How Much Does Lamborghini Cost

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How Much Does Lamborghini Cost
How Much Does Lamborghini Cost

How Much Does Lamborghini Cost – A 6.5-liter V12 engine, three electric motors, a system of 1015 hp and a design that can only come from Lamborghini: it is the Revuelto. Check it out first!

Long live the V12! Just in time for the 60th anniversary, Lamborghini unveiled its new flagship. Name: Revalto! Design: Awesome! Technology: more difficult! AUTO BILD was able to preview the rear of the Aventador live!

How Much Does Lamborghini Cost

How Much Does Lamborghini Cost

After twelve years, including editions, special models, limited editions and singles, the Lamborghini Aventador 2022 has been retired. With the latest Revulto, the Italians announced a new era, although are still loyal to their cause. (Last ride in a Lamborghini Aventador)

Icons Of Italian Automotive Style Struggle To Go Electric

What do we mean? Very simple: a brand like Lamborghini must meet strict emission standards. Lamborghini is following a specific plan: to reduce emissions by 50 percent by 2025 and 80 percent by 2030.

With the presentation of the new successor to the Huracan in 2024, the entire product range will be electrified and fully electric models will become a thing of the past. Anyone who thinks the days of high performance engines are over knows little about Lamborghini.

On paper, the new Revuelto is a plug-in hybrid that can only be driven with electricity, but it has nothing to do with an eco-friendly car. Lamborghini knows this, which is why they put tongue in cheek when talking about the HPEV, an electric car that is more efficient than the PHEV.

● Revuelto is named after the Spanish war bull ● Plug-in hybrid (PHEV) ● Battery size 3.8 kWh ● Can be driven electrically ● 1015 hp production system ● 0-100 km/h in 2.5 seconds 350 km/h ● h ● V12 aspirated engine and three electric motors ● 6.5-liter V12 produces 825 hp and spins at a height of 9500 rpm ● Eight-speed two-speed manual transmission (first for the flagship V12) ● All-wheel drive More spacious interior ● New steering wheel with four knobs ● Three displays ● Four driving modes and three hybrid configurations ● Base price around 500,000 euros ● Pre-purchased two years of work.

How Much Is A Lamborghini, And Why Is It So Expensive?

It’s very important for all Lambo fans: the new one will keep the free V12, but it will be offered with a total of three electric motors.

The heart is a 6.5-liter V12 engine. It is the lightest and most powerful V12 Lamborghini ever made. At 218 kilograms, it is 17 kilograms lighter than the Aventador’s engine. At the same time, power has been increased from 780 hp and 720 Nm (Aventador Ultimae) to 825 hp and 725 Nm, corresponding to a power output of 128 hp per liter.

And as if it was unexpected, the engineers raised the speed limit from 8700 to 9500 rpm, guaranteeing a more emotional sound – after all, sound is learning of Lamborghini.

How Much Does Lamborghini Cost

But the V12 gets support at the rear of the Aventador: the front axle has two electric motors, each with 110 kW, driving the front wheels, so Revuelto has a front axle. The Italians report system performance as an impressive 1015 hp. It is amazing: with 30 percent of energy, it is possible to save about 30 percent of connections.

All New Lamborghini Huracán Tecnica Makes Canadian Debut

Compared to the Aventador, the V12 is turned 180 degrees, due to which the gearbox is installed behind the engine (transverse). A design that Lamborghini has used only twice before – on the Miura and the Essenza SCV12 racing car.

Lamborghini chose a new development for the transmission. Instead of the seven-speed ISR gearbox, the Italians relied on an eight-speed double clutch for Revuelto. The e-DCT transmission weighs 193 kilograms and has an additional electric motor on top of the transmission that acts as a starter for the V12 and a generator for the plate. This one sits on the rear transmission between the seats and provides a power of 3.8 kWh.

It’s not an amazing value, but the flagship can be fully electric in “Citta Mode”. The electric front axle is responsible for this, but the electric rear axle can send power to the rear wheels if needed, so it’s an all-wheel drive in electric mode. The weight distribution is a good 44/56 percent.

New car, new chassis: Lamborghini calls the Revuelto aircraft-inspired monocoque the “Monofuselage.” And here, too, a lot has been done: the carbon production for the production of Revalto has been redesigned and expanded from 9900 m2 to 16,200 m2. The chassis weighs just 188 kilograms (a ten percent reduction) and is said to have 25 percent more torsional rigidity than the Aventador.

