How To Draw A Cute Realistic Puppy

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How To Draw A Cute Realistic Puppy
How To Draw A Cute Realistic Puppy

How To Draw A Cute Realistic Puppy – With just a simple charcoal pencil and a piece of paper, you can draw your own dog of different breeds.

1. Draw a raised horizontal line. Under it, draw a small oval, add a point and color the resulting nose.

How To Draw A Cute Realistic Puppy

How To Draw A Cute Realistic Puppy

2. From below, draw two curved lines that meet under the nose. On his advice, draw a short line.

Easy To Draw Realistic

4. From the lips, draw two smooth lines extending down the middle. Connect them in the center with a curved tick. From its edges, continue the circular line – it will be a protruding tongue. Draw a small line from its base.

5. Draw a round chin, under the mouth, behind the tongue. Above the nose, add two vertical oval shapes for the eyes. Inside, near the middle, paint two small shapes. Mark the oval lights on them and paint on the butterflies.

6. Above the eyes, draw two convex lines, and a little higher in the middle – a loose fur.

7. From this fur around the edges, leave smooth lines down. Draw circles around the eyes and bring them up so that your ears are bent. Based on this, add small ones.

Highly Detailed Hyper Realistic Pencil Sketch Of An Australian Shepherd · Creative Fabrica

8. At the edges of the eyes, draw the head with circular lines. Attach the left to the ear with a small stroke. Place a few dots under the nose and paint over the tongue in the mouth. If desired, the diagram can be drawn with colored pencils, markers, or markers.

To draw such a beautiful dog, first draw a circle. Just above the middle, draw a horizontal curved line. Draw a vertical line at the top left as shown in the image.

On the lower left, going beyond the lower edges, draw a circle with a smaller diameter than the previous one.

How To Draw A Cute Realistic Puppy

From the inside to the right side of the head, draw an almost horizontal line along the edge of the large circle. Make another slash outside the border of the sketch to the right, roughly in the middle of the head. Connect it to the first one. On the left, draw another line at one corner, and from that draw a line into a small circle. Below the left and right ears, outline the smooth outline of the neck.

Ways To Draw A Cute Puppy

Above the horizontal line, mark the eyes, slightly lengthening the edges. The left should be slightly smaller than the right. Outline each eye with broken lines above and below.

Draw small round lights and pupils on the eyes. Shade the last one. Highlight the eye shape with light and thick lines. Details are in the video tutorial below. Define the eyebrows with small strokes.

Inside the small diameter circle, draw an oval positioned horizontally. Then, pressing hard on the pencil, select the upper part of the oval and draw the inner edges of the nose. Between them, slightly to the left, add a smooth vertical line. Follow the lower edge of the oval along the broken lines.

Draw a small vertical line under the nose. At the intersection of the two circles, mark the lips. On the left, add another smooth line. From this, going outside the border of the circle, represent the left side of the lips. Draw a line to the left of the nose as shown in the photo.

How To Draw Cute Animals By Lorenzob

Draw the lower lip with a short curve. On the right, go a little beyond the border of the small circle and continue the lip with the traces on its border.

With broken lines, they represent wool, enclosing the sketch of the right ear. Smooth the bottom and left side. On the left, near the edge, add a little more fur.

Boldly outline the top of the head. With the dashed lines, design the left ear, drawing its right side near the eye. At the top left, add volume to the image by drawing a smooth vertical line with dashes. Make the lower edge of the ear narrow. Take the skin on the neck.

How To Draw A Cute Realistic Puppy

Take the hair around the eyes, under the right ear and on the neck. Erase pencil sketches whenever possible. If some essential lines are missing, redraw them.

How To Draw An Easy Dog Face

Shade the rest of the head keeping in mind the direction of hair growth. Black under the nose and eyes, near the ears and on the neck. Add dots to the lips. Well, who *doesn’t* love a good dog? Sharpen your pencil and learn to capture ingenuity with a little practice. Although this tutorial explains how to draw a beagle, the same method applies to all breeds.

Start your dog as he begins all drawings: blocks of basic shapes. Use circles and ovals to create the various shapes found on your dog’s face, and draw very faint horizontal and vertical lines to help line up the eyes, muzzle, etc.

Once you have a clean outline, clean up the sketch by erasing your guidelines. Start shading the skin and features. For the dark parts of the dog, such as the eyes and small black nose, use a dark 6B pencil.

This step depends entirely on your dog’s breed and coat type – our Beagle’s short, straight coat is very different from the Poodle’s curls. But no matter what kind of fur you draw, you want to create shadows with directional strokes with the 2B pencil. Hold on to trying to draw individual hair.

How To Sketch A Cute Samoyed Puppy

As you work, build skin tone and detail by increasing your pressure to define darker sections in your drawing. For even darker effects, switch to the 4B pencil.

Make flat edges with a thin tip of the dampened rubber and gently stroke the shaded areas of the fur. This picks up some of the graphite from the smaller sections and makes the skin more realistic.

Continue working on the fur with your different pencils until you’re happy with how your popper looks on paper!

How To Draw A Cute Realistic Puppy

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