Hansel And Gretel Short Bedtime Story

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Hansel And Gretel Short Bedtime Story
Hansel And Gretel Short Bedtime Story

Hansel And Gretel Short Bedtime Story – Once upon a time, a poor woodcutter lived near a deep forest with his wife and two children. They are so poor that the father does not even have enough to eat every day.

Their mother died of illness. Mom…. Mom… After Mom died, Dad took care of all the household chores. The father alone has to take care of the children. As a result, he could not earn money. And my child….

Hansel And Gretel Short Bedtime Story

Hansel And Gretel Short Bedtime Story

I have told you many times that you should marry for your children. Only a woman can properly take care of children, otherwise you will all starve to death soon. I think she’s right. I should get married now. Finally he got married.

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Married, he and his children are very happy. I don’t have to take care of the kids anymore. I can go to work now. He began to return to work. Hmmm, the food is ready. Hansel and Gretel hurried to the dining table and began to eat. Can I have a little more stepmom please? THERE IS NO..

I can’t give you more, you greedy girl. You just want to eat and eat all the time. Instead of feeding the hungry children, she ate a bowl full of porridge. Take this Gretel. But Hansel, what will you eat? I don’t want this. I’m not hungry today, Gretel. Have it please..

Hansel gave all the food to Gretel. Thanks Bro. Hansel was upset by his stepmother’s riding behavior. He misses his mother very much. He often begins to look up at the sky, looking for his mother among the stars.

Hansel… Father always goes to the forest. He worked very hard, but he could not sell the wood because the wood dealers had not come to the village a few weeks ago because of the heavy rain. One day her stepmother had a fight with her husband. Your child wants to eat and eat all the time. You haven’t earned a penny in the last few weeks.

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How will I buy food and what will I cook for them? Your daughter is too greedy. If I don’t give him enough food, he will eat me. What can I do my dear? I can’t sell on these rainy days. Why don’t you go to town and sell it? Yes. That seems like a good idea.

I will, and I will bring many things for you and the children from the city. The next morning, father left town to sell wood. After the father leaves, the mother decides on a cruel plan to get rid of the children forever. If that happens, the plan will work, I won’t have to share food with those fat kids… and I won’t have to do a lot of housework.

I will live happily with my husband and give birth to my child. Oh Hansel…… Oh Gretel…. I go to the forest to pick berries and mushrooms. come help me Hansel is a sharp and intelligent child whom he suspects because of her sweet tone.

Hansel And Gretel Short Bedtime Story

No mom, I won’t come..I’ll bring you fresh berries to eat. Any. You must be hungry, Hansel. and my child Gretel. You must be hungry. Don’t want to eat fresh berries? Come on guys, please, please.

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I want to see the forest and taste fresh berries. Okay, Gretel. let’s go Come on, grab your bags, hurry up little monsters. ha ha ha Hansel had heard that his birth mother told him to mark the way to the forest so that he would not lose his way home when he returned.

Hansel took some pebbles into the basket Because pebbles often shine at night. As they walked together they went into the forest, Hansel dropped pebbles on the way into the forest. Soon they reached a deep forest. Hansel… I’m tired now.

How long will we have to walk? I want to rest for a while. Okay, Gretel. Wow… mom. Can’t we stop here for a moment? We are both tired. Hmm… This is a good opportunity. Okay kids. You will rest under this tree for a while. I will find some berries nearby.

But mom, how can we find you? OH…. Don’t worry, Hansel. I’ll be back soon. Take care of Gretel. I will be back. The stepmother had left, leaving behind two children. Gretel feels sleepy.

Hansel And Gretel Story

The stepmother finally revealed her true intentions. She left the house and decided to leave the children in the forest. Meanwhile, Gretel wakes up and sets out to find her stepmother. Hansel, where’s mom? I want to go home. I’m hungry.

And mom. Where is the stepmother? Don’t worry, Gretel. We will wait here. she will be back soon. A monkey climbs down from a tree with fruit in hand. The monkey gives them fruit. Wow… How cute you are monkey!!! They all eat fruit together.

The stepmother was halfway there when she saw a row of gravel. OH! This clever Hansel left some pebbles. How clever. I’ll erase the tracks. She places pebbles on the other path to distract them. Ha ha ha ha ha… Now you will learn a life lesson. Smart kids. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Hansel And Gretel Short Bedtime Story

The children waited for a long time, but the mother did not return. The sun had set, it was already dark. Who are you Hansel? How do we go home? We got lost in the forest. Hansel was also very frightened, but soon remembered that he had left some pebbles on the way. Useless gravel….

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They got up and started looking for pebbles. They searched here and there but did not find it. At that moment the monkey came down from the tree, took Hansel’s hand and showed him the pebbles. The pebbles glistened in the bright moonlight. Don’t cry Gretel, trust me, I’ll take you home.

Even if mom doesn’t come back… let’s go. They go and go and quickly get lost. The pebbles are gone. There were no more pebbles, and a dark and dense forest ahead. Where are the pads? I’m afraid bro. Don’t be afraid. I’m here to take care of you.

They walk and walk again. By now they were very tired and hungry. The sun finally rises. They saw a white bird singing in a tree. There they waited to hear the bird singing. After a while the bird flew away.

Hansel and Gretel followed him. The bird is perched on the roof of the chocolate house. Look, Hansel! Chocolate House! Well… look. This is made up of cookies. The door is made of jelly. The roof is made of cake and the windows are made of sugar. Let’s eat it!

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They removed a large piece from the wall and began to eat. Hansel and Gretel gnawed like hungry rats. Hmm… That’s very good. I’m hungry. Hansel. The whole family will eat this. While they were eating, they heard someone open the door. An old woman came out who looked sick. The children dropped what they were holding.

Who you are? And what are you doing here? Why are you eating my house? Sorry we were hungry and got lost in the woods! Oh… the poor children. You both look hungry and tired. Enter. Grandma will give you food. She will take care of you. She took their hands and led them inside.

Grandma brought a table full of food using her magic wand. Wow…. Food. Both children ate their fill. You must be very tired, why don’t you take a nap? A soft cozy bed appeared.

Hansel And Gretel Short Bedtime Story

Thanks, but it’s too late now. We need to go home. Our mother must be looking for us. Yes grandma. We have to go now. Goodbye and thanks for your help. Hansel and Gretel were just about to open the door when Grandma put a spell on the door and it was locked.

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Grandma turns into a scary looking witch. The witch cast another spell and locked Hansel in a cage. leave me alone…. leave me alone Hansel… Hansel… Cheer up, boy, get fat, I’ll make it for you soon. Lazy bones, come here to do some housework.

The witch had poor eyesight, so she made Gretel her servant. The witch began to feed him as much as she could to make him fat. Meanwhile, the mother returns home and is shocked to see the man return. Where Have You Been?

Where are the children I…… Tell me what happened. where are my children The stepmother is now ashamed of her actions and tells him about her cruelty. I can’t believe it. How can you do that? You don’t deserve to be a mother. I feel sorry for the children, but it’s not too late.

Go to the forest and look for them. Ok… Let’s go together. Ohh, Hansel… Ohhh Gretel… They both went to the forest to look for the children. Every day the Witch came to the stable to check on Hansel. Show me your finger, Hansel, let me feel it and see how thick you are.

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Hansel is very smart. Knowing that the witch had bad eyesight, she often showed chicken bones instead of her fingers. Hansel, why don’t you get fat, you idiot. Now I will feed you more and more. I will eat this boy.

I can’t wait, I’m starving. Gretel heard her speak

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