How To Draw A Optical Illusion Easy

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How To Draw A Optical Illusion Easy
How To Draw A Optical Illusion Easy

How To Draw A Optical Illusion Easy – Check out my direct drawing video on how to draw an easy optical illusion for kids – Cat / Bird!

Growing up, one of my favorite artists was M. Escher. You may have seen his improbable scales once painted in relativity on some teenager’s wall. It’s pictures like these that inspired me to create alphabet letters – letter-like animals – to help children learn their ABCs. Well, today I’d like to show you how to draw a simple visual illusion of a cat 🐱 turning sideways to become a bird. In optical illusions, every line counts. There should be enough lines to see one way, but not to spoil it another way. I tried to keep this visual illusion drawing simple for preschoolers and kindergartners, but it’s good enough for older kids and adults who are just starting to draw. Pause the video if you want to follow along. All you need is a pencil, pen or marker, and some paper. And of course, feel free to paint afterwards. Let’s make magic! – Patrick O.

How To Draw A Optical Illusion Easy

How To Draw A Optical Illusion Easy

Patrick is the creator of the educational website, which uses cute cartoon animals in the form of letters to help kids learn their ABCs. Through the website, he hopes to help both kids and beginners gain more confidence in their drawing skills with simple and fun step-by-step tutorials. Levels have many names. Depending on where you’re from, you might call them a stair, stepladder, stepladder, or stair… Read more.

Optical Illusion Images

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How To Draw Cool Optical Illusion Drawing Trick With Easy Step By Step Drawing Tutorial

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How To Draw A Optical Illusion Easy

What is an impossible cube? Also called the Irrational Cube, this optical illusion was created by Dutch artist MC Escher in 1958. His Belvedere lithographic prints depict a building based on an impossible cube that seems to defy the rules.

Learn How To Draw Amazing Optical Illusions

The Impossible Triangle, also known as the Penrose Triangle or the Impossible Tribe, was first drawn by a Swedish artist named Oskar Reutersvaard in 1934. Read More Have you ever seen one of those cool visual illusions and wondered how they were created? It’s easier than you think to fool the eye on flat paper, and that’s what we’re going to do in this lesson. Plus, learning how to draw visual illusions can be a fun way to step out of reality for a while and experiment with shapes and colors without the pressure we sometimes put on ourselves when creating art.

The first thing we need to do is decide which form or theme we want to represent. This example deals with a subject that is not only easy to provide, but also easy to get quick access to – our own hands. Any shape or surface you choose will work with this tutorial as long as they have curves and are not 100 percent angular.

Draw your hand or draw a selected object or shape in the center of the page with a light pencil stroke.

Now on to the fun part – choosing your color palette. The color combinations for this are endless. You can choose a cool palette like I did here. You can also create your optical illusion with warm colors, a random mix of colors or a monochrome palette. Decide the specific order you want the colors to be placed on the paper and keep that in mind as you draw each line.

Simple Way To Draw A 3d Optical Illusion Of Cubes Falling Through The Paper

Once you’ve chosen your color sequence, start drawing thin, straight lines on the back of your subject, leaving the foreground blank. Keep lines clean, straight and only a few millimeters apart.

Continue working down the paper with each new line and repeat the same color sequence once you reach the end of your palette.

Try to keep the same distance between each line and always keep them straight and especially in the complex areas between the toes. This makes the next step much easier.

How To Draw A Optical Illusion Easy

After the back is completely covered, you need to cover the shape of your choice. Using the same colors as before, connect each line from one side of the shape to the other, but this time make sure to bend your lines to match the curve of your shape – in this case the hand. Keeping your lines curved will make your shape stand out on the page and appear to have the right tone.

Abstract Spiral Art Optical Illusion || Single One Line Pen Drawing

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