How Much To Start Playing Wow

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How Much To Start Playing Wow
How Much To Start Playing Wow

How Much To Start Playing Wow – An MMO tourist travels to Azeroth, but is it worth joining World of Warcraft as a new player in 2022? Read on to find out.

World of Warcraft feels like a truly timeless game – it feels like it’s been around forever, and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon.

How Much To Start Playing Wow

How Much To Start Playing Wow

That said, while I’m a console gamer until 2020, this is a game I’ve long admired from afar. However, I consider myself an “MMO tourist”. I play just enough to enjoy it, but I never engage deeply enough with the communities or mechanics to get to high-level content like raids. That means I’ve played a fair amount of Final Fantasy XIV, Lost Ark, and more. I also reviewed New World last year.

Wowhead Beginner Guides: How To Play World Of Warcraft

However, I couldn’t help but get caught up in the excitement surrounding World of Warcraft’s 2022 expansion, Dragonflight, and so I decided to jump in about a week before the new expansion to try out the new player experience.

An important part of any MMO is choosing a class, and I’ve decided that, for this first run at least, I’m jumping into Azeroth as a Warrior.

It’s been a good move so far – playing solo as a support-oriented character was a mistake I made at the start of FFXIV, and being able to hit things until they’re defeated makes for a pretty smooth that leveling curve, apparently.

Once I created my character, things became very, very New World. If you’ve played an Amazon MMO, you’ll know that within minutes your ship lands on a mysterious island, and the same thing happens here as you and your crew find yourself stranded in Exile’s Reach.

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While, yes, World of Warcraft in 2022 may not be the best game, I was pleasantly surprised by what happened in the short time I spent on the island. Within minutes I was healing fallen comrades, learning the basics of emoting, diving into a cave full of spiders, and completing side quests.

I even used a giant boar, supersized by magic, to stomp a load of enemies – and you can’t do that in any other MMO. It’s a great first impression that clearly highlights both the possibilities of World of Warcraft in 2022 and the unique appeal it has. Whether it was a fun conversation with orcs or jumping into a very short but fun dungeon to kill a resurrected dragon, I felt more ready than ever to return to the mainland.

After that initial tutorial, World of Warcraft launched me into the Battle for Azeroth expansion, and here I am at the time of writing.

How Much To Start Playing Wow

MMOs, especially in the early stages, can feel so focused on leveling up and defeating the same enemies that you start to feel like you’re going through the motions. But while I’ve carved out a lot of fodder in my time, I’m starting to see the wheels of political machination begin to turn on Azeroth after I break out of prison on Tol Dagor with my new best friend Flynn Fairwind (why characters named Flynn are always so charming?). I also met Jaina Proudmore (I know her from Hearthstone!), although sadly she’s missing.

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This is also where I started to get more confused about navigation while playing. A side quest taken in Boralus sent me to a new location that I stumbled upon through a series of portals. Before long, a portal too many sent me to a place that seemed full of content that I was not ready for, and many different gaming tournaments were preparing a party.

However, first impressions (can these be first impressions if a game came out in 2004?) were very positive, so much so that I even installed the game on my laptop, to squeeze in some research from my desk.

So, should you start playing World of Warcraft in 2022? I’ll follow up this article in the coming days with an update of my trip, but I can say that I’ve had a blast and can’t wait to spend time playing with friends and family snarling. me about it for years. Your mileage may vary, but the initial experience is promising.

For more World of Warcraft, be sure to check out our Dragonflight coverage, and I’ll be bringing back more adventures from the game soon. it has had its ups and downs but 18 years later it is still going strong. Blizzard Entertainment continues to expand the genre-defining MMO in the form of regular expansions and updates.

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, explore the hidden realm of the dead, a world between worlds whose delicate balance sustains life and death itself. In total, there have been eight expansions over the years.

For new and returning players, the game has value. The basic edition of the game costs $39.99 and includes all eight expansions. You can also buy Heroic ($59.99) and Epic ($79.99) versions of the game with some additional perks.

As for a subscription, you have to pay monthly to play. In the US, a month costs $14.99. It varies by region. You can buy three months for $41.97 and six months for $77.94. If you’re absolutely sure you’ll be playing month to month, choose the three or six month option. This should save you some extra money.

How Much To Start Playing Wow

Associate editor. Brit is stranded thousands of miles from home on a small island that looks like a sweet potato. League of Legends? He is aware. APPRECIATION? He might have heard. Counter Strike? Sounds familiar.

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