How To Draw Chibi Characters

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How To Draw Chibi Characters
How To Draw Chibi Characters

How To Draw Chibi Characters – Hello everyone and welcome to my Clip Studio tutorial on #HowToChibi – drawing chibi in Clip Studio Paint!

Chibi is actually a Japanese fine art, a style of human caricature based on exaggeration (characters made as chibi are very short and small, and their heads are very large, with distinctive hairstyles, plump legs and a lot of decorations, and especially – very large and bright shaped eyes ) and is often used in manga and anime. The word “chibi” is used to describe something short, cute and chubby at the same time, be it a person, animal or object, it actually comes from the Japanese verb “禿びる” (chibiru). means “to grow old and shorten”. Common chibi are typical of pixies and are even called kawaii (cute) style.

How To Draw Chibi Characters

How To Draw Chibi Characters

Every good painting starts with a good sketch. Even the greatest artistic masterpieces in history were first sketches. To draw a good chibi, you need to know how to draw the right sketch for him (see the image above!). My suggestion is to use some form of wooden mannequin model. When I have to sketch a person, I use it as an aid in normal fine art. You can use the same principle for chibi art, except you have to imagine the doll shorter and chubbier (see image below!). Place the dummy only in the position where you want to draw your chip.

How To Draw Anime Fun Easy And Step By Step Drawing Anime Tutorial In Chibi Style For Beginners Vol 1: For Anime, Chibi And Manga Lovers

Create the first look of your chibi by adding the correct lines to the sketch you created. Pay special attention to the head and hair. Be smart with your hairstyle – I recommend short hair, especially if you’re not a pro.

Do not delete your thumbnail. You may need this later and a sketch can sometimes be a nice bonus and artistic reference to your drawing.

Girls are the best option for drawing chibi because they have more details and decorations and can draw more interestingly than boys.

Don’t be afraid to make a mess. Make your hair a little wild and playful. Polish the skirt/dress.

How To Draw Chibi Loki Printable Step By Step Drawing Sheet

If you make a mistake in the positions of some body parts (like I did below) you can use “Undo” or the eraser. Or you just can’t pull it off.

Once you’re sure everything is done the way you want it, draw the fat lines once over the thin lines. Again, pay attention to the hair and other things!

Now you can draw eyes! Make them larger than the normal human eye. Draw them along the lines you drew before placing them. Also, draw a mouth (a typical Japanese mouth is like the one in the picture). The noses are not important – just add a little nose after painting.

How To Draw Chibi Characters

Use the brush (B) to color the hair as desired. This brush makes hair shiny and shiny.

Procreate The Anime Studio / Lets Draw Chibi Vol.2/ Drawing

When photographing a girl, remember – not everything is “rosy” in the world of women!

When painting the main decorations – those that look more beautiful and important than others – use unusual colors that contrast well and contrast with other objects.

For better accuracy, zoom out when painting the eyes (some weird color is also recommended) and add some empty white space to the pupils.

For the grand finale, paint the corners with a bold color – first with a pencil, then with a heavy pencil. Hello! I’m Reg and I’m here to help you turn any character you want into a chibi. In this tutorial, you will not only learn the basics, but also learn different drawing styles so you can explore and be creative with your drawing. Well, what are we waiting for, let’s continue with the tutorial!

How To Draw Speedy Chibi

The first thing you need to know before turning your characters into chibi is the general anatomy of a chibi. Chibis are cute and smaller, sometimes simplistic characters. Let’s get started:

You can draw the chibi head in any shape you want, round of course; square, no problem, etc. Any shape you use for your head will work.

When drawing chibi bodies, always make them smaller than the head to resemble the shape of the head. For me, I usually use a bell shaped body, as you can see in the picture above, but whatever you want the chibi body to be. You can choose to simplify or add a little more detail.

How To Draw Chibi Characters

1. First you draw 2 oval shapes (the length of each is up to you) that separate the elbows between them.

From Sketch To Color, Chibis! By Akylha

2. Or if you want to go very simple, draw a long oval or triangular shape as shown in the image above to make your chibi’s hand.

As for the hands… a chibi doesn’t have to have all five fingers. You can have none, just a thumb or even 3 fingers, it’s totally up to you. For me, I sometimes add fingers when my chibi is pointing somewhere or holding something.

The legs are basically the same process as drawing the arms, but of course this time with the legs and back.

Now that you know how Chibi’s basic anatomy works, let’s take a closer look at your character’s head. Your chibi’s head is the most important part of your chibi, why? Because it makes up 60% of your chibi personality and personality.

How To Draw Chibi Princess Jasmine Printable Step By Step Drawing Sheet

It’s up to you whether you want to add a nose or ears. It works in a way; it will still be cute.

For chibi eyes, they are usually the same anime eyes but made bigger or enlarged to look cute and sweet. But did you know that you don’t always have to draw typical anime eyes? You can draw different styles to suit your style and here are some examples for you:

3. Draw simple leaf shapes for a clean flow of hair. Then find the end of the string:

How To Draw Chibi Characters

Mimics are probably the most important feature of a chibi because they add to the cuteness of your chibi. Chibi are mostly used in anime or manga for exaggerated expressions like sad, shocked, angry, happy etc. .

How To Draw Chibi Characters, Coloring Page, Trace Drawing

Pose is also important because it brings your chibi character to life. Chibi are a bit limited when it comes to dynamic poses, but that doesn’t mean they can’t pose. Using the ankles or anchor joints as a guide when placing your chibi in a certain pose.

It’s time to dress up your chibi. You can choose any fashion style you want. I show the kids how to style clothes on our chibi’s cute body. Here are some examples:

Now that you have an idea of ​​how to draw your own chibi characters, I’ll show you how I did my process step by step.

A. To add shadows to your flat color, determine where the light is coming from. I want to create a new layer on top of the solid color, lower its opacity to 30% and fill the layer with black.

How To Draw Chibi Anime, Step By Step, Drawing Guide, By Jedec

B. To add the highlight, follow the same way we added the drop shadow, but this time fill it with white. Then we paint the spot where the light falls on the chibi.

Draw your chip in different views like back view, left and right view, so you can easily understand how to create your chip.

Step 7: Place your bird. You can do this as the first step at the very beginning, but if you really want to better understand the character and characteristics of the chibi, I recommend doing it as step 7. It’s up to you.

How To Draw Chibi Characters

After choosing a pose, you can proceed to add all the details and colors to fully bring your chibi character to life.

How To Draw Chibi Eyes For Beginners

Ah…This is how I draw my chibi characters. I hope this tutorial helped you expand your knowledge and understanding of drawing chibi characters. This is just MY technique, doesn’t mean it’s my only correct way. The art world is full of possibilities, so don’t be limited by what you can learn here today. Experiment, change things you don’t like, add your own touch… Art is much more fun when you let your imagination run wild with a picture.

There should be about two or three heads. Anything bigger than that will look more realistic and become semi-chibi or normal full body.

That said, I don’t recommend following this rule to a T, but it seems like the way to go if you’re unsure.

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