How Many Pages Is The Hobbit Book

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How Many Pages Is The Hobbit Book
How Many Pages Is The Hobbit Book

How Many Pages Is The Hobbit Book – The Hobbit J.R.R. Tolkien 1951 Second Edition (Revised), 5th Printing Houghton Mifflin Company Boston ISBN: N/A Dust jacket Hardcover 316 pages* Illustrations by J.R.R. Tolkien Hammond Page Reference: p 24 The Tolkien Collector Reference: Issue Number. 30, pages 16-32 (Frisby)

From the 5th to the 14th printing, Houghton Mifflin imported paper from Allen & Unwin (all printings include Tolkien’s color frontispiece, The Hill: Hobbiton-across-the Water). The above dates therefore correspond to the 1951 print history of Allen & Unwin’s second edition.

How Many Pages Is The Hobbit Book

How Many Pages Is The Hobbit Book

5a.Title page and jacket spine** reads “Houghton Mifflin Company”, copyright page has no print history, and last page has no copyright page. Published in 1951.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

5b.Title page and dust spine** read “George Allen & Unwin”, printed history on copyright page and copyright page on last page present. Published in 1953.

The number of prints in the second edition can be determined by examining several features. Useful indicators include the statement *** number printed on the dust jacket (visible in all editions except variant 5a) and the color of the book. The following chart may help identify second printings (books must meet all the identification criteria given for that particular printing):

Binding is the same as the UK edition (but with “Houghton Mifflin” at the bottom of the spine). The copyright page shows the printing history.

Turquoise fabric. The right page states the printer: “Unwin Brothers Ltd., Woking & London”. The title page indicates the publisher/printer in two lines (as opposed to three lines in all subsequent printings).

The Hobbit — F.e. Castleberry

Khaki or rust-brown fabric. Page 49 is signed “C”. Page 20, line 6: ‘e’ in ‘a’ is not cut.

Rust brown fabric. Page 49 is signed “C”. Page 20, line 6: “e” in “a” crossed out. Page 223, line 26: first letter “p” in “peep”, tail not cut.

Cyan fabric. Page 49 is signed “C”. Page 20, line 6: “e” in “a” crossed out. Page 223, line 26: “p” in “peep”, cut off.

How Many Pages Is The Hobbit Book

Light green fabric. Directories are signed with “A*”. Copyright page missing print history. “The Adventures of Tom Bombardier” was not published on the back of the half-title page. Page 181, line 3, last word “and”: “d” complete.

Identifying & Collecting Tolkien First Editions

Blue cloth slate. Directories are signed with “A*”. Copyright page missing print history. “The Adventures of Tom Bombardier” is not published on the back of the half-title page. Page 181, line 3, last word “and”: “d” is broken.

The identification features listed above are only useful for quick confirmation printing. It is important to note that binding color and type of damage cannot be considered conclusive evidence for several reasons. Savvy collectors will want to verify it with a more thorough inspection. For more details, see Early American Editions of The Hobbit by Daan Strebe and Identifying First and Second Prints of the Houghton Mifflin Hobbit by Steven M. Frisby (printed in

Rune on side of dust jacket reads: “The Hobbit or There Comes Back Again, by Bilbo Baggins Published under J.R.R. TOLKIEN and GEORGE ALLEN AND UNWIN LTD. 19th printing, wrong publisher’s name corrected To “HOUGHTON MIFFLIN AND CO”.

**Allen & Unwin 5th printed dust jacket for Variant 5b. All copies seen were limited in price. (A copy of Variation 5b has been seen in a Variation 5a style dust jacket. Probably some remnants of the 5a jacket were used for a copy of 5b.)

Really Good Reads: The Hobbit: An Illustrated Edition Of The Fantasy Classic

***The statement printed on the jacket is helpful but ultimately unreliable, and not just because the owner can alter the jacket. Publishers have been known to use leftover jackets in new prints, or to use new jackets to replace excess from previous printings. The Hobbit, or Coming and Going, is a book by J. R. R. Tolkien. It was first published on September 21, 1937. Tolkien wrote it as a bedtime story for his children in the 1930s. The story takes place before Lord of the Rings.

The plot tells the story of the Hobbit (a small race invented by Tolkien) Bilbo Baggins and a group of dwarves and the wizard Gandalf on an adventurous quest to fight against the dragon Smaug who stole treasures and houses. dwarf

Although Tolkien drew on Middle-earth’s own history (such as the name and setting), The Hobbit was not originally intended to be a part of it. It wasn’t until later, when Tolkien wrote The Lord of the Rings, that he incorporated the stories of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings into his Middle-earth world.

