How Much Money Do You Need To Day Trade

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How Much Money Do You Need To Day Trade
How Much Money Do You Need To Day Trade

How Much Money Do You Need To Day Trade – When you buy something through one of the links on our site, we may get an affiliate commission.

Well, it depends on several factors. For example, one of my sites has an EPMV (revenue per 1,000 visitors) of about $27 to $58. This is equivalent to approximately $0.027 and $0.058 per site visitor. And that’s just advertising. This does not take into account all calculations including affiliate marketing etc.

How Much Money Do You Need To Day Trade

How Much Money Do You Need To Day Trade

Two days ago, I just finished a 6 mile run, so I decided to grab some chocolate milk. You know, it’s for recovery.

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As I sat down, I thought, “Now is the perfect time to check my Google Analytics stats on my phone.” Any internet geek will do that.

I pulled out my cracked Android phone and started looking at my site. Well, not so good today … Owned by The Looks pretty good today!

Then I looked at the site where I found Mom’s blog (yes, I have a Mom’s blog) and almost threw up chocolate milk. It can’t be. Traffic is booming.

In fact, it turns out that we can have over 10,000 visitors a day at this rate…Wow!

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The next day, the number of visitors reached 11,000. And today will be the same.

So today I want to share two things. First, for those who are interested, I’ll share how my site gets all this traffic.

Then share exactly how much money a site that attracts 10,000 visitors per day makes.

How Much Money Do You Need To Day Trade

The first thing I’m going to do is fire up Google Analytics for my mother’s blog. Having my mom’s blog is still a bit of a laugh, but it’s my mom’s blog, so she has a little more money.

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On Tuesday, there were 10,392 sessions for the day. And the next day, the number of sessions for that day was 11,466.

This is a big spike as the site typically gets around 6-7,000 visitors per day. Now we can look back to the whole history. Let’s say that the traffic is not always 6-7,000 people a day, it is more.

Looking at our sources of acquisition in Google Analytics, about 60% from social media platforms, 21% is organic traffic from Google (search engine optimization is something we have worked hard on), and We can see that about 15% is organic. traffic from Google. % are direct visitors and about 5% are referral traffic.

As you can see, the biggest channel is social media traffic. Click on it and you’ll find that most of it, 98%, is Pinterest. This is a site that has always done very well on Pinterest.

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Pinterest typically draws close to 3-4,000 visitors per day, but in recent days, Pinterest has seen close to 6-7,000 visitors.

Unfortunately, I wish all Pins had more traffic, but most of them are pages that are seeing huge spikes.

A pin for craft. It seems that many people are starting to get interested in doing this particular craft, and are just getting started.

How Much Money Do You Need To Day Trade

A ton of visitors came to that page and the rest of the site continued from where it came from, but I dealt with the traffic spike.

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First, there is advertising revenue, which is mainly generated by Ezoic. Place ads on your site from the Ezoic ad network and earn revenue based on the amount of traffic on your site. For those familiar with Google Adsense ads, this is similar to Google Adsense ads. Just show ads there.

Another option is Amazon Associates (you can also use other affiliate networks that pay higher fees). We also collect emails because we have email lists. We make money there, but there are definitely two sources: Amazon Associates and Ezoic advertising.

Simple monetization, but it works! And depending on the amount of traffic they can generate, website owners can use this method to make money online and earn a full-time income.

Ezoic was priced at $150 on March 17, the first day it passed 10,000 visitors. This is not really more than the previous day’s earnings, but I think there is a little lag.

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I earned $174 on March 18th, which I think is more accurate for the first day of breaking 10,000 visitors if that makes sense. So Ezoic’s revenue is about $170, $174.

So the revenue per 1,000 visitors is 15.91 cents on one day and 16.92 cents on another. you can write them down. Here I get the average revenue per visitor to give you an idea so you can calculate how much your website is making.

I just got an Amazon Associates account for my mom’s blog. Looking at the 17th, we had a profit of 138.89 cents. And the next day, my actual income dropped to only 76.93 cents.

How Much Money Do You Need To Day Trade

A lot about shipping times and what shipping times are. You may actually make more money tomorrow, but that’s average.

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These average $138 and $76, probably closer to $110.

If you make $110 in those two days and then $160 on Ezoic, that’s about $270. Pretty good.

My site makes about $270 at 10,000 visitors per day. If you get 10,000 visitors for a month in 30 days, that’s over $8,000.

As I said before, the site gets a little bit of income from other sources, but this is definitely the bulk of it.

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If this site generates $8,000 in revenue, that’s great. I’m excited. It would be a good investment for me.

I don’t actually spend a lot of time on my own site anymore because I have a writer and people who do Pinterest.

I am happy to confirm that if this site maintains this level of 10,000 visitors per day, it can generate revenue of $8,000 per month.

How Much Money Do You Need To Day Trade

As promised, one big caveat first. The caveat is that not all sites earn the same.

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Perhaps fortunately, the site I run makes far less money per visit than most. The reason is that most of our traffic comes from the social media site Pinterest. It bounces really fast. Monetizing traffic is difficult.

In fact, the only way for me to monetize this big surge in traffic is through display ads for the most part. People don’t click affiliate links to shop on Amazon. There are very few such. So we didn’t see much of a spike in Amazon revenue, but we did see a spike in display ad revenue.

Dividing the $270 in revenue for the day by 10,000 gives you the revenue per visitor, so the revenue per 1,000 visitors is about $27.

Let’s keep this number. $27 per 1000 visitors. Multiply this by 10 and you get $270 for 10,000 visitors, or about $27 per 1000 visitors.

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How does it compare to other sites? Now let’s look at Own The Yard. Owning The Yard is also funded primarily by two of the same sources: Ezoic Ads and Amazon Associates.

Now let’s figure out and calculate the number of visitors we get from Google Analytics.

During the last seven days, the number of sessions exceeded 13,000 and the number of visitors was 13,096. You can see that sales per visit have increased significantly. Do the math and you’ll get $295 from display ads (Google Adsense will be cheaper) and $467 from Amazon, or $762.

Using division to finish the math, we get just over 5 cents per visit, which when multiplied by 1,000 equals 58.18 cents.

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Owning The Yard makes about $58 per 1000 visitors, while Mom Blog makes about $27 per 1000 visitors.

Again, a lot has to do with traffic sources. Most of the website traffic that comes to Own The Yard is organic via Google Search or other search engines. people looking

They search for products, have access to buying guides, and are more likely to buy. Web traffic doesn’t just come from social media like Pinterest.

I will even say that some sites earn more than that. I won’t do all the math, but on a per-visit basis, you will earn even more than Own The Yard.

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This will determine where to check your site and how many visitors you need. I think it’s mom

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