How To Draw Clouds With Colored Pencils

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How To Draw Clouds With Colored Pencils
How To Draw Clouds With Colored Pencils

How To Draw Clouds With Colored Pencils – Today we will learn how to draw realistic clouds. If you follow Draw Central, you may remember that I did this tutorial a couple of years ago. But this time I will show you how to draw clouds digitally. Don’t worry if you use pencil, colored pencil, or even paint—these tips will help you no matter what medium you use to draw clouds. Let’s get started!

To begin with, we need a canvas color to make the white clouds stand out against the background. For this I chose a classic sky blue.

How To Draw Clouds With Colored Pencils

How To Draw Clouds With Colored Pencils

Tip: If you draw in pencil or colored pencil, try drawing on black colored paper and use a white colored pencil to highlight. The added contrast of white pencil on dark paper will make your cloud (or image) pop.

File:stratocumulus Clouds 20072012 (1).jpg

Then we need to determine the size of the base and the location of your cloud. For most types of clouds, they are generally longer at the bottom and rounder at the top. Of course, this is not always the case. So decide what type of cloud you’re going for before you build your plan. I have included a reference image so you can get an idea of ​​what the clouds look like.

Give your cloud a base color that will be the darkest value of your cloud. I know that clouds are usually photographed as completely white, but if you look at the reference photos, you will see that they also have a lot of shadows.

Clouds deal with light in the same way as anything else, so you need to add light and shadow just like you would anything else. Select where the light source is coming from (in my case it’s from the right), and add bright white lines to those edges.

Now that you know the areas of your cloud that will be highlighted, we need to blend those highlights with the darker areas to give our cloud. After you blend the highlights, you can add a thin white outline to keep the edges highlighted.

How To Draw Clouds?

At this point, your cloud should be finished. All you can do is clean up your lines and make sure your cloud images are clean and crisp. You can also mix a bit of white with a blue background to make the image more airy (hehe, get it?)

Check out this video by Alphonso Dunn if you need a little more help getting a look and feel for your cloud. And don’t forget to like, comment, and share this publication if you found it useful. Happy drawing! It’s a perfect summer day on Colorado’s Front Range with soft clouds drifting across a desert filled with trees, rocks, and water. The distant cirque is set under a giant rope without even a hint of snow.

As is common in alpine regions, dense thickets of green willows occupy the outer reaches of the former glacial tarn. The surface of the snowfields shimmers from the gentle breeze that blows into the valley from the west.

How To Draw Clouds With Colored Pencils

Clouds begin to gather in the open land and their swirling shapes mirror the jagged lines of the mountain peaks that occupy the space below. Natural vision is expressed in a clearer and more traditional way of line, shading, perspective, composition and color.

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The opaque color, seen in thin air, is a fabric made of three primary colors, resulting in an infinite gray color. A mixture of ochre, pink and cerulean creates a shimmering shade that flows seamlessly across the unique landscape.

Alpine Art Cirque Clouds Colorado Colored Pencil Drawing High Country Lake Landscape Mountain Nature Peak Sky Summer Valley Tarn Water Western Desert

The restored Lair O’ the Bear Park sits in a steep canyon about six miles east of Evergreen, Colorado. John and Matilda Johnson moved to Sweden with their two sons and bought a narrow pasture in 1902. They named it Mountain Nook Ranch, built a four-bedroom house and raised Red Durham cattle. Their two sons, Finnis and Francis, studied at the nearby Starbuck School, called Idledale. It was originally named for John Starbuck who won the town property in a poker game. John Johnson was an accomplished farmer and his popular and fresh produce was sold in Evergreen and Denver. They planted more than 200 cherry and apple trees in the area. If you look closely, many can still be seen throughout the park today. Uncontrolled Bear Creek carved beautiful landscapes and provided much-needed irrigation for productive crops, but it also caused much damage. Fears of flooding continued. The Lariat Trail (today’s Highway 74) crossed Bear Creek

Clear Creek in Golden, Colorado On a beautiful evening in Golden, Colorado, there’s no denying that Clear Creek is free from winter’s cold blows. As cold weather approaches, we are challenged to come out of the dark cave. The storm continues and soon this quiet river will turn into a transparent river, flowing under a series of suburban bridges. Towards sunset, a deep gorge was carved into this beautiful waterway. Flowing down from the mountains below, the snowmelt erodes the snowbanks. The bare trees on the rocky banks of the river cannot turn the wind of the seasons. The Canyon Trail is covered in deep snow and is forever shrouded in shadow. The blue mountains are still dim under the blue clouds. There is a joyful spirit pervading the whole earth. It reminds me of special nights like this. When a special light shines from above, it reveals certain truths and seeds

How To Draw Clouds: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

“Bald Eagle” Colored Pencils Above a