How Much For A New Lamborghini

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How Much For A New Lamborghini
How Much For A New Lamborghini

How Much For A New Lamborghini – Lamborghini goes back to the seventies and reinvents the classic Countach for the 21st century. Can it be recognized as the original? Read on to find out…

Lamborghini has brought back a classic name and shape from the seventies. That’s right, the Countach is back, and it’s packing a super-powerful V12 hybrid engine.

How Much For A New Lamborghini

How Much For A New Lamborghini

There are probably few cars that have become as truly iconic as the original Lamborghini Countach – how many eighty bedroom walls were plastered with Countach posters? — and so it’s perhaps surprising that it took Lamborghini so long to revive the original.

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We edit originals as well. This new Countach LPI-800-4 harkens back to the ‘periscope’ version of the first Countach, 1974. When it was first launched, the Countach had a clean, sleek, simple and even more impressive design for what it is. The obnoxious spoiler, extra air intakes and balloon tires came later (what we might call Wolf of Wall Street spec).

For the new Countach, Lamborghini has kept things clean and sleek. The low, pointed nose reverts to the original design with square LED headlights (no pop-up this time) and a thin, black stripe running down the front, which includes a ‘Countach’ badge with eighties style lettering.

Around the sides, scissor doors (they open up and forward) are deeply cut by a large NACA-style air duct, which helps feed the powerful V12 engine in the rear. The air scoops and ‘gills’ are also up on the rear body.

Around the back, the rear end of the car reaches almost to a point, and there’s no big, ugly rear wing to foul up the lines. The LED brake lights – ultra-slim units – are set in a black panel just below the rear body lip, and below them, there’s a huge carbon fiber diffuser, quad exhaust pipes and the finishing touch of an Italian tricolor.

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You can choose from 33 different colors for your Countach, including a set of ‘heritage colors’ like the brilliantly named ‘Verde Scandal’.

The Countach limited edition will use the same 6.5-litre V12 mild hybrid as the Lamborghini Sián. It has a combined output of 814hp – 780hp of which comes from the petrol engine, while the remaining 34hp comes from the hybrid system.

This is probably the last time Lamborghini will use its super-capacitor hybrid system. Supercapacitors respond faster than conventional batteries, charge faster, and are lighter—Lambo says its supercapacitor delivers three times more power than a lithium-ion battery of the same weight—but they Can’t last long on a charge. For this reason, Lambo is likely to switch to a plug-in hybrid V12 for its next flagship supercar and is also planning to develop a new electric car.

How Much For A New Lamborghini

But back to the Countach for now… Performance is astonishing – 0-62mph in 2.8 seconds, and 0-124mph in 8.6 seconds. How does that sound? It also has a top speed of 207 mph, assuming you own your own racetrack… The Countach has four-wheel drive, just like the Scion and Aventador that share most of its mechanical makeup.

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Back in 1974, the original Countach broke the supercar mold with its racecar-influenced tubular spaceframe chassis, side-mounted radiators, and forward-facing gearbox. The new Countach uses modern racing car technology – the chassis and body are all made from lightweight carbon fibre, keeping dry weight (no fluids, no driver, no fuel) down to 1,595kg. This gives it a power-to-weight ratio of 510hp per tonne.

That seventies shape packs some clever modern tech, including moveable air vents with a 3D printing process and a photochromatic roof that changes from solid to transparent at the push of a button.

The wheels – styled after the Countach’s original ‘telephone dial’ alloy wheels – are 21-inch items front and rear, and receive Pirelli P Zero Corsa tyres. Behind them are huge carbon-ceramic brake discs.

The Count’s interior is predominantly cyan, but features beautiful quilted red leather seats in a retro design. Modernity comes in the form of an 8.4-inch HDMI center touchscreen, made exclusively for Countach. On it, you’ll find a unique button marked ‘Style’ – press it, and the infotainment system will give you a history lesson about the Count’s design.

