How To Draw A Horse Body Step By Step

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How To Draw A Horse Body Step By Step
How To Draw A Horse Body Step By Step

How To Draw A Horse Body Step By Step – Different animals can sometimes seem very difficult to draw – so much anatomy and so much detail that you have to take into account when drawing animals. If you want to learn how to draw a horse, it’s no different. Correct positioning of each joint in the horse’s legs is also a challenge. Also, you need some practice to get the head shape right.

During the first five steps, be careful not to apply too much pressure with the pencil. Start with light, gentle strokes that you can erase later. First, look at the basic shapes of the animal before working out the details.

How To Draw A Horse Body Step By Step

How To Draw A Horse Body Step By Step

Draw three semicircular shapes as reference points for the horse’s body and head. Circles don’t have to be perfect. They are just suggestions.

How To Draw A Horse Tutorials That Beginners Should Check Out

Attach these forms to the horse with four lines – two between the head and shoulders and two at the hip.

A good way to do this is to look more closely at animal anatomy. The front pair of legs has a mid-length corpus joint and a pastern joint about 3/4 the length. The joint just above the nut affects the position of the foot but is only really relevant if you want to draw the horse in a completely realistic way.

Now attach the legs to the body of the animal. Pay particular attention to the shape of the muscles and joints and how they affect the horse’s silhouette.

The important characteristics that give the horse its expression are still missing. At this point draw the animal’s head and tail.

How To Draw A Horse Rider

Great, basic form, so the most challenging part is already over. Now delete the overlapping guidelines you need to build the anatomy.

Except for a few suggested lines that emphasize the shape of the animal (eg, single lines on the legs, joints, or head), you can delete all overlapping lines.

Draw the horse’s face. Pay particular attention to the placement of the eyes and eyebrows to give the horse’s head proper proportion. Then you can express the mouth and draw the mane with a few strokes. Individual strokes that emphasize the size of the animal’s head help create dimension. We and our partners use cookies to collect information and/or access the device. We and our partners use the data for personalized ads and content, advertising and content measurement, audience insights and product development. An example of processing data may be a unique identifier stored in a cookie. Some of our partners may process your data as part of their legitimate business interest without asking for consent. To view the purposes for which they believe they have a legitimate interest, or to object to this data processing, use the List of Vendors link below. The consent given is only used for the processing of data coming from this website. If you wish to change your settings or withdraw consent at any time, the link to do so is in our privacy policy available on our home page.

How To Draw A Horse Body Step By Step

If you have ever wondered about horses because of their beautiful top, long tail, muscular body, thick neck, impressive speed, their ability to be fearless in case of danger and they remain stable social animals. In groups called herds, you’ll have some fun later. In these tutorials, we love horses by drawing a horse in three ways. The first horse is drawn standing, the second is in the form of a cute chibi horse, and the third is running. The more comfortable you become with each step of the tutorials, the more natural your drawing will appear. Also, I start every tutorial by painting a dummy first. The dummies will be the base for us to assemble our final sketch. Are you ready? Join us! .

Ways To Add Details To A Horse Drawing

Using the image above as a guide, the horse’s body is shown with two long and curved horizontal lines and two short and curved vertical lines. The back of the body should be drawn slightly shorter than the front of the body.

The front legs of the horses started from a small circle as seen in the picture. From the bottom of the circle, the outer leg is in the form of two small vertical lines and should be drawn like a pipe. With that drawn, proceed to draw the lower leg by first drawing a circle and then two small vertical lines. Complete the leg by drawing a third circle. Using the picture as a guide, repeat the process for the second front leg. Finally, draw a small vertical line on the horse’s body above the start of the front legs.

To begin with, draw a large circle starting at the top of the back of the body. Then the circle should extend from the body. Using the image as a guide, cut off the bottom of the circle and draw a small, angled vertical line connecting it to the beginning of the horse’s outer leg. The outer leg should be stretched back. Now draw two small vertical lines going back to draw the pipe. The tubes should decrease in size as they reach the center of the horse’s leg. Then draw another circle and small tubes that start big and gradually decrease. Finish the legs by drawing another circle. Look at the image again, and draw a second background using the same process.

The horse’s tail should be held behind its body. A vertical line starting at the top of the horse’s body and ending at the center of the horse’s legs. Finally, draw the tip of the tail between the back legs of our character using small zigzag strokes.

How To Draw A Horse

Using the image as a guide, draw two long and curved horizontal lines. This is our long and thick necked horse. At the end of the neck, draw the head as seen. Start it big and reduce its size as you reach the mouth. Once there, draw a small circle. Draw another circle inside the horse’s head as seen. Then draw an ear on the top of the head. It should be short and pointed.

The mane should be drawn slightly above the neck and represented with short and sloping strokes.

At this point, we can reduce the duplicate a bit and use the traces on the left to draw the final lines seen in the image.

How To Draw A Horse Body Step By Step

This is the step where we add some color to our drawing. So, grab your brown and black and start painting a stunner.

Easy How To Draw A Horse Head Tutorial And Horse Head Coloring Page

This is basically painting the dark spots seen in the image above. These include a black patch on the neck, horse’s back, legs, belly and face.

Drawing lights is simply drawing the light spots shown in the picture on your drawing. So grab your lighter brown and touch up those lighter spots on the horse’s body.

Chibi/cute horse drawing is drawing a horse in anime or cartoon form and we will do it in ten steps.

The horse’s body should be separated by two long horizontal lines curled and wide. Two short and curved vertical lines should then join the horizontal lines. A third vertical line should be drawn inside the body. It should be exactly on the front as shown in the picture.

How To Draw A Horse In 7 Simple Steps

Next, draw the legs as shown in the picture. The leg closest to the audience should be raised and the other should be placed firmly on the floor.

The hind legs should be drawn slightly apart but before you start, using the picture as a guide, draw a vertical curved line down the back of the horse’s body. After drawing it, each leg should start small and gradually get bigger as seen in the picture.

Our horse’s head is pulled back while turning back as seen in the picture above. Don’t forget to add the ears and mouth. Then, the tail is in the form of two curved vertical lines. It should start small and gradually widen and then narrow towards the tips. After doing this, complete the tail by drawing two small vertical lines at the top.

How To Draw A Horse Body Step By Step

The mane should be pulled up short, starting from his forehead to the nape of his neck. Curved lines should be used as shown in the figure. After doing this, draw the facial features of our chibi horse. It is basically the eyes, nose and mouth.

How To Draw A Horse Nose

Here we enhance our drawing with primary colors. So let’s draw your colors and paint as seen in the picture!

This is basically to paint a small area under the horse’s head with dark spots in the image such as the legs, lower body and head.

For light painting, we

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