How Old Is Bilbo In The Hobbit

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How Old Is Bilbo In The Hobbit
How Old Is Bilbo In The Hobbit

How Old Is Bilbo In The Hobbit – Frodo Baggins is the most famous hobbit in mainstream pop culture, thanks in large part to Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. However, his uncle was Bilbo Baggins’ first ring bearer and he appeared in both The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies. If you notice the huge gap between the stories, how old was Bilbo in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings?

At the beginning of The Lord of the Rings and The Fellowship of the Ring, Bilbo Baggins celebrated his “eleventh” birthday, meaning he was 111 years old. The events of The Hobbit took place 60 years ago, meaning Bilbo was 51, a perfect young adulthood for hobbits.

How Old Is Bilbo In The Hobbit

How Old Is Bilbo In The Hobbit

Now you may be wondering how a 51 year old hobbit is considered a young adult. You might also wonder how long it was between Bilbo’s 111th birthday and his and Frodo’s eventual journey to the immortal lands. When was Bilbo born? Read on to find all the answers you may be wondering.

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Before we get to Bilbo’s age, it’s important to understand how hobbits age and how long they live. Of course, this has changed quite a bit over the years – for example, the Harfoots from the Rings of Power may have slightly shorter lifespans than their third-age successors, the hobbits Frodo, Bilbo and the Shire.

The average lifespan of a hobbit is about 100 years, although many hobbits live longer. For example, Gerontius Took lived for 130 years without being affected by any magic or the One Ring.

However, the oldest hobbit is Smeagol, aka Gollum, who lived 598 years. Granted, you can no longer consider him a hobbit due to the influence of the One Ring, but then again, he was once a hobbit, so at least it’s fair to call him that.

Because hobbits live longer than humans, for example, they also take longer to mature. While humans are considered “adults” at age 18, hobbit puberty occurs at age 33. A 50-year-old hobbit is therefore considered a young adult.

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Bilbo had been a ring bearer for a while – not for centuries like Smeagol, but still – which probably meant he had a long life compared to other hobbits. Now that we know more about the hobbits and their ordinary lives, let’s take a look at Bilbo’s age throughout The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogies.

Bilbo was officially born in TA 2890, which is the Third Age. His date of birth was September 22 by the Shire Reckoning, a calendar created and maintained by the hobbits of the Shire. According to our calendar, this would be from September 12 to 14, but this is less relevant to our topic than the year.

Shire Reckoning also counted years differently. For example, The Fellowship of the Ring went on a quest in TA 3018 according to the regular calendar, while it was 1418 according to the Shire Count. We’re going to keep it simple and just focus on the regular calendar, but I thought it was a nice piece of trivia for all die-hard Tolkienheads like myself.

How Old Is Bilbo In The Hobbit

Bilbo Baggins left the Lion and traveled to the Lonely Mountain on April 27, 2941 to join Thorin and a group of thirteen dwarves. This meant that Bilbo was now 50 – almost 51 years old.

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Bilbo might sound a bit older than that middle-aged man, but he wasn’t. By Hobbit standards, Bilbo was in his peak physical age – on the borderline between a young adult and a mature hobbit. Consider a person between the ages of 25 and 30.

And now I say “The Hobbit Trilogy” in reference to the films in which Martin Freeman played the role of the young, adventurous hobbit. Unlike the three Lord of the Rings books, there is actually only one book about The Hobbit. The Hobbit was adapted into a trilogy to give more detail than the book and follow the same pattern as the previous Lord of the Rings trilogy.

At the end of the Hobbit trilogy or the book, whichever you choose, Bilbo is 51 years old, exactly three months shy of his 52nd birthday. The brave hobbit’s journey from the day he left the Shire to the day he returned to the Battle of the Five Armies took exactly 421 days as he returned home on June 22 TA 2942.

We also know that it took him more than thirteen months because Bilbo’s belongings had already been auctioned off when he got home. Under Shire law, if you’ve been missing for more than 13 months, you’re officially declared dead – so your belongings are sold.

