How Much To Rent A Lamborghini In California

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How Much To Rent A Lamborghini In California
How Much To Rent A Lamborghini In California

How Much To Rent A Lamborghini In California – Live out your racing car fantasy with a super fast Lamborghini rental in Los Angeles from the 777 Exotics fleet. We carry the Lamborghini Huracan and Urus in many colors and trim packages, and offer the best price guarantee and more free miles when you rent a Lamborghini at 777 Exotics. Our LA office is conveniently located near LAX Airport and Beverly Hills.

With so much performance and style packed into one car, you can’t pass up the chance to drive this thing. Experience the magic of Bellissima Italia on the city streets of Los Angeles and even drive to Vegas and Malibu. Call 800 903 5926 today to book your Lamborghini experience.

How Much To Rent A Lamborghini In California

How Much To Rent A Lamborghini In California

Renting a Lamborghini for prom is the ultimate style statement. Although luxury does not come cheap, you will be surprised to know that our rental rates are probably the lowest, cheapest Lamborghini rentals on the market compared to others. So, there is no need to worry about the best night of the year. Wearing an off-the-shoulder dress means you have to respect the thought and care that went into your choice of transportation outfit. Be sure to call ahead to reserve the Lamborghini you want for prom. We book easily during prom season, so avoid disappointment and book now.

Lamborghini Huracan Hire

When couples are all about style and glitz, having a Lamborghini on hand on their wedding day is an option to consider. It’s fun, carefree and very fast. You may need to remind yourself that this is not a race to the altar.

This car just calls out to the race car driver that some of us didn’t even know we had. This is the magic of Lamborghini. Even when parked on the side of the road, you can’t help but feel a strong emotional pull at one glance. Imagine how exciting it would be to hit Las Vegas or simply cruise the streets of Los Angeles in this masterpiece. Traveling is the holy grail of “me-time” and your next road trip deserves a Lamborghini that will take you wherever you want, as fast as you want.

It is relative to say that we offer a cheap Lamborghini for rent. Value for money is a good word. Because with every Lamborghini masterpiece on wheels, you can’t put a price on the experience and excitement you get every time you get behind it. But as far as cheap Lamborghini rental prices go, our daily starting price of $999 is a good deal. After factoring in the hidden costs of ownership, maintenance and, of course, gas… renting a Lamborghini from us certainly starts to look good. Experience all the heights of this vehicle without any problems. We’ve taken care of that for you. From maintenance to cleaning, even white glove delivery to your hotel, office or event venue of choice, we spoil you from start to finish just like we spoil our cars in the garage.

Would you like to drive a Lamborghini in the beautiful desert of the American Southwest? Visit our 777 Exotics office in Las Vegas.

Rent Lamborghini Huracán Performante Spyder Europe

Automobili Ferruccio Lamborghini has its own unique story of origin. Depending on who you believe, the first (and more romantic) version says that Ferruccio Lamborghini was unhappy with his Ferrari’s clutch and went to the automaker one day to complain. Enzo Ferrari had no time and was offended that this man would dare to tell him that something was wrong with his vehicle. In the end he told Lamborghini that it was not the clutch, the problem was the driver! This did not sit well with Ferruccio, so he left Ferrari’s office and vowed to create his own luxury car to rival Ferrari.

The second version is more realistic. Lamborghini was a mechanical wizard who acquired a knack for diagnosing and creatively repairing vehicles during his service in the military in World War II. He was assigned to a military station that was relatively untouched by the surrounding war and quickly gained a reputation as someone who could fix almost any vehicle in the Ferruccio camp. When the war ended, he saw that Italy needed to be rebuilt and its agricultural sector stagnated as resources were diverted to the war effort. People needed to plant and harvest crops so he founded the Lamborghini Tractor Company to sell reliable vehicles to farmers who could now refocus on food production. His tractors were known to be reliable and within a few years Lamborghini became a rich man, able to buy all the top cars of his time. While taking apart the clutch on his Ferrari, he noticed that it was identical to the clutch used on his tractors. However, the same parts on a Ferrari cost about three times as much as a tractor. There was money to be made and Ferruccio took the opportunity to build his own supercar under the marque’s name.