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The new reckoning will debut at The Quell: A Motorsports Gathering; Part of the huge Monterey Classic Car Fest in California. With only 112 sets being made, we’d be surprised if it doesn’t sell out immediately.

How much? Well, Cian was put up for sale for £2.6million, including tax, so you can expect the Count to be playing on the same football field. Still, you might be able to get a poster of it.

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How Much For A New Lamborghini

By clicking the Submit button you agree to our Terms and Conditions and confirm that you have read our Privacy Policy. Even Lamborghini isn’t immune to the rapidly evolving automotive landscape. It’s taken a while, but the Lamborghini Sián is the Italian marque’s first production hybrid car, and also the company’s most powerful road car ever. As a foretaste of the automaker’s future, the Sian still has one familiar component – ​​a V12 engine. With the 48-volt e-motor, the Lamborghini Sián’s 808 horsepower output is felt. It can reach 62 mph in less than 2.8 seconds and reach a top speed of over 217 mph. In profile, the Cyan is a typical Lamborghini, but the concept-like details will attract the attention of even the most extreme hybrid of the Ferrari SF90 Stradale, the Prancing Horse. But even that car is much more attainable than this Lamborghini – all 63 Siennas set for production have sold for upwards of $3.5 million each. In typical Lambo style, Cyan is extreme at its best.

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Based on the Aventador, the Lamborghini Sián comes as the Italian brand’s first production hybrid car. The Sian FKP 37’s V12 is shared with the Aventador SVJ, but it adds an electric motor to make it the most powerful production Lamborghini ever. The Sian has a completely new and dramatic design, whose hexagonal tail is said to have been inspired by the Countach. Only 63 Coupes will be produced.

There has been no change to the My Sian standard and Lamborghini continues to produce 63 bespoke models. The Unlimited variant of the hybrid supercar, the Cyan Roadster, is being added to the lineup for the 2021 model year.

Revealed in 2019 and with production set to begin in 2020, the Lamborghini Sián’s specs will shatter many notions of what a hybrid can and cannot do. The combination of the 48-volt e-motor and 6.5-liter V12 engine means 808 hp and a 0-62 mph time of less than 2.8 seconds, accompanied by the animalistic moan of the engine. The car uses supercapacitor technology instead of traditional lithium-ion batteries to produce even more power without the hefty weight penalty. Though based on the Aventador, the Sian looks quite different with its aggressive design.

With roaring hybrid power and a design that’s sure to amaze wherever it goes, the Lamborghini Sian is something special. The V12 is as atmospheric as ever, but the electric punch adds another layer to the car’s performance. Inside, it’s clear that the interior bones come from the Aventador. Materials are great, though, and there’s a central touchscreen and an electrochromic glass roof panel that can be dimmed or illuminated. It also comes with navigation, digital driver’s display and climate control.

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Some aspects of the Cyan feel quite old school, but the same can’t be said for the wild, futuristic exterior. The saiyan has a distinctive Gandini line, with the legendary Countach providing some of the inspiration, but the aerial wings give the saiyan its unique look. The Y-shaped headlights can’t be missed, and there are tons of other neat details like the NACA air intakes on the doors. At the rear, apart from the huge exhaust outlets, there are six hexagonal taillights, again inspired by the Countach. The car is almost as subtle as a gun, and the 20-/21-inch wheels only add to its menacing looks.

Longer than the Mercedes-Benz E-Class but shorter than the Mazda MX-5 Miata, the Lamborghini Sián has pure supercar dimensions. It’s 196 inches long, 89.2 inches wide including mirrors, and just 44.6 inches tall. The wheelbase is 106.3 inches.

At 3,516 pounds, the Lamborghini Sián’s dry weight is 154 pounds more than the similarly sized Aventador SVJ, a very small penalty for the electric motors and a testament to the weight savings initiative of supercapacitor technology instead of conventional hybrid batteries.

How Much For A New Lamborghini

Surprisingly, there is no online configurator for the Lamborghini Sian as all the units have been sold out. In addition, the company promises “the widest possible range of customization” through the Ad Person Customization Program, which means

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