew they had to go back to their house or they would starve. They just want to find the breadcrumbs and that will lead them home. However, when they looked for the bread crumbs, nothing was found – all the bread crumbs were gone!

The bird flew into the air and there was a large piece of wood in its mouth. Hansel and Gretel are in trouble – the birds have to eat their breadcrumbs! A fox cried in the distance. The sun has set. Hansel and Gretel are lost and hungry. Now they are also afraid.

“Gretel,” Hansel whispered nervously, “What shall we do?” He didn’t know what to say. All he could do was hug his brother. Every minute it was getting darker. Again, the fox cried in the distance.

Hansel And Gretel Bedtime Story

Suddenly, Gretel saw a small light shining in the distance. Is someone’s tent in the middle of the forest? “We need to know!” cried Gretel. “Maybe whoever is there is good and will take us there.”

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When they got closer, they couldn’t believe what they saw! If you can imagine – from top to bottom the tent is made of all kinds of sweets! From its gingerbread roof, with snow all over the walls, and candies embedded in the snow, what a sight!

“Gretel!” Hansel cried. Before Gretel said: “I guess that will happen if we just taste a little,” they were all already taking small bites and licking the sweet candy.

Surprised, Gretel could only laugh. “If you do, mother,” he said as if he could. “There are many sweets at your house. And we are very hungry!”

“You’re right, my house!” grabbed the beast. I will give you something to eat.

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A good meal of soup and bread. When they licked the last piece of bread and looked around the tent, what the brother and sister saw made them feel cold. Bones and bones in the corners! However, the two children were very tired, so they fell asleep.

When they woke up the next morning, Hansel found himself locked in a cage. He said to the king, That is where your brother will live; Every day I will bury him. He will soon make me a nice dinner!” He laughed and rubbed his hands with joy. “Until then,” he said to Gretel, “you will serve me.”

Every morning the magician said to the boy, “Give me your finger.” I will hear how thick you get. ” Because the witch doesn’t agree. Hansel held his finger as he spoke. The witch laughed thinking about its size.

Hansel And Gretel Bedtime Story

“Gretel,” Hansel whispered nervously. “What can we do? Soon I will be full and the beast will want to eat me!” His sister wanted him to come up with a plan, but he didn’t think of anything.

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One night when the witch was sleeping, Gretel came up with a plan. He picked up a bone from one of the piles on the ground and picked up his brother. “Hansel,” he said, “next time the witch asks to see your finger, hold on to this bone.”

The next day he did exactly that. “Hmph!” The sorcerer said this while holding the bone, thinking it was the boy’s finger. “This is going to take longer than I thought!”

“I have some time,” Gretel thought. But still, he couldn’t think of a way they could get out of there.

Every morning when the spirit said, “Show me your finger,” Hansel held up a thin bone. One day the ghost said, “I won’t wait another day!” The boy will be my dinner tonight, no matter how hard he is!” The witch asked Gretel to start a fire in the oven immediately. It must be very hot. Gretel worked as slowly as she could. Why did the woman look at him and smile?

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“Be dear,” the magician said slowly. “You went into the oven, didn’t you? Tell me when it’s hot enough. “

Gretel’s heart raced. If he does, the monster can push him in and he will eat it all!

“Stupid girl!” grabbed the beast. Grumbling and grumbling, he climbed into the oven. At that moment the ghost in Gretel knocked on the door.

Hansel And Gretel Bedtime Story

The sister tried to think quickly. “Where is the key to your cage?” He looked and looked. Finally he found it at the bottom of the vase. He immediately let his younger brother out of the closet. He then returned to the vase. What was he thinking under the key? Indeed, the vase has many jewels inside!

Hansel And Gretel Story Story For Kids

In the afternoon they found a small road and followed it. It led to a wide street and that street led to a street. They stand on the road hoping to ride. As the horseman trotted off, Hansel and Gretel waved. When the horseman stops, the children throw a small stone and the horseman happily rides them home.

When the brother and sister opened the door of their house, their father was very happy to see them. He had been worried about looking for them day and night since they had disappeared. They know that their parents died soon after they left. For many years, Hansel and Gretel lived with their father in a happy house. My father is a woodcutter. One time when there was not enough food, said his wife.

“What will happen to us? We eat less. I am afraid that the children will die of hunger.”

Now the old woman has become a monster, she doesn’t want children and wants to get rid of them. The children have gone to sleep, he said to their father.

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“Tomorrow morning we’ll take Hansel and Gretel into the woods and leave them. They’ll never find their way home again, and we won’t have to worry about them.”

In the next room, the children are still sleeping. They heard what their parents were planning.

Later that night when the house was dark, Hansel put on his shirt and went out the back door. In

Hansel And Gretel Bedtime Story

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