Lamborghini Plans To Launch Its First Fully Electric Car Before 2030

Another technical feature: for the first time, the front tire is made of carbon. Lamborghini has always used an aluminum body for the Aventador. Pairs are used. In addition to the weight benefit, the new building is twice as energy efficient as before.

The rear part of the chassis is made of aluminum. However, the Revuelto does without the Aventador’s pushrod suspension and uses a rear axle.

The team, led by the head of design Mitza Borkert, draws the body on a carbon monocoque that can only come from Lamborghini. Senior exterior designer Nelson Simos explained that an “aircraft look” was chosen for the Revulto. They don’t say anything!

How Much Does Lamborghini Cost

As with current models, the new flagship V12 can be seen only by the protractor. The outer circles are the wheel housing cutouts.

New Lamborghini Sian 2021 Review

The low-profile front is reminiscent of the Scion, which was built only 63 times, thanks to the Y-style headlights. The speed signature of the cloud is designed as much as possible and expands the Revuelto, it is not narrow.

What you may not notice at first glance is that the Revuelto has grown in all dimensions: longer, wider and taller than the Aventador. In addition, the Italians were able to significantly improve the contact pressure – and without the large rear wing. The magic words: dynamic aerodynamics.

Above the unique tailpipes is a spoiler to increase the electricity, and one floor below the Revulto is a large diffuser that reminds a lot of the Centenario. A little bit: Even if our fingers hurt: however, we have to do without looking at the new V12 engine.

But we were allowed a closer look at Revuelto’s cockpit. The first surprise when you step inside is that it’s simple compared to the Aventador. Of course, the Revuelto does not do without the cut-out doors – after all, they are a sign of the high-end V12 models – but the sills are open.

Lamborghini Huracan Tecnica 2023 Review

The interior is brand new. In some places, however, the Italians have gone back: the displays on the 12.3-inch digital device are simplified, which helps to read. However, Lamborghini has brought its new super sports car in 2023: the 8.4-inch display in the center console is part of the new HMI and responds to electronic speed.

A: content can be swiped from one screen to another. New: The front passenger has a 9.1-inch display. Apparently copied from Maranello.

Performance and connectivity – all good, but not critical for a super sports car in my opinion. Most importantly, Lamborghini listens to its customers and above all they want more space in the cockpit. This is where they started and published.

How Much Does Lamborghini Cost

At Revuelto, people up to 1.85 meters tall can sit comfortably. In numbers, this is compared to the Aventador: 26 millimeters more headroom and – more importantly – 84 millimeters more legroom, thanks to the longer wheelbase (with 79 millimeters).

Letztes Lamborghini Aventador Coupé Für 1,48m Euro Verkauft

In fact, two cars should now be in the trunk. However, we cannot confirm this because the box of the pre-series car in “Arancio Apodis” color cannot be opened. There are more shelves, and luggage can be stored behind the seats if necessary. So nothing stands in the way of your next alpine adventure!

At Sant’Agata, they are very proud of the new steering wheel, inspired by the Essenza SCV12 racing car and well endowed with tactile surfaces. Instead, it has tactile rotary switches. Auto, lift, hybrid and spoiler models can be created here. The Revuelto has four driving modes (Città, Strada, Sport and Corsa) with three hybrid configurations, resulting in 13 different combinations.

The Italians have come up with a special feature for the electronic version: the artificial sound is a combination of V12 and a fighter jet. How does that feel? No wonder, Lamborghini doesn’t give us any sound here.

The Italians betray the driving performance: 0-100 km / h in 2.5 seconds, top speed 350 km / h and the Revalto is faster than the Aventador SVJ without semislicks on the race track – the better.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Lamborghini?

All-wheel drive (up to three degrees) and a brake system with ten-piston calipers and 410 millimeter discs on the front axle, developed in collaboration with Brembo, added to the Technically important material is now mentioned.

Surprisingly, Lamborghini doesn’t have the most advanced technology for its affordable price. There are no power figures yet, but the Revuelto is said to be more expensive than the Aventador SVJ. For simplicity, let’s count with 500,000 euros.

But it is the second, because Revuelto is sold for the years 2024 and 2025. The first customer cars are planned to be delivered in the last quarter of 2023. When the lines are finished, it is necessary to seven revultos are built every day.

How Much Does Lamborghini Cost

Naturally, the new V12 model was produced in the old part of the factory. Where the Miura and Countach are built by hand. In this sense:

Lamborghini 2022 Model List: Current Lineup & Prices

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