How To Draw A Easy Horse Step By Step

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How To Draw A Easy Horse Step By Step
How To Draw A Easy Horse Step By Step

How To Draw A Easy Horse Step By Step – Hello, dear artists. In our comments you often asked us to draw a horse. So this guide is ready, and the editing process begins!

First, let’s draw the stomach and head in round shapes. With this step, we will immediately show the exact measurements of the horse, and put them correctly on paper.

How To Draw A Easy Horse Step By Step

How To Draw A Easy Horse Step By Step

Now we will draw the horse’s eyes and ears. We chose a cartoon style to make the eye look like a regular circle. Look for a small margin around the ear.

Horse Head Drawing (easy)

In this step, let’s proceed to create a simple horse shape. So now we will connect the head and the trunk with two short left lines. We will also draw a small outline of the nose and mouth inside the head.

As you know, all horses have a spear. In cartoon style, we start by drawing small edges that look like a round shape with many edges.

Now add a round shape with serrated edges. it sits between the interesting ear and the back of the head. This figure should be greater than the figure from the first step.

Tying a horse’s legs is very difficult, isn’t it? In fact, yes, so I decided to make this work as simple as possible. In this step, let’s outline the rectangle and the triangle in front of the interior.

Cartoon Horse Drawing

This is a very simple step. Now we will draw the hind legs of our horse. This is similar to the last step, but you can see the important twist here.

We will add here only four lines to represent the hoof. Pay attention to the size of the nails and the distance from each line to the edge of the foot.

Drawing a curved tail is the last step before working with paint. You can choose the shape and size of the ponytail as you like.

How To Draw A Easy Horse Step By Step

We decided to avoid the shadows and highlight the complex. For a simple painting, we just need to paint on our horse, and do not forget about the light in the eye.

How To Draw A Horse Head

Don’t forget to check our website for the latest guides. We are happy to strive for your progress! Remember also to write us how you got good results. Focus on your ideas while creating new courses! Learn how to draw a horse step by step with this tutorial. Click on the guide and take the guide and make a simple red horse! Whether you’re a designer or just want to make cufflinks, these easy instructions are a great way to get inspired!

When you finish drawing this real horse, look at all these drawings! If you like to color, check out these beautiful mandala coloring pages, and these coloring pages for teenagers have designs to please everyone!

Learn to draw a horse with these easy steps. Start with a Horse Body Tour (Steps 1-9)

Step 1: the circle (shoulder/chest direction) – the smallest tip: think of the circle as the face of a clock.

Horse Head Drawing Easy

Step 4: add a long inverted trapezoid at the bottom of circle 3 – around 5:30 and 8 o’clock.

Step 5: add a slightly curved line to connect neck circles 1 and 3 – starting at 1 o’clock in circle 3 and ending at 11 o’clock in circle 1.

Step 6-7: create the heads of the front legs – in the bottom circle 1, draw each leg in three parts with two curves, moving the calf to the knee and forward to the joint of the feet. We draw a standing and bent leg (at 6 and 7:30, respectively).

How To Draw A Easy Horse Step By Step

Step 8-9: add the heads of the back legs – similar to the front legs, lead each one to three parts with two bends, but here you will pull forward to the hook and joint. We bring two identical feet in front of the other (at 6 o’clock and 5 o’clock – circle 2).

How To Draw A Horse

To start drawing you can do this by changing the position of the head, tail or legs, the distance between the heads or the shape of your face. (Now you can change the pen or colored pencil)

Step 10: starting from the horse’s neck and back – draw a curved/arched line parallel to the leader’s neck (start a little above circle 3 at about 12 o’clock; end at 1 o’clock at circle 1) . Continue the line to the 2 to 11 o’clock circle, and draw in the circle to 5 o’clock.

Step 11: add inside – draw a curved line between circles 1 (around 6 o’clock) and 2 (around 7 o’clock).

Step 12: draw the first hand – continue the back line from step 10, draw around the leading foot. To connect nails, restaurant joints, hoofs. Draw a line on the body to show the thigh.

Easy How To Draw A Horse Head Tutorial And Horse Head Coloring Page

Step 13: draw the first leg forward – similar to step 12, draw around the lead leg. Add kneecaps, joints, hoofs. Continue the line on the body as well. This helps to show that the foot is facing us.

Step 14: Draw the horse’s head – similar to the legs, draw a guide around the head and add a hook around the bottom of the trapezium to show the chin, mouth and nose. (Guide, starting at 2 o’clock in a circle of 3, around the trapeze, ending at 11 o’clock).

Step 15-16: add the first ear – in the space to the left of circle 3, the ear is bent forward. Add details – a curved line in the ear (from where it meets the headline). This will show in the ear.

How To Draw A Easy Horse Step By Step

Step 17: add a duck, draw a curved line from the ear to the center of the face (or as far as you like).

How To Draw A Horse Face

Step 18: with the previous one placed, add the second ear – after the first one, draw it in the shape and style.

Step 19: add sperm – a curved line is drawn around his neck. That will make it look like sperm there. A long time ago – see step 21.

Step 20: Continue the neck and increase the chest – draw a line parallel to the neck connecting circle 3 (at 3-4 o’clock) and circle 1 at 10 o’clock), continue through the circle to establish. .

Step 22: add the rest of the front leg – as in step 13, draw a guide around the leg, add the knee joint, joint, and hoof. They do not know when we reach the body.

Easy Cute Horse Drawing

Steps 24-26: With the tail in place, add the other leg – behind the tail, draw around the lead leg, add the knee to the hook, thigh joint, and hoof.

Step 28: add a nose – draw a 6 twist or bean shape to the left corner of the trapezoid.

Step 29: draw a simple line for the mouth. Step 30: Erase the features and add all the details you want (eg hoof or hoof lines, mane and tail threads, saddle and straps, etc.) Now you are done with the first drawing of the king’s horse ready to color. or decoration!

How To Draw A Easy Horse Step By Step

This tutorial is a basic example. The more you practice, the more you can discover the design. You can change the face, legs, mane, tail, add features or add a mandala design for a fun drawing project. Remove or add any information you want. Have fun drawing.

How To Draw A Horse Head

Use this printable download as a design guide. Follow the steps and you will be on your way to creating your very own horse!

After I make you a horse, you draw the shape of a slave. It makes perfect use! Grab your brushes and try them out by painting!

Cindy Hopper combines her BFA in Art Education with practical work experience raising children to share easy arts and crafts for kids, DIY projects, holiday inspiration, recipes, patterns and ideas. approach for a simple and happy life. Don’t miss the point! Sign up to get techniques, recipes, sewing tutorials and more delivered straight to your inbox. Follow Skip to My Lou on FB for the latest news! Join me on Pinterest and Instagram for more fun! Drawing different animals can sometimes be very difficult – a lot of body, a lot of details that you need to consider when drawing animals. If you want to learn to draw a horse, it will be no different. Even the correct position of all the horse’s legs can be a challenge. Also, the head takes the correct shape with a little work.

During the first five steps, be careful not to apply too much pressure with the pen. Start with a light, soft stroke that you can erase later. First, check the basic features of the animal before work

How To Draw A Horse Tutorials That Beginners Should Check Out

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