How Many Pages Is The Hobbit Book

Bilbo Baggins, a hobbit who leads a peaceful life in the Shire, embarks on an unexpected adventure in the book. He was visited by the wizard Gandalf the Gray and invited him to travel as a thief with 13 dwarves.

The Hobbit Illustrated Edition Book By J R R Tolkien Arrives September 2023

Thorin Oakenshield is the leader of the Dwarves, the true King of the Mountain in the ancient dwarven kingdom of the Lonely Mountain. The dwarves are on an adventure to reclaim their ancient kingdom from the dragon Smaug, who conquered the Lonely Mountain and set the dwarves on the run many years ago. The other dwarves are Thorin’s young nephews, Fíli and Kíli, Thorin’s cousins, Balin and Dwalin, Óin and Glóin, Dori, Nori, Ori, and the dwarves Bifur, Bofur and Bombur.

During their travels, they met many people and creatures: Elrond, the wise elf of Rivendell; goblin; Gollum, a creature with a magic ring; Great Eagle; Master of form that became a bear; Elven King of Mirkwood; the bard Bowman, and more.

Obi Bilbo Baggins lived a peaceful and peaceful life. One day, the wizard Gandalf came with him to find thirteen dwarves: Thorin Oakenshield, Fili and Kili, Balin, Duvalin, Oin, Gloin, Dori, Nori, Aur Ray, Beaver, Bofur and Bumble. The dwarves told their story: Long ago, they lived on the Lonely Mountain. Thorin’s father was their king, the mountain king. But one day, the dragon Smaug came to the Lonely Mountain and killed all the dwarves he found. The dragon took the treasure and now lives in the Lonely Mountain. But some dwarfs can escape. Now the dwarves will return to the Lonely Mountain to reclaim their home and treasure from the dragon. Gandalf wants Bilbo to go with them and become a master thief. At first Bilbo didn’t want to, but then he went with them.

Gandalf, the dwarf, and Bilbo went east to the Lonely Mountain. After Gandalf saves the group from three trolls, they find the troll cave. Among the trolls’ belongings are some gold and a sword. Gandalf, Thorin, and Bilbo each received a sword. The group continues to the elven city of Rivendell. His master, Elrond, gave them useful information.

The Hobbit: The Tolkien Edit

As the group traveled east through the Misty Mountains, they were attacked by elves (half orcs). The goblins took the dwarves and Bilbo to their cave. Gandalf saved them, and the party fled. During their flight, Bilbo gets lost and tries to find his way out on his own. In the tunnel, Bilbo found a ring and put it in his pocket. In an underground lake, Bilbo meets the creature Gollum. Gollum and Bilbo are playing a guessing game. If Bilbo won the game, Gollum would show him the way out; if Gollum had won, he would have eaten Bilbo. When Bilbo didn’t know to ask Gollum another riddle, he found the ring in his pocket and asked himself, “What’s in my pocket?” Gollum thought it was a riddle, but he couldn’t answer it, so Bilbo won the game. Gollum was very angry and did not want to help Bilbo. Gollum then leaves to find what he has: a magic ring that makes the wearer invisible. Gollum can’t find his ring, he realizes that Bilbo has it. Gollum came back, but Bilbo got scared and ran away. As he ran, the ring slipped through Bilbo’s finger and became invisible. Gollum ran past Bilbo and out of the cave. Bilbo realizes that the ring makes him invisible. With the help of the ring, he can follow Gollum out of the cave. Outside, Bilbo meets Gandalf and the Dwarves again.

The group is attacked by goblins and wargs, but saved by a giant eagle. The group arrives at the home of a large man named Bion who can turn into a bear. After staying at Beorn’s house, they continued to Mirkwood Forest. At the border of Mirkwood, Gandalf left the party. Bilbo and the dwarves go to Mirkwood without him. The dwarves are attacked and captured by giant spiders. With the help of his ring and sword, Bilbo saves them. Bilbo named his sword Sting. The wood elves captured the dwarves. Bilbo uses the ring again to save the dwarves. He freed them, put them in barrels, and sent them down the river from Mirkwood. A group of people came to Changhu Town, a human town near Gushan.

The dwarf and Bilbo went to the Lonely Mountain. They can find the secret door in the mountain and open it. Twice Bilbo enters and meets

How Many Pages Is The Hobbit Book

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