How Much To Drive A Lamborghini

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How Much To Drive A Lamborghini
How Much To Drive A Lamborghini

How Much To Drive A Lamborghini – In fact, if you have to ask what a Lamborghini costs, you probably can’t afford it. Nobody walks into a Lambo dealership ready to wheel in the price, and we’ll bet the majority of buyers never ask about the cost until they’re ready to sign a check. But many of us who have never set foot on a Lamborghini showroom floor are probably curious to know how much we would have to shell out for the pleasure of owning one, should one of us win the lottery and suddenly become extremely get rich

The current lineup consists of the low and decidedly exotic Aventador and Huracan sports cars, and the hot-blooded Urus SUV. As is Lamborghini’s custom, all of its vehicles are named after famous fighting bulls. According to the company’s knowledge, its founder, Ferruccio Lamborghini, was a lover of bulls and born under the sign of the bull (a bull is also shown on the brand’s logo).

How Much To Drive A Lamborghini

How Much To Drive A Lamborghini

We’ve compiled pricing for Lamborghini’s 2022 lineup, including many available comfort, convenience, and performance-enhancing options with pricing where available, as well as countless custom colors and interior trim treatments for customization. Unfortunately, Lamborghini’s online configurator does not currently offer prices for most of these options. Some of the prices listed for optional features are based on the previous model year and minor changes may be applied by the dealer for 2022. All are suggested retail prices.

Lamborghini’s New Supercar Isn’t Legal To Drive On Public Roads

The Huracan Tecnica made its official debut in April 2022 and is the latest addition to the supercar lineup so far. This is the ultimate manifestation of the V10, which Lambo promises will deliver excitement both on the road and on the track.

The Huracan Tecnica takes great inspiration from the Huracan STO, which in turn is as close to a race-ready Huracan Super Trofeo race car as the road laws allow. For the Tecnica, however, the Italian company changes the recipe to a more road-friendly package, one that is fun to drive on the street while performing just as easily on the track. In the Huracan range, the latest addition sits somewhere between the track-ready STO and the “normal” Huracan Evo RWD.

Of course, its engine is the highlight here. Power comes from a naturally aspirated 5.2-liter V10 mill, the same one used in the STO. Maximum output is just over 630 horsepower and 417 pound-feet of torque, sent exclusively to the wheels through a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission with variable shift characteristics.

Two exterior colors are currently available – the basic Bianco Monocerus and the optional Verde Selvans. The options are generally identical to the other Huracans on sale and there are packages, such as the Pista Pack, Functional Pack and SC Pack, each of which adds a different group of features. Depending on the region, you can also offer a set of Pirelli winter Sottozero 3 winter tires.

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As mentioned above, the Huracan STO is the hardcore Huracan with street legal status. The Super Trofeo Omologata comes with upgrades from the Huracan GT3 race car, but in slightly tuned form to pass homologation for street use. Almost the entire body is made of carbon fiber and the power of the V10 engine is sent to the wheels.

The 10-cylinder mill generates a peak output of 630 horsepower and 417 pound-feet of torque. A seven-speed dual-clutch transmission sends power to the rear axle. The Huracan STO retails for $331,000 in the US for the current model year. It has a limited production run and currently sits at the very top of the already impressive Huracan range.

The options list includes a lifting system that can raise the front axle by 45 mm, as well as the SC Pack and Travel Pack. The latter adds practical features such as a cup holder, travel net, ashtray and a 12-volt plug.

How Much To Drive A Lamborghini

The rear-drive Lamborghini Huracan replaced the long-running Gallardo in the lineup for the 2015 model year; this year it’s sold as the Huracan EVO and packs a 5.2-liter V10 engine that channels 630 horsepower to the pavement through all four wheels.

Lamborghini Huracán Sto: A Final Celebration Before Electrification

Options are also plentiful and expensive for the Huracan Evo Coupe. Upgraded 21-inch wheels cost between $2,000 and $6,600, depending on the version. Most available custom paint treatments will set you back $14,000, but there are some for just under $10,000.