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At this moment, Bilbo had the One Ring in his hand, and although time passed as usual, Bilbo probably began to age a little more slowly.

At the very beginning of The Lord of the Rings and The Fellowship of the Ring, Bilbo Baggins celebrates his “eleventh” birthday – that is, he is 111 years old. This happens on September 22nd, TA 3001, and on that day it leaves Leo again.

It takes 17 years and a day before Frodo and Samwise Gamgee leave the Shire to join the Fellowship of the Ring, eventually taking the One Ring to Mordor to burn in the fires of Mount Doom. This means that Bilbo Baggins is already 128 years old when Frodo’s journey begins.

How Old Is Bilbo In The Hobbit

Note that Bilbo was no longer a ring bearer and his age and health began to catch up with him after being separated from his Ring. That’s why he looks so old and frail at the end of the trilogy.

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Bilbo’s journey in The Hobbit took him 421 days – about 14 months. Frodo’s journey was cut short. He left the Shire on September 23, TA 3018 and returned to Hobbiton on November 1, TA 3019. It took Frodo and Sam 404 days, just over 13 months, to complete their journey.

Bilbo was now 129 years old, but we wouldn’t see him for the next two years. It was October 6, TA 3021, when Sam, Merry, and Pippin said goodbye to Frodo and Bilbo as they sailed together from the Gray Heavens to the Undying Lands.

Bilbo, a mathematician, was exactly 131 years and 14 days old when he was last seen. How long they lived with Frodo after that is unknown. Bilbo looked very old and frail by then, but that didn’t mean he was dying any time soon.

He lived a long, adventurous life—longer and more exciting than almost any other Hobbit can claim.”If more of us valued food, mirth, and song more than hoarded gold, it would be a happier world.”

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Bilbo Baggins was the protagonist of The Shire Hobbit, The Hobbit, and a secondary character in The Lord of the Rings.

Gandalf suggested that Thorin and Company recruit Bilbo Baggins to steal the Quest for Erebor and then fight in the Battle of the Five Armies. Bilbo was also one of the bearers of the One Ring and was the first to willingly give it up, albeit with some difficulty. He wrote many of his adventures in the book “There and Back”. After his parents Drogo Baggins and Primula Brandybuck drowned in the Brandywine River, Bilbo adopted his second cousin Frodo Baggins to be his heir.

Bilbo was the first hobbit to become famous in the world at large and one of the few to set foot in the Undying Lands.

How Old Is Bilbo In The Hobbit

Bilbo Baggins was born on September 22nd in the year 2890 of the Shire Reckoning of the third century (approximately September 12-14 of our calendar). He was the only son of Bungo Baggins and Belladonna Took.

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In Hobbiton, Bungo Baggins built a spacious and luxurious Hobbit hole for Belladonna, which they called Bag End. The family moved into their new home where Bilbo would spend most of his life.

As a young Hobbit, Bilbo was curious and eager for news of the outside world. Gandalf, the wizard of Istar, became interested in this unusual trait in Bilbo during his visits to the Shire. Bilbo would later recall Gandalf’s firework displays at his mother’s family residence in Great Smials. Bilbo is said to have practiced his rock-throwing skills so much in his youth that every time he bent down to pick up a rock, birds and squirrels fled the area.

When Bilbo’s father and mother died in TA 2926 and TA 2934 respectively, Bilbo became his own boss and lived alone in Bag End for the next seven years. During this time, Bilbo began to love his life as a rich bachelor and gained a reputation for respect, which the neighbors admired.

In 2941 TA, 50-year-old Bilbo is visited outside his home in Bag End by Gandalf, whom he has not seen for some time. Gandalf invited Bilbo on an uncertain adventure, which the hobbit flatly declined, and the wizard said, “Good morning,” and entered.

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Undeterred, Gandalf went ahead with his plan and sent the thirteen dwarves

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