How Much Does A Lamborghini Diablo Cost

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How Much Does A Lamborghini Diablo Cost
How Much Does A Lamborghini Diablo Cost

How Much Does A Lamborghini Diablo Cost – Our car experts select all the products we have. We may earn money from links on this page.

The Diablo is the V-12 Lamborghini for me. It has the performance and distinction of the Countach, but lacks the stratospheric price the industry demands. And unlike a used Aventador or Murcielago, it does not come as a budget Lamborghini, will bend for other people; it’s old school cool here. And now I found a perfect example for sales.

How Much Does A Lamborghini Diablo Cost

How Much Does A Lamborghini Diablo Cost

Of course, my definition of perfect is probably different from the norm. I don’t consider a car that is 19 years old and has 12 miles on the odometer “perfect”. I think it’s “good”. But this one—for sale at Gulf Coast Motorworks—has 48,930 miles, enough that it has lived a full and interesting life in the care of its proud owners.

Auto Lamborghini Diablo Se30 1994 Zu Verkaufen

What is important is that it is not miles defeated. The exterior looks beautiful, while the interior design has aged surprisingly well. There are some obvious spots on the yellow leather driver’s seat, but you’ll be distracted by the excellent maintenance manual.

This variant also retains power from the 6.0-liter V-12, a year engine for this car that is absolutely explosive. Early Diablos are great in their own right, of course, but this is the engine and model year I want. But that doesn’t make it my Diablo mission; There are a lot of 2001s for sale now.

Nope. I like this one because it is painted Giallo Evros (Yellow). Only released for the national production of this color, but my God it is amazing. It’s strange, striking and utterly perfect for a 20-year-old scissor-door Italian supercar named after the devil. The color is the ideal accent for this car’s crazy style; I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Lamborghini Diablo Vt Guide & History

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How to Get a Car Off Craigslist How to Change Your Fluid How and Why to Change the Fluid How to Keep Your Car from Rusting Over the Winter As the Lamborghini Brand Chased Ferrari in the Race to the Top of the Big League -racing cars – however, try telling that to a longtime owner of a Muira or Countach collection. But will the later cars begin to attract the same buyers that the Testarossa did two years ago? Here is our guide to buying a Lamborghini Diablo.

Looking past the stratospheric rise in Countach prices over the last few years, the Lamborghini Diablo is a clear example of “what’s to come” and we’ve seen more and more Diablos go on sale in the last 12 months. We are also seeing that the demand for classic Lamborghini financing is steadily increasing. But is Diablo “the car to buy”?

How Much Does A Lamborghini Diablo Cost

The Lamborghini Diablo was built between 1990 and 2006, of which only 2884 are claimed to have been built, but insiders will tell you that number has been exceeded. All are V12 and all are manual.

Lamborghini Diablo Vt Roadster

Diablo SV (1995-1998) – a “budget” model designed to provide a soft VT slow arm. Save from c. £35,000 at VT. (RWD, 5.7L, 510hp)

Diablo VT roadster (1995-1998) c.200 made – all roadsters were AWD and had a carbon fiber targa top. AWD 5.7 liters (492 hp)

1998 Diablos received an improved 530 horsepower VVT engine, ABS brakes, and 18″ rims (previously 17″), although some early ’98 models wore a combination of two large wheels. In 1999, Diablo got a big boost. Gone are the pop-up headlights, the dashboard was updated and featured a low-profile instrument cluster among other minor improvements.

Diablo SV SE35 (1999) 9 made – not the factory anniversary edition that can be seen by the big bull on the side. (RWD, 5.7L, 529 hp)

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Diablo GT (1999) 83 acts – the king of Diablos. RWD, 575 hp, highly modified “stradale” version limited to Europe. Most are carbon fiber bodies with clear airflow on the roof.

Diablo VT 6.0 (2000-2002) – AWD, 6.0l, 550 hp. The first “Audi” Lamborghini. Updated interior and exterior styling, new 6.0 engine and Audi-like design. 40 run-of-the-mill SE models built

So what’s good about them? Amazing, Lamborghini V12, optional RWD and AWD, coupe and roadster versions, also rare and fun to drive. What don’t you like?

How Much Does A Lamborghini Diablo Cost

Who better to tell than a serial owner who has bought (and sold) more of these cars than most – Carlo McCrindle of Lamborghini Top Gear Specialist Cars near Edinburgh. Carlo is well known in Lamborghini circles as a Lamborghini Owners Club event organizer and a member of LOC for 30 years. Top Gear is one of the UK’s leading Lamborghini specialists and we have been working with them for almost two decades.

Lamborghini Diablo Se 30 (right Hand Drive) For Sale In Ashford, Kent

According to Carlo, the 6.0l is the best built car of the bunch, but the RWD is the most fun and rewarding to drive, making the SV and 6.0l desirable for most buyers. Sun worshipers will be happy to hear that the open roof is comfortable to drive and suffers from little vibration.

Diablos are fun to drive with a bit of understeer. The lighter SV drives the best. Everything changes around the city but definitely more suitable for high days and holidays. Euro hoons will find them great on long trips to visit the factory.

According to Carlo, the Diablo is mechanically bulletproof, although the clutch can be a weak point (although driven correctly, they could use a few miles). Design is good compared to other 90s supercars, although you have to ask if the word “good” is appropriate compared to today’s supercars…

Specifications are constantly changing and it’s easy to get confused, so we always recommend you buy from a professional who knows their stuff.

Used Lamborghini Diablo For Sale (with Photos)

Keep an eye out for broken cars – inspections are a good idea and Carlo recommends Mike Pullen at Carrera Sport (01444 455100 – no website) for Diablo inspections, servicing and repairs if you’re on the south side and has always recommended his own services to the people of the north.

The service history can be sketchy as there was only one Lamborghini employee in the UK for many years (HR Owen London) so don’t expect a full Lamborghini history. They must be provided annually.

Carlo points out that the Diablo community is small and active, so buyers should run to the last owner. This means that most of the cars and their mileage are really good – especially because the cars are always driven sparingly by the owners.

How Much Does A Lamborghini Diablo Cost

The customer base for Diablo has grown tremendously over the past decade. Before it was very small. The market is truly international with British cars finding homes across Europe, Asia and Australia.

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There are no official figures, but it is estimated that around 10% of all Diablos produced are straight steering. RHD cars cost a bit more than their LHD counterparts. By way of example, only 33 RHD 6.0l were produced in total and the number of RHD cars in total is only a few hundred. With so few RHD cars in the UK, it is common for specialist Diablo dealers to sell the same car four or five times.

How is the market price now? Carlo believes that many of their cars are too expensive. In the last two years, cars have gone from £60-100 to £120-170,000. 6.0l or SV is £170.00 It.

Diablo prices start at around £150,000 + options when they first go on sale – around the same price as a Porsche 959. The Diablo was and still is one of the most iconic supercars ever made. Combine that with low production numbers, good looks and road presence, drivability and a reasonable price compared to many times and it’s looking good.

Many thanks to Carlo McCrindle of Top Gear Specialist Cars for his expertise and advice. You can contact him on 01501 763800.

Lamborghini Diablo (1990 2001)

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