Upgrading the leather seats costs between $2,600 and $4,700. A lift system that can raise the front of the car by 45mm to eliminate speed bumps and so does the price of $4,000 Brake calipers painted in specific colors, add between $1,400 and $2,400. Gold central locking is $1,400, while a black or body-colored “style package” is $2,000.

Auto-dimming side mirror costs $1,100; if you want it in a different color, it’s another $900, or if you want it with a pinstripe or the Italian flag, it’s another $2,000. A spec hood is $6,000, while a gloss black rear diffuser $3,600 cost.

There are also many other extra cost decoration items. A five-year maintenance package is probably the best value here at $8,700.

An Era Ends, Making The Lamborghini Aventador Ultimae Sweeter

Sharing its menacing good looks and fast V10 engine with the Huracan EVO Coupe, the Spyder lets the sun in, provided it’s not raining of course. Options on the base Huracan EVO Spyder are similar – and similarly expensive – to those available for the coupe, although exterior colors here are limited to black and white.

As the name suggests, it’s a rear-wheel drive version of the otherwise all-wheel drive Huracan to deliver a more “pure” driving experience at a slightly lower cost. First released in the spring of 2020, it features a naturally aspirated 5.2-liter V10 engine that generates 610 horsepower, along with other engineering tweaks and specific exterior changes.

The options list appears to be shorter than with the AWD Evo, based on Lamborghini’s website configurator, but it includes some basics like a smartphone interface with Apple CarPlay, cruise control and various interior customization items.

How Much To Drive A Lamborghini

A Life Style + Driver Pack bundles the front lift system, an alarm, the smartphone interface, a transparent engine cover, ceramic brakes, adaptive magnetic suspension, a cup holder and ashtray, and a choice of wheel designs. No word on option pricing.

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The Huracan EVO RWD Spyder is everything you love about the car above, but with extra air in your hair. It has the same naturally aspirated 5.2-liter V10 engine that generates 610 horsepower, along with other engineering tweaks and specific exterior changes found in the hardtop rear-wheel drive version of the Huracan. If you compare it to the EVO Spyder, the RWD model has a different nose and a modified rear diffuser. The sprint to 60 miles per hour in this open-top supercar takes 3.3 seconds and the top speed is 201 mph.

New for 2019, the Lamborghini Urus SUV is a departure from the Sant’Agata Bolognese automaker’s sports car lineup, but it’s not the company’s first SUV. That distinction goes to the unloved “Rambo Lambo” LM002 of the late 1980s and early 90s.

The Urus is probably the only model from the brand that can legitimately be used as a daily driver, let alone a footballer. It is powered by a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 that drives all four wheels with 650 horsepower.

The automaker is currently working on new members to join the Urus family, including a plug-in hybrid model and an Urus EVO. Until these arrive, however, the super SUV has a single-engine option and for the 2022 model year, there are two special models listed below.

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In about four years on the market, the Urus has sold more than 20,000 units, easily making it the most successful Lamborghini in history. With a facelift in the works and new powertrain options, there’s no reason to believe any other model from the brand will beat the Urus anytime soon.

The Pearl capsule was introduced as a customization package for the 2021 Urus. It’s significantly more expensive for the 2022 model year, but covers the SUV in four coats of high-gloss, pearl-effect paint. Buyers can spec it in Giallo Inti Yellow, Arancio Borealis Orange and Verde Mantis Green. The package also includes gloss black accents for the roof, spoiler, rear diffuser and trim pieces. It rides on 23-inch wheels in a mix of black and body color. A matte gray finish covers the pair of dual tailpipes.

Inside there is a two-tone mix of black and the body color of choice. The company highlights the center of the seats with hexagonal stitching. Trimming the cabin is a mix of carbon fiber and black anodized aluminum. As an option, customers can specify perforated Alcantara upholstery with power adjustable seats.

How Much To Drive A Lamborghini

The Urus Graphite Capsule is a more limited version of the performance SUV. The four main colors are only available in the matte finish, allowing you to choose from Bianco Monocerus (white), Nero Noctis (black), Grigio Nimbus (slightly shiny grey) and Grigio Keres (basic grey). Choosing one of these colors will customize the lower parts of the Urus

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