How To Draw A Cat Step By Step For Beginners

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How To Draw A Cat Step By Step For Beginners
How To Draw A Cat Step By Step For Beginners

How To Draw A Cat Step By Step For Beginners – Learn to draw a cat in this fun cat drawing tutorial! But this is no ordinary cat – this is a colorful cosmic cat!

If you say don’t paint your elephants pink or cows with purple stripes, this drawing lesson is for you! Throw other people’s rules out the window – let your imagination run wild!

How To Draw A Cat Step By Step For Beginners

How To Draw A Cat Step By Step For Beginners

I’ll show you how I created this beautiful, cosmic cat with a colorful, psychedelic design. I can use these ideas to make other fun animal portraits like punk rock puppies! (You can see one of them right below!) You can rotate

How To Draw A Cat: Easy Step By Step Tutorial

For this drawing lesson I used: pencils, rubber erasers (erasers), Prismacolor colored pencils (but you can use markers, pens or paints!) and drawing paper (links to Blick art materials and buy support if you have them) (On this site I get a small commission for doing this).

For a model, I used this photo of a cat taken on a trip to Italy in the summer of 2010:

I cropped the photo to show a close-up of his face. I love how the camera is looking straight ahead!

Next, I divided the image into a simple cell by drawing a line horizontally and vertically down the center of the image:

How Draw Cat Step By Step Stock Vector (royalty Free) 1027790899

To draw the panel, I first drew a rectangle 7 inches by 7.75 inches long on my paper. I cut those measurements in half to draw the lines inside the grid. So the vertical midline is 3.5 inches and the horizontal midline is 3 7/8 inches.

Now I drew the cat’s face on my paper using the stencil. The panel method makes it easy to draw accurately by eye only. To learn how to draw a cat, you can use a grid where the cat’s features match the lines in the picture and then draw on your paper along the lines of your grid.

For example, look at a picture of a cat and notice where its ears are. You can see it in the corner of the photo, but it doesn’t quite touch the edge of the window. So your job is to reproduce it in your paper. Then look at the bottom edge of the image, in the middle of the center vertical line, and draw it on your paper. Draw lightly so you can erase any mistakes. (But more importantly, don’t be afraid to make mistakes! Nobody gets it right on the first try. That’s what breakers are for!)

How To Draw A Cat Step By Step For Beginners

Follow these steps to outline the cat’s head, eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. If you want, you can also draw lines to show the different colors of the cat’s fur, like I did below:

How To Draw Yellowfang, Yellowfang From Warrior Cats, Step By Step, Drawing Guide, By Dawn

Here comes the fun part: Now you can achieve the cat color of your choice – using any design, pattern and color you like! I will show you how I draw mine, but you can follow your creativity and draw your cat in your own way.

Then I did something interesting. I placed a blank piece of paper over the drawing and used a ballpoint pen to draw a knife on the surface of the blank cover:

“Now why did he do that?” you might be asking. Let me share with you a great colored pencil technique:

When you remove the cover page, your drawing paper will be marked with lines drawn on the cover page with a ballpoint pen. When you draw with your colored pencils

How To Draw A Cute Anime Cat, Step By Step, Drawing Guide, By Dawn

You’ll notice that I drew the indentations with a purple line, so the blades will have a purple color. Why did I do this?

Look at the other paper I put on it – otherwise I wouldn’t know where to draw the knives. So here are some knives that go

Then I painted her eyes. I painted a multicolored stripe pattern, but you can color the cat’s eyes however you like! You can paint them one color or multiple colors or draw polka dots or hearts! It’s up to you!

How To Draw A Cat Step By Step For Beginners

Then I moved on to her hair. Looking at the photo of the cat, I selected the darker parts of the hair and colored red with white polka dots in my photo:

How To Draw Cats Pencil Drawings Step By Step Book 2: Pencil Drawing Ideas For Absolute Beginners: Volume (drawing A Cat :easy Pencil Drawings

Then I drew some orange circles within the circle (icon shape) within the red area:

The next step was to fill in the space above the cat’s head. I chose a dark blue color to give this area a light blue color and add small “silky” lines.

Next, I filled in the center of the cat’s face with dark green hairlines with blue and yellow. I added dark blue hairlines to the red spots to give the cat’s hair more texture.

I then finished the cat with soft pink, lavender and blue on the lower half of the face.

Easy How To Draw Grumpy Cat Tutorial, Grumpy Cat Coloring Page

Remember that whispered note you made earlier? In the photo below, you can see that even though I’ve colored in those posts, they’re still white:

Also, you can see that I added light blue lines below the indentations to further separate the blades. In the picture below, compare the extended blades with the blank blades and you’ll see what I mean:

Anyway, here’s a quick visual overview of the steps on how to draw a cosmic and spiritual cat:

How To Draw A Cat Step By Step For Beginners

As I said before, this is one way to draw a cat. Follow these steps to learn how to draw a cat and color it in a fantastic way!

How To Draw A Cat: Learn How To Create A Unique Colorful Cat Drawing — Art Is Fun

To show you a small sample of the endless ways to color your cat, here are some different space cat drawings:

If you want to jump right into coloring a cat without learning how to draw a cat first, here’s a free blank cat pattern that you can download, print, and color:

Click the image to open a larger, printable version. Right-click a large image, save it to your hard drive, and print it whenever you want. You can easily draw with colored pencils, markers or pens, I made the line light gray.

I hope you enjoyed this drawing tutorial on how to draw a cat! If you draw a space cat based on these instructions, let me know – I’d love to see it!

How To Draw A Cute Cartoon Cat Completely From Letters, Numbers, & Shapes Easy Step By Step Drawing Tutorial For Kids

If you need some help choosing the best colored pencils, check out my guide to colored pencils. I cover key concepts like brand, consistency and sustainability.

Do you want to learn the skills and techniques that will allow you to draw anything your imagination can conjure up? Let’s shoot!

This video and e-book based course takes a comprehensive approach to photography that cannot be covered by the tutorials on this site. Two experienced instructors will teach you the basics of drawing and introduce you to the advanced techniques needed for realism and accuracy.

How To Draw A Cat Step By Step For Beginners

If you love to color, check out my coloring books and printables full of beautiful designs that are just begging to be filled with color! Update: A new cat drawing tutorial has now been added at the end. First lesson!

Easy Cat Drawing Ideas » How To Draw A Cat Step By Step

Kids will love this easy step-by-step tutorial to learn how to draw a cat. This easy cat tutorial is perfect for kids young enough to learn to draw.

All the drawing steps here are fun and easy to follow! Expect this drawing to take about 20 minutes, but if the background is painted, the artwork may take longer.

In this article, we’ll start with a blank piece of paper and quickly learn how to draw a simple cat. It makes sense to pay attention to the proportions of each part of the cat.

Click the link below to view or download this drawing tutorial. PDF is a printable drawing tutorial to draw cats easily. The last page of the downloadable PDF contains a coloring book page with just lines and extension exercises to encourage children to be creative!

Art Made Easy: Pencil Drawing: Cats

Let’s give our cat a cute face by drawing two circles for the eyes. Then add a rounded triangle for the nose. Draw two curved lines to make the cat’s nose. Finally, draw a line on both sides of the head to make our cat whisper.

Create an elongated shape to create the body. Then add a long narrow shape to form the tail.

Let’s add up

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