How Draw Eyes Step By Step

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How Draw Eyes Step By Step
How Draw Eyes Step By Step

How Draw Eyes Step By Step – Decide what tools you want to use. In this tutorial I used B, 3B and 8B pencils for drawing. I recommend using more than one note to get better depths for a more realistic look. I used them to draw on drawing paper (I recommend buying specific drawing paper, it doesn’t have to be expensive). I’ve also used a pencil sharpener, tissues (for blending) and an eraser (in bulk). more

Start by sketching the contour of the eye. If you’re having trouble getting the right shapes, try using a reference or maybe just look at your eye. Make the sketch very light, so that if you make a mistake you can erase it. Be sure to keep your pencils sharp throughout the drawing. This will give better results. more

How Draw Eyes Step By Step

How Draw Eyes Step By Step

Start by drawing the pupil dark. Then start to fade the iris very lightly. I used the B pencil for this. If you are done with the first layer of graphite, add more layers in the dark areas. No more pressure is needed. More layers will automatically darken it. The iris always has a darker outer line and in my drawing I made the top half darker to give it more depth. more

Drawing A Realistic Eyes Step By Step

Blend the ice until smooth. There are many blending tools, but I personally like to use wipes because it gives a nice smooth result. Once the blending is done, add more layers with a darker pencil (3B in my case) and blend again. Keep repeating this step until you are satisfied with the result. more

To finish the iris and make it more precise, add small dashes to the iris. These drafts are like waves. Draw this without much pressure. Some are long waves and some are short. Repeat this until the entire iris is filled.

Now add some shades of white eye color. The whites of the eyes are not completely white. Remember it’s a ball, not a flat surface, which means there must be some nuance.

Here we will draw the tear duct. Add depth with dark areas and some highlights for a wet look.

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Add shadows to the rest of the eye. Make sure you don’t forget the waterline. Also draw the areas that cover the darker eyelid. If you want, you can add some highlights with an eraser to give the skin some texture.

Now add the eyelashes. The upper lashes are curved and go up. Start at the top line of the eye shape, draw a curve in white (don’t go too far) and extend the line until it is above the eyelid. The lower lash line is also rounded. The lower lash line starts below the waterline. Try using a similar technique to the lashes above, but of course much shorter. Give each lash (from the top and bottom line) a slightly different direction for a more natural look. more

The last part is the contact finish! What I want to do is draw the reflection on the lashes. Add some highlights where you think they are needed and darken some areas until you are satisfied. Now you are done! 😀

How Draw Eyes Step By Step

Description: These are the steps I draw the human eye. I hope you like it and don’t forget to like, comment and favorite!

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We have temporarily blocked you from leaving so that you can verify that the above site is not affiliated with you in any way. Please proceed at your own risk. Do not enter any passwords or personal information from a suspected site or its affiliates. As you can see, if you follow this easy eye drawing tutorial, you will be able to draw eyes! If you want, print the guide

Step 1: Draw a circle for the eyeball (this is the only instruction needed and will be used later to draw the iris)

Let’s start drawing You can make this drawing your own by changing the shape of the upper and lower eyelids or the position of the iris and pupil. (You can now switch to pen or colored pencils)

Now, you have finished drawing a beautiful human eye. You can color the rest and add shadows around the eye or add short lines/hairs for the eyebrows. This tutorial serves as a basic example.

How To Draw Eyes: The Ultimate Guide

The more you practice, the more you will be able to individualize your drawing. You can change the dimensions and contour of the eye, make the eye look up, down or sideways by changing the position of the iris and pupil, use shorter lashes or stronger lines to make a male eye or make a round eye. larger iris and pupil for the children’s eye. Add longer lashes for feminine eyes. Exaggerate eye shape for anime face. Practice light eyeshadow to add dimension. Place or add any details you want. Make your sketch! Today I will show you how to draw a realistic eye using pencil, charcoal or even a digital pen. The following realistic eye tutorial is broken down into over a dozen steps, so I hope you’ll take a look at my visually illustrated steps and emulate them on your paper. Good luck and have fun!

(Step 4) Draw very lightly to emphasize the rectangular shape. Also, carefully clean the top and bottom of the eye circle where the skin is cut.

(Step 6) Start drawing the eyelashes… they don’t all go in perfect directions, sometimes they overlap and go in an unexpected direction.

How Draw Eyes Step By Step

(Step 9) Continue to draw the eyelashes on the right side, and then slightly thicken the eyelashes on the top row. Also, apply a gray shade to the eyeball (if using a pencil, use the side of the pencil to add a black shade).

How To Draw Eyes

(Step 11) Add darker shadows to the upper lid. Also, add a light gray shade with a triangular shape to the inner eye. Add a little shadow under the top lid.

(Step 12) Use the eraser to erase part of the eyeball – in the outer creases and lines around the pupil. Also, add some emphasis to the inner triangle shape.

(Step 14) Add a small shadow above the lower eyelid and to the right of the inner eye as a triangle. Also, add a slightly darker area around the pupil so it doesn’t need to be as sharp.

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Top 5 Tips For Learning How To Draw The Perfect Eye

Every little detail, every little difference is what makes each of our eyes unique to our physical identity.

However, I hope you can take some basic tips from this tutorial to learn the basics of eye sketching and transfer it to any type of eye you want to draw in the future.

I also wanted to point out that I was not professionally trained to draw and I did not go to art school to learn to draw. My anatomy is definitely not perfect, so I hope you can keep that in mind.

How Draw Eyes Step By Step

Step 1: Draw the top cover. The shape will vary depending on the individual eye, but for this example a regular curve can be made.

How To Draw Realistic Eyes, Sketch Eyes, Step By Step, Drawing Guide, By Catlucker

The size of the iris depends on the expression of the face, but for a neutral look, the upper and lower lids should cover part of the circle of the iris.

I also drew where I determined the light would reach the iris. I will keep this area white by erasing it every time I turn it off in this area.

I like to create lines that go from the pupil to the outer edge of the iris. Make sure you don’t shade the area where the light hits the eye.

Step 8: Shade the area around the tear duct to create a circular eyeball look.

Worksheet: How To Draw An Eye In Pencil

Step 9: Draw the eyelashes by moving the pencil upwards in a curve. Make each lash slightly different, as some lashes are shorter than others.

Step 11: Draw the waterline. This is the skin line between the eyelashes and the lower lower eye.

Very rarely can someone draw their first line perfectly on a play. Make faint, short lines over and over to mark the desired shape.

How Draw Eyes Step By Step

When you draw the line you want to keep, darken it a bit and erase the error lines.

Best Eyes Drawing To Learn How To Draw Eyes

In fact, it’s a good sign to me that your mind is able to perceive your art objectively: to see your flaws and know in your head what kind of art you want to achieve.

However, don’t be hard on yourself. With practice, your art will get better and better, so enjoy where you are now

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