How Much Does An Electric Fireplace Cost To Run

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How Much Does An Electric Fireplace Cost To Run
How Much Does An Electric Fireplace Cost To Run

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How much does it cost to install a fireplace? Adding a fireplace can increase the value of your home and provide cozy warmth on winter days. Fireplace installation costs range from $870 to $3,792, with most homeowners paying around $2,314.

How Much Does An Electric Fireplace Cost To Run

How Much Does An Electric Fireplace Cost To Run

When snowflakes are swirling and Old Man Winter is howling at the windows, nothing creates a cozy atmosphere like a fireplace. Historically, fireplaces were the focal point of a home, and for good reason: they warmed the room while leaving other rooms uncomfortably cold. Modern HVAC systems have changed that, but many homeowners still long for the warmth and intimacy that comes from sitting by a fireplace.

Electric Fireplace Cost Analysis

Fireplace installation costs vary widely depending on the type and size of the unit and whether ventilation equipment is already in place. In general, most people can expect to pay around $2,314 for fireplace installation, within a broader range of $870 to $3,792. Do you dream of a fireplace? The right professional can make that dream come true. Receive free, no-obligation project estimates from expert builders near you. Find a Pro+

Reasons to choose one type of fireplace over another include personal taste, style, budget and home layout. While most homeowners will use a national average of around $2,314, there are many variations that will affect the final cost.

Ongoing labor costs in a community are a prominent part of the price a homeowner pays for fireplace installation. Some types of fireplaces cost more to install because more labor is required. For example, the labor cost to install an electric fireplace insert averages $225, while the labor cost to install a wood-burning fireplace is closer to $2,180. The more labor required, the higher the labor costs.

Perhaps the most important cost variable depends on the type of fireplace chosen. When considering how to install a fireplace, keep in mind that installing a wood-burning stove (not just a fireplace insert) costs an average of $3,000 to $4,000 because special ventilation is required, as well as the installation of non-flammable wall coverings to protect nearby walls. On the other hand, simply converting a gas fireplace to a wood-burning stove can cost less than $300, as long as there is adequate ventilation.

Electric Fireplace With Surround, Brushed Steel Electric Fire, Led Flame Inset Fire, Wall Free Standing Fire Surround White, Large

Ventilation is required to use wood stoves, fireplaces or combustible gas fireplaces and must comply with local building codes. Without adequate ventilation, smoke and toxic gases can enter the home and endanger residents. The cost of installing ventilation depends on whether it is existing ventilation and whether it needs to be upgraded.

Homeowners expect to need electrical wiring to run an electric fireplace. However, they may not realize that many gas and wood fireplaces and all pellet stoves also require wiring. Modern fireplaces, stoves and fireplace inserts have fans that blow warm air into the room instead of letting it escape up the chimney, to increase energy efficiency. Pellet stoves require electricity for the fans and the pellet hopper that feeds the pellets into the combustion chamber. Cabling services add approximately $140 to $200 to installation costs.

Other costs take into account the average price most homeowners pay for fireplace installation, such as whether the fireplace is an effort or a custom job. Consideration should also be given to changing or remodeling the structure of the home to make room for a new fireplace. Some additional costs may not be apparent at first, such as the need to install a liner in an existing chimney or have a technician install gas lines to power a gas fireplace.

How Much Does An Electric Fireplace Cost To Run

Both gas and electric fireplaces and fireplace inserts are prefabricated because both require standard, sealed safety components installed by the manufacturer. Wood stoves and fireplaces are a different matter. The average cost of buying a wood-burning stove alone is €325 to €4,000, depending on the quality – and that doesn’t include labor for installation.

Chimney & Fireplace Costs: Price To Install Or Repair

The fee for the installation of a wood stove is an additional cost. Installation of inserts for wood-burning fireplaces (not stoves) costs between $700 and $6,500. Those seeking advanced, custom wood-burning fireplace construction without an existing fireplace should expect significant higher costs of up to $30,000, including the services of a mason to install a stone or brick fireplace and surround.

