How To Buy A Lamborghini Urus

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How To Buy A Lamborghini Urus
How To Buy A Lamborghini Urus

How To Buy A Lamborghini Urus – While there really is room for the whole family, plus a slightly terrified dog in the trunk, running the Urus won’t be a cheap Skoda Kodiaq. Lamborghini claims (thanks in part to a clever cylinder deactivation system that shuts off four cylinders below 3,000 rpm, leaving 173 lb-ft of torque) that this is its most fuel-efficient car ever. this day. Of course, that’s relative, as 22.2mpg and 290g/km CO2 is still juicier than most license plates. Still, the 85-litre fuel tank means you can reasonably expect over 400 miles between fill-ups.

In terms of options, we recommend avoiding the individual rear seat option and sticking with the standard bench seat. This way you can fold down the rear seats if you need a longer luggage compartment. The rest is up to you, but if you bear in mind that this is an £188,000 car before you even worry about the configurator, be aware that things can get very expensive very quickly. Especially when you enter the realm of the Performante, which starts north of £200,000.

How To Buy A Lamborghini Urus

How To Buy A Lamborghini Urus

And finally there is the social aspect. Public opinion of SUVs has mellowed considerably over the past five years and they are no longer seen as outcasts like they once were, but the Lamborghini SUV still has a strong image. Not everyone will appreciate one. The Urus’ biggest problem is probably not its direct rival, but the fact that £188,000 can buy you a new Range Rover and a Porsche 911 to hide away at the weekend.

Elektroauto Lamborghini Urus Schwarz B/h/l: Ca. 32x56x110 Cm ▷ Online Bei Poco Kaufen

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I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a big fan of super sport SUVs. I love the duality we create with a traditionally off-road practicality-focused body design and wild on-road performance, especially when the SUV in question comes from a brand generally known for producing road cars. sport. Obviously, I was excited when Lamborghini launched the Urus crossover in 2017, the first four-door four-door. After spending a few days with a Urus, I’m convinced it’s a fantastic SUV. I wish it was more exciting.

The Urus updates for 2021 are quite minor. There are more shades in the color palette and there is a special edition of the Pearl Capsule collection with super bright shades inside and out. The Urus comes standard with previously optional driver assistance features such as adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring and head-up display, and the available park assist package has been expanded with automatic parallel and perpendicular parking systems. There is also a new key design.

Lamborghini Urus: Test, Daten, Preise

I love the look of the Urus – a controversial opinion among my colleagues. Not necessarily pretty or attractive, but not one of my favorite Lambos either. I think the better the styling of the Urus the more absurd the spec – silver or black is too much in line with other crossovers – so luckily my tester was finished in a searing shade of paint pearlescent Verde Mantis.

Adding to the visual impact, my Urus test car has $73,747 worth of options, almost all of which are purely cosmetic upgrades. This green paint is $9,344 and there is a $3,157 protective film. Carbon fiber finishes for the lower bumpers and side skirts cost $14,326, but this package excludes the carbon wheel arches, which cost $6,692, and the carbon rear spoiler, which costs $1,478 . 23-inch wheels in gloss black are $5,358, while matching green calipers are $1,262. Visual options include $884 matte black exhaust tips and $2,848 panoramic sunroof.

The interior of this Urus isn’t quite as outgoing as its exterior, with almost all surfaces covered in black leather. Aside from a few design quirks like lots of hexes and angular trim, the Urus’s interior looks rather bland, but everything is high quality and every touchpoint feels nice. $2,103 in Lime Green stitching and matching embroidered headrests, and $6,100 in Carbon Fiber trim and skid plate. This Urus also has the $3,157 Comfort Front Seat option, which has 18-way adjustment, ventilation and massage functions, and a $6,313 3D audio system.

How To Buy A Lamborghini Urus

The Urus uses a version of Audi’s large dual-screen MMI system and Audi’s Virtual Cockpit digital gauges, but the extremely odd central shifter and two drive mode switches alongside are all Lambos. Visibility is much better than I expected, despite the Urus’ thin glass body, and there’s plenty of room in the rear seats. This Urus is available in the $3,788 four-seat configuration, which has a fixed rear center console and 8-way power rear seats, but the seatbacks still fold down.

Lamborghini Urus: Test, Motor, Preis

My biggest issue with the Urus is that it’s not exciting enough to drive. Don’t get me wrong, the Urus is fantastic when you’re right. It’s powered by a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 engine that produces 641 horsepower and 627 pound-feet of torque, an engine shared with the rest of the Volkswagen Group. It’s absurdly fast, Lamborghini claiming a 0-60mph time of 3.6 seconds, and the 8-speed automatic transmission cuts through quick shifts. Tons of cornering grip from the 23-inch Pirelli P Zero tires are super incorporated, and the torque-vectoring all-wheel drive and rear-axle steering are more nimble than its nearly 5,000-pound weight. suggests. Huge 17-inch brake discs also provide excellent stopping power.

In town or on the highway, it’s a different story. In the most relaxed Strada riding mode, the Urus is comfortable and quiet – you have no idea how much power you have. Sport mode kicks things up a few notches, but the engine response and exhaust note are still too quiet for what I want from a car with a raging bull on the hood.

In Corsa mode, the exhaust really wakes up, loud and noisy, with constant pops, pops and crackles when I change gears or release the gas. But the jerkiness and high voltage of the Corsa’s engine and transmission make the Urus nearly impossible to drive and frustrating if you’re not going fast. With the Ego Switch, you can create a custom ride mode setup, changing the transmission, steering and suspension settings individually. But since the exhaust note is tied to the drive mode — there’s no switch to make it louder or quieter separate from the mode — using the Corsa is the only way to ring the Urus at its best. What the Urus needs is better middle ground: a sporty driving mode that sounds fantastic and feels dramatic without overdoing it on the street.

The 2021 Urus is priced at $222,004 (including a $3,995 destination fee), and my test car is $295,751. It’s a lot more expensive than the $179,986 Aston Martin DBX, which I think is a lot more special. to drive while looking just as exotic. Then there’s the Audi RS Q8, with which the Urus shares its powertrain, chassis and most of its technical and performance characteristics. At $115,595, the Audi is over $100,000 cheaper than the Lamborghini and just as fun to drive.

Dieser Lamborghini Urus Von Mansory Lässt Die Augen Schmerzen

But there is good news on the horizon. Lamborghini is working on a facelift for the Urus, which could be called the Urus Evo, with even more power and improved dynamics, and a plug-in hybrid version is in the works. Here’s hoping these new variants inject a bit more absurdity into this surprisingly quiet SUV. Find the overview of the Lamborghini Urus auto, including details about the most important features, Motorisierung, Ausstattudas automodell and more information. Continue reading

Mit dem Lamborghini Urus brought die Italian eine own hervor Fahrzeugklasse: Das SSUV aka Super-Sport-Utility-Vehicle. The powerful V8-Bi-Turbo-Motor Urus has 650 horsepower. Mit dem komden Facelift könnte das sogar noch mehr werden. Either way, Lamborghini promises a vehicle that’s on the streets, in the field and on the racetrack more than it is at home. Und verschiedene Tests zeigen: Das ist den Italienschen Entwicklern verstächt gelungen. Continue reading

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How To Buy A Lamborghini Urus

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