How To Draw Anime Eyes

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How To Draw Anime Eyes
How To Draw Anime Eyes

How To Draw Anime Eyes – In this tutorial, we will teach you how to draw anime eyes. How cool is that? We’ll start by teaching you how to draw basic eye shapes, then move on to drawing different types of eyes, both male and female. You don’t have to be technically inclined to do this; it is something that one can learn. Good eyesight is essential if you want to learn to draw correctly. Drawing anime eyes well allows you to draw realistic human eyes in any style or type.

They say the eyes are the door to the soul. This is usually because the eyes tell us a lot about how a person is feeling. Eyes in anime are not the same. In fact, in anime eyes are a key ingredient in conveying a character’s mood and emotions.

How To Draw Anime Eyes

How To Draw Anime Eyes

Another distinctive feature of anime character design is the eyes. There are designs with male and female characters, as well as other styles unique to anime.

How To Draw Male Anime Eyes 2, Anime Drawing References Hd Phone Wallpaper

Drawing anime and manga eyes is a skill that is not difficult to learn, but it can be a challenge when it comes to managing crazy nurses of all kinds. Below you will find a step-by-step guide to drawing anime eyes in different countries:

Male anime eyes are usually smaller than female eyes. They also have a more angular, narrow shape. The eyes are often thicker and more curved than female anime eyes.

In the instructions above, we recommend that you draw the eyes from the upper eye to the lower eyeliner. This is recommended when you first learn to draw anime because it gives you accurate measurements. But once you have the basics, you can be more flexible with the size of the eyes depending on how you want the character to look.

When drawing female characters, you can stick to the same eye measurements because anime girls are often seen as innocent and pure. But you can draw more on Western eye shapes and small and smooth eyes, similar to manga style eyes.

Anime And Manga Eyes Drawing Reference And Sketches For Artists

But when drawing male characters, you should aim to make your eyes smaller than the height of the upper and lower eyeliner. Male anime eyes are often drawn as rarer than female anime characters because they show less expressiveness, although you can use your own preference for this.

Eyes are used to show femininity and anime and manga artists often use eyes on female characters. A characteristic of anime is that the eyes do not move directly. Rather, they are conceptually flat.

So when you draw female characters, use the eyes. Male characters may have eyelashes but they should be very small or not used at all.

How To Draw Anime Eyes

Male characters are often depicted with thick heels and deep-set eyes that make them appear angry or aggressive rather than female characters who are depicted as soft. Male eyes in anime are usually drawn with thick eyebrows and the eye shape is a bit squarish.

How To Draw Anime Eyes In 5 Easy Steps

We’ll use basic eye shapes for this tutorial, but feel free to add more details.

After you’ve drawn this shape over and over on a few photos or real person eyes, voila you’ll be an expert.

They say the eyes are the soul, so there are many things you can do to express how your character feels. Crying is a big one of these. We’ll go through the basic steps of drawing anime and manga with teary eyes in this tutorial.

Now, draw two small curves under each line and then two lines coming out of the iris that match the outer corners of your eye. These will be your students.

How To Draw Anime Eyes In Easy Steps

You have to bring tears to your character. Draw an oval shape under the iris that is half as long as it is and make two curved lines coming out from either side to represent tears.

You have to darken your vision to see clearly! You can do this by darkening the lash line and adding more shadow to your eyeliner.

You need to add a comment around the tear lines so they don’t look like they are being drawn! Draw a long, slightly upward curve for each attractive tear.

How To Draw Anime Eyes

First, draw a picture of your anime eye. This should be a solid oval with two curved lines coming out from either side that will attract the flames.

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Then, take another line and look down from both sides near the outer corner of each eye (bottom). This should allow you to draw the shape of your brow.

Now, you can take the two curved lines at the inner corners of each eye (top) and connect them with a diagonal line to form an upside down “V” where your pupil should be.

Take either a red or pink pencil and draw an upper break line in whichever direction you want it to go, bending at the corners. Then fill that whole area with black ink as well.

You can also use an orange pencil/crayon (whatever is available) and follow the line of strokes above. By doing this, you will create the illusion of having a lighter colored eyelid.

How To Draw Scared Anime Or Manga Eyes

Now, take your dark color and fill in what should be the lower lash line (below where it meets the eye).

And finally, draw two closed almond-shaped eyes by taking curved lines from each corner of the eye to meet the upper part.

Drawing anime eyes is easier than you think. With our step-by-step guide, it’s easy to draw perfect eye shapes and eyes in minutes! You can even learn to make your character cry or close their eyes with just a few lines. Whether you need ideas on how to draw an Anime girl, boy we have tutorials to help guide you through the entire process from start to finish.

How To Draw Anime Eyes

Once you have the basics down, you can start drawing anime eyes for your design. Maybe you want to try to put a wink or maybe a few tears? With our step-by-step tutorials and video instructions, the possibilities are endless! They should help you learn to draw. Ever since I discovered anime, I have been fascinated by this Japanese art form. Their characters are admirable whether they are good people or not. One of their main characteristics is their unusually large eyes. I have spent time perfecting my drawing skills and would like to share them here. With just a few simple steps, you can capture the charm of anime eyes and start creating your own unique characters.

How To Draw Anime Eyes: Anime Eye Drawing Guide From Artistro

For this little lesson, I used colored pencils and a white gel pen. Colored pencils provide treatment and vibrancy to make your eyes pop. A white gel pen is the perfect tool for adding bright notes that bring the eyes to life!

Describe the exterior of the eyes, the eyelid and the iris in the image. That means the eye closest to you should be larger than the eye farthest away, like when your face is slightly turned away. Start by drawing with a pencil and then draw using Black A012, or use Black A012.

Use the purple shade, A020, to fill in the iris, making the top area slightly darker.

Use Dark Purple A088 to highlight the pupil and create a gradient in the iris. It will get brighter at the top and turn dimmer at the bottom. When creating a gradient, I put more pressure on the pencil as I go from light to dark, with more pressure where I want it to be darkest.

Free How To Draw Anime And Manga Eyes Art Tutorials

Apply additional pressure close to the outer surface of the journal. Using black, I shade with a little pressure in the place where there will be a shadow over the iris, under the eyelids. I put a lot of pressure when I color the student. Then, I use an eraser to add highlights to the bottom of the journal. With Gray A047, color the upper part of the eyeball to create a shadow over the white of the eye. This creates volume and makes the eye appear rounder.

Use Pink A083 right below the iris to make it look more alive. Add highlights with a white gel pen.

Overall! So easy, right? You can use this as a template to use as you begin your journey creating your own amazing characters. What is your favorite anime character? Do you prefer the fun go-lucky variety or the challenging, heroes versus heroes? How do you draw the eyes to express the emotions that give them a unique personality?

How To Draw Anime Eyes

I think focusing on the eyes is the best way to build the personality of my characters. Once I have the eyes in place, I can turn the head and body to add them. Sometimes, eye color

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