How To Draw Animal Faces Step By Step

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How To Draw Animal Faces Step By Step
How To Draw Animal Faces Step By Step

How To Draw Animal Faces Step By Step – In this super easy tutorial, you’ll learn how to draw a pig’s face in just nine super easy steps with helpful tips for you.

In this tutorial I will show you how to draw a pig’s face. This lesson is designed specifically for beginners, so it uses simple elements that can be easily repeated.

How To Draw Animal Faces Step By Step

How To Draw Animal Faces Step By Step

If you like to draw animals, you will definitely enjoy this lesson. Here is a simple step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a pig’s face. This is a popular pet that has been bred at home for a long time.

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Here the pig is presented in a cartoon style and looks very cute and funny. At each stage of drawing, there is a small hint, thanks to which you will be able to draw the next element correctly.

Once you learn how to draw a pig’s face, you can easily draw other animals. The main characteristic of a pig is a nose of a certain shape. If you want to draw another animal, it will be enough to change the shape of the nose.

Finally, I recommend downloading a PDF file with a short version of the lesson. This will help you return to the lesson whenever you need to, even when the Internet is not available. In this tutorial I will show you how to draw a koala face for kindergarten. You can draw this funny face in four easy steps. Try it to see how easy it is!

If you want to learn how to draw animals, try drawing in a cartoon style. In this tutorial I will show you how to draw a very simple koala face. Even if today is the first time you pick up a pencil, you can achieve great results.

Outline Drawing. Cute Simple Animal Portraits

Also, if you want to not only draw a koala face, but also improve your skill, I advise you not to use any tools for drawing rounded shapes. Practice as often as possible and in time you will create perfectly even lines.

So let’s start this tutorial on how to draw a koala face. I look forward to seeing your great results!

It wasn’t hard, was it? Please write if you were able to get a very good result. Also, I will be more than happy to ask any questions in the comments.

How To Draw Animal Faces Step By Step

So this drawing tutorial is finished and I have no doubt that you will get a great result. But don’t worry if you didn’t succeed in drawing the first time, try again. I also have other animal drawing tutorials for kindergarten on my website, so be sure to check them out as well. Also, don’t forget to download the PDF version of the lesson. You will find many interesting things that will help young artists to improve their drawing skills. We are back again with another step by step drawing tutorial and this time we are going to show you how to draw a deer head with antlers. Whether you are learning how to draw a deer head or teaching your kids, this tutorial will help you with both.

Tiger Face Drawing

There are many species in the deer family. However, what you will draw today can be classified as a white-tailed deer (doe), roe deer or mule.

As said before, drawing a mule head is a bit tricky, but following the right steps will make it much easier. It won’t take much time for an adult, say 30-45 minutes. But it can take 1 hour or more to teach your kids.

A small oval will not work for this image because the deer’s face has a wide forehead and a narrow mouth area.

Erase the first inner line of the oval to get a clear long oval. This is the perfect shape for your deer’s face. Now we will add other details.

A Touch Of Whimsy: Learn How To Draw A Cute Animal Face Step By Step

Now draw a horizontal oval that overlaps the lower part of your deer’s face; this will give you the mouth area on your face.

Make sure that this oval doesn’t cover half of your deer’s face, but about three-quarters of the bottom.

For this step, you can also draw a curved horizontal line at the bottom of the face.

How To Draw Animal Faces Step By Step

Time to draw some cute deer fringe and eye contour. For fringes, you can draw the letter “W”, but with curved lines. For the eyes, draw two small ovals.

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In this step, we will draw the students and it is very simple. Just draw smaller ovals on the eyes and fill them with a black marker. Use white charcoal to add a glowing effect to the deer’s eyes.

This is a simple step; just draw two small circles next to each other below the curved face line. These will be the nostrils.

Now just draw a small U shape to add a cute smile to your deer’s face. (See Figure 8)

To draw the ear, draw a small diagonal line on the left side of the head. This line does not have to be completely horizontal.

How To Draw A Wolf Face And Head

Now, a short distance below this line, draw a curved line and connect it to the end of the first line. This curved line looks more like the letter J looking up from your deer’s head.

Follow step 9 on the right side to draw the right ear of your deer image. This way, you will have both ears of the deer ready. What is the next step? We draw deer horns.

Here we will start drawing the deer’s horns. Draw a J outline on the deer’s head that will look like its antlers (see Figure 11).

How To Draw Animal Faces Step By Step

To make it easier, just draw a long letter J on the left side above the left ear. Now, a short distance from this shape, draw another J shape and connect the ends to the first shape.

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Now draw small random triangles on the inside and one medium triangle on the other side of the drawn J.

Now take the eraser and erase all the intersecting lines on the horn. The sketch you have is of deer antlers.

Follow steps 11 through 13 to complete the deer antlers on both sides. After that, trace the entire head of the deer with antlers with a black marker or pen.

The last and most anticipated step of the drawing lesson: drawing. You will need three colors namely khaki, light olive and brown. If it is not these colors, you can also choose the color yourself. Use brown to color the deer’s antlers, light olive for the mouth and fringes, and khaki for the face.

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Finally, this is the end of the step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a deer head with antlers. Drawing and teaching take different amounts of time, but they both have patience in common. Whether you’re drawing or teaching someone to draw, staying calm and patient will only make the task easier. Also, don’t forget to check out our drawing tutorial on how to draw a puppy head. Easy drawing tutorials > animal , cartoon , dog , easy , faces , mammal > How to draw a fox face

Foxes are intelligent mammals that hunt their prey at night. If you learn how to draw a fox’s face, you can learn about animal anatomy.

When people think of foxes, they usually think of red foxes with black legs and bright orange fur.

How To Draw Animal Faces Step By Step

However, there are several species of foxes in the world, such as the gray fox and the fennec fox. Some foxes are brown, gray or white instead of orange.

How To Draw A Frog Face

When you are done with this tutorial, you can draw another fox like a cute fox. You can even draw a whole family of foxes living in their den.

Ask your parents or guardians if there is a sanctuary near you; you may be able to see the fox in person.

For more fun and easy tutorials, check out How to Draw a Wolf’s Face and Head or How to Draw a Dog’s Face Easy.

1. For each eye, draw two diagonal lines and then connect them with a curve. Draw two circles inside each eye with a small circle cut out from the pupil.

How To Draw Fox Mask, Face Masks

2. Under the eyes, draw a semi-hexagon with a curve at the top. Draw a circular W shape at the bottom, then add strokes on either side.

5. Repeat this step on the other side of the head. The sides do not have to be perfectly even.

6. For the right ear, draw a rounded triangle similar to the ears of a fox. Add flakes to the tip of the ear. Draw a curved L shape to give the ear depth and draw some dashes on the right.

7. Repeat the previous step to outline the left ear. The picture must be turned inside out.

How To Draw A Cute Kitten Face

8. Draw a curve to complete the head, then use triangles to add dots to the inner ears.

9. Add strokes inside the fox’s face to give your cartoon image more texture. To complete the cartoon fox face, draw the outline in black. You can use different markers and pens to make some lines thicker

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