The first concept car produced by Lamborghini was at its factory in Sant’Agata near Bologna. At the Turin Motor Show in 1963, the GT 350 was presented to the public. Although its design was more elegant than its contemporaries, Lamborghini felt that it did not make enough of an impact and redesigned it. This was a turning point in the creation of a supercar that could rank with the Ferraris and other marques of the time, advancing the pinnacle of design that Lamborghini cars are known for today. The Lamborghini brand is now known for its aggressive design, bold openings, sharp edges and stronger lines than its competitors.

How Much To Rent A Lamborghini In California

The car that started this off-road trend is the Miura, named after the famous Spanish fighting bull. With the striking futuristic look of the Miura, the tone was set for the supercars that followed. Previously seen as an upstart, the Lamborghini brand was officially legendary after the Miura.

Rented Mclaren 720s Wrecked In California While Racing Lamborghini Huracan

Other notable cars followed its history. The Countach, first seen in 1974, had aggressive corners and the now-recognizable Lamborghini scissor doors. Unfortunately, the history of the company itself was not so smooth. A few years later Ferruccio sold the company to other investors, and while cars were still rolling out of Sant’Agata, ownership passed from Swiss investors to Chrysler and then Audi – each company with their own stamp on Lamborghini’s famous design and construction. . Supercar

Yes, you can rent a Lamborghini at 777 Exotics. You must have a valid driver’s license. We can offer you vehicle cover subject to manager agreement and terms and conditions. For international drivers, there are many Lamborghini rental options available. Call 800-903-5926 or email [email protected] for details.

You must be of legal age and have a driver’s license in your state or country. You can rent a Lambo under the age of 25 at 777 Exotics, but this is at the discretion of the management. A fee will be charged for drivers under the age of 21. Contact us for details.

Cancellations should be made as soon as possible to avoid fees. If you do not cancel your Lambo reservation, you will be charged the full amount. We require a minimum of 5 days cancellation notice: 5 days or more cancellations charge 50% of the full amount. Cancellations with less than 5 days notice are subject to the full cost of the rental plus all applicable taxes and delivery fees.

Exotic Car Rentals

Yes, you can take a one-way trip to Vegas or LA. Additional costs are charged for mileage and for returning the vehicle to the home city. Contact the 777 office to determine the full cost of the Lamb ride from LA to Vegas.

Depending on the distance from the 777 Exotics office, your Lambo car may be delivered. Delivery includes a fee that covers staff time, fuel and mileage. If you would like a quote with an exact shipping price, please contact our office and state your location and rental dates.

The vehicle must be returned relatively clean and smoke free. It doesn’t have to be spotless, but excess trash, spilled drinks, and the overall trashiness of a luxury vehicle may warrant a cleaning fee.

How Much To Rent A Lamborghini In California

Our Lamborghini self drive rental is a minimum of 24 hours in Los Angeles and a minimum of 4 hours in Las Vegas. Contact our office at 800-903-5926 to make a reservation that fits your budget and time frame.

Classic Rentals In Los Angeles, Ca

You can drive 100 miles for each 24-hour rental period in LA. If you drive more than 100 miles, additional mileage will be charged when you return the vehicle.

Yes, we offer discounts for weekly and monthly rentals. For multi-day rental discounts, contact our office for details at 800-903-5926.

Yes, a Lamborghini rental requires a security deposit – just like a hotel contingency deposit. The amount of the deposit varies depending on the type of vehicle.

You can make a reservation by calling 800-903-5926, at http:///booking or by sending your itinerary to [email protected]

Rent A Ferrari California In Munich

Choose your vehicle and pay the necessary insurance and payment. Your Lamborghini rental will be set up by our office staff and

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