How To Draw A Dinosaur Easy

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How To Draw A Dinosaur Easy
How To Draw A Dinosaur Easy

How To Draw A Dinosaur Easy – I suggest you to complete an interesting drawing lesson where you can learn how to draw a dinosaur step by step.

I have prepared for you an excellent drawing lesson that will definitely not leave any of you indifferent, because in it you will learn how to draw a dinosaur step by step. The drawing lesson is specially designed for beginner artists and children, so you can safely go to the implementation and you will find elements that you are not afraid that it is difficult to draw.

How To Draw A Dinosaur Easy

How To Draw A Dinosaur Easy

You may have seen dinosaurs more than once in various movies, cartoons, books and video games. Of course, you know that dinosaurs are considered extinct animals that lived on earth millions of years ago. Dinosaurs are like giant lizards. These horrible animals walked on two to four legs. It is believed that dinosaurs lived in many places on our planet.

How To Draw For Kids (dinosaurs): An Easy Step By Step Guide To Draw Dinosaurs And Other Prehistoric Creatures (ages 6 12): Sachdeva, Sachin: 9781986715232: Books

In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw a very cute simple dinosaur that looks like a small dinosaur. This dinosaur will not look scary at all, on the contrary, very cute. By learning how to draw this simple dinosaur, you can draw it against the background of any natural landscape, and also draw it with other dinosaurs of different species.

Don’t forget to download the PDF file, which contains a short version of this lesson, and additional exercises to help you complete it. Below you will find a step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a simple dinosaur. and dinosaur coloring pages. This project is the perfect excuse to try out what white paint markers can do.

When students are learning how to draw simple dinosaurs, it’s fun to make a whole collection and use a few different materials while they’re at it. One of my favorite combos is white paint marker on brown craft paper. It has an earthy look that is perfect for old things – especially dinosaurs.

Although the drawings are quite simple, I recommend that you save this project for older students, say grades 4-5. Drawing short requires some fine motor skills while avoiding drawing wet lines. Plan B? Make the paper bigger, maybe half a sheet (5.5 inches x 8.5 inches) or so. Second and third graders will probably do much better with this size and have plenty of space to work with.

How To Draw Dinosaurs

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How To Draw A Dinosaur Easy

I have done many tutorials on drawing cute and kawaii animals like this kawaii dog tutorial and this kawaii cat tutorial.

How To Draw A Dinosaur In 7 Easy Steps

In this post, I will show you how to draw a cute dinosaur in this step-by-step guide so you can easily draw cute dinosaurs!

Whether you are a kid or an adult learning how to draw, the steps are super easy to follow, let’s get started!

I also show you how to color the dinosaurs – but you can choose any colors you like!

This post contains affiliate links. If you decide to buy, I will pay you a commission at no extra charge.

How To Draw A Baby Dinosaur

But you can use any tool – a pen and paper or colored pencils or Copic markers or Photoshop because the drawing method remains the same.

I Draw Kawaii Dinosaurs If you want to see more books that teach you how to draw cute kawaii animals, check out:

You can also print this out and draw on it. Next, we’re going to draw the legs.

How To Draw A Dinosaur Easy

The trick to drawing cute animals is to use a lot of circles and rounded curves – this is what adds the cute element to the animals.

How To Draw A Cute Dinosaur

From the back of the head, draw a long curve to the tail and finish the end of the tail by dragging the line down.

The dinosaur’s hands are very small, so just draw a small V shape in the middle of the dinosaur’s body.

And now, we’re going to draw the dinosaur’s face – I’m just going to draw a small circle in the middle of the head to show the dinosaur’s eye.

Next, draw small circular scales on the dinosaur’s body. Draw small semicircles starting from the head and ending at the tail.

Ways To Draw Dinosaurs

You can also make them pointed, but I prefer round scales because I find they are very pretty.

You can paint the dinosaur any color you want, but for this tutorial I’m going to paint it green!

Next, I will color the scales. You can color the scale in a different color or use multiple colors for the scale. Let your creativity take over!

How To Draw A Dinosaur Easy

And finally with a light yellow color (almost a cream color), I will color the belly and legs of the dinosaur to add more detail to the dinosaur.

How To Draw A Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur

If you want to see more tutorials on drawing kawaii animals and kawaii things, please comment below on what you want to see next!

I will be adding more kawaii drawing tutorials (animals, food and many things) to this blog, so watch!

If you’re interested in drawing in a kawaii style and then selling art or merchandise on Etsy, check out this course!

My old bud Ilaria (we were friends on Instagram when I had Instagram) created this course! I’ve watched you grow from 0 followers and I’m so proud of you!

How To Draw A Dinosaur Step By Step

And believe it or not, there is not 1 good online course to learn how to draw kawaii art and make physical stickers on the internet. I have been looking for such a course for a long time.

You can create and print your own stickers and sell them on Etsy or anywhere! She explains in detail how to draw the letters.

This is one of the best courses I have ever taken, very cute and educational.

How To Draw A Dinosaur Easy

A sketchbook, photoshop and graphics tablet so you can draw kawaii characters. If you want to make stickers, you need a printer and sticker sheets.

How To Draw A Baby Dinosaur, Baby Dinosaur, Step By Step, Drawing Guide, By Dawn

And if you are really excited to improve your drawings or just want to create cute kawaii animals and kawaii people, check out this other course by Sara.

Sara teaches you how to draw something in cool kawaii style. I really like this type of course because it’s so easy to learn and so easy to get clients because it’s a really relatable drawing style.

If you’re just getting started with ProCreate, I recommend this course: ProCreate for Beginners: Digital Illustration 101

Angela Vaz is a blogger and illustrator based in Bangalore, India. When she is not drawing or reading, she plays with her 2 adorable Labradors and drinks a lot of tea.

Cute Dinosaur Coloring Pages For Kids Learn To Draw 8075238 Vector Art At Vecteezy

I’m Angela Vaz (an illustrator and comic artist) and I started this blog to help people draw people, animals and things in a fun cartoon style – really easily!

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