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It is not uncommon for professional installers to custom prefabricate stoves and inserts to meet local building codes or aesthetic purposes. The modification can be as small as installing a fireproof table on a nearby wall, which can cost as little as $100. However, as the depth and scope of customization increases, costs can increase significantly.

Remodeling is usually necessary unless the home is brand new and already designed for a fireplace. Reconstruction will vary depending on the individual’s situation. That may include installing a chimney ($400 to $2,000), building a wood or masonry frame and mantel, or updating an existing firebox to make it more energy efficient.

What You Need To Know About Fireplace Installation In Your Home

The heat that rises from a gas or wood fireplace is significant, so the fireplace installer must take precautions to prevent the house from catching fire. Installing a fire-resistant chimney liner adds an average of $2,500 to the final project price. In some communities, the cost can be as much as $7,000, depending on the cladding material and the length of the chimney.

The best place for a new fireplace is often in the same place as an older one. Unfortunately, if the older fireplace’s bricks, chimney and flue are not in good condition, the homeowner may want to remove the old fireplace and have a new one built. Removing an existing fireplace can bring many unseen surprises, such as uncovering wood rot if the roof around a chimney leaks or the need to stabilize the structure when the old fireplace and chimney are demolished.

The final cost will depend on the individual situation and the homeowner’s wishes, but fireplace and chimney removal can cost $4,000 to $10,000 or more, depending on the size of the project.

How Much Does An Electric Fireplace Cost To Run

All types of gas fireplaces and fireplace inserts require a gas line from a large propane tank or a municipal gas line serving the home. Most communities require that gas connections be made by a certified technician to reduce the risk of a faulty connection leaking toxic gases into the home or creating a fire hazard. An installed and connected gas line ranges from $120 to $1,350.

Electric Fireplaces Vs. Bio Ethanol Fireplaces: The Pros And Cons

In some cases it is possible to convert an existing gas fireplace into a wood-burning stove. The caveat is that a suitable flue must already be present. Converting from gas to a wood stove can cost as little as $100 to $300. If a flue is not present, new ventilation devices will need to be installed, which can cost up to $2,000.

Electric fireplaces and fireplace inserts do not produce soot, so it is usually not necessary to clean an electric unit. Gas fireplaces produce a minimal amount of soot, but wood-burning fireplaces can produce a large amount of soot, along with creosote deposits, that settle in the chimney. These deposits can increase the risk of fire or build-up of exhaust fumes in the home. A chimney and fireplace inspection and cleaning ranges from $129 to $378 and should be performed annually before winter. If the damage is discovered, repair costs may increase.

Some types of fireplace inserts are easier to install than others, but remember that individual situations vary and will affect the final cost.

Many homeowners prefer gas fireplaces because they produce heat without the mess or smoky smell of a wood stove. However, a licensed professional must install the gas line that powers a gas fireplace. On average, it costs about $1,500 to install a gas insert, not including the cost of the fireplace itself.

Electric Vs. Gas Fireplace: Pros And Cons

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The rustic intimacy of burning wood appeals to many, and if users can harvest their own wood, it can be a good source of affordable heat. However, in addition to smoke and soot, wood fireplaces also produce extremely hot flames, which require the installation of a suitable flue and chimney. The cost of installing wood-burning fireplace components from scratch with a high-quality finish can cost as much as $30,000. Smaller projects will obviously cost less.

The electric fireplace, which is usually the cheapest of all fireplaces to install, is generally safer because it does not require flammable gas or wood to heat it. Installing an electric fireplace insert can cost as little as $225 because it does not require a flue or chimney to operate the fireplace. However, keep in mind that electricity is more expensive than natural gas, propane, or wood in many communities, so don’t be surprised if your energy bill skyrockets.

How Much Does An Electric Fireplace Cost To Run

Like wood stoves, wood stoves require adequate ventilation and heat-resistant materials around the flue to protect the home from fire.

Free Standing Kensington Electric Fireplace Suite In Clear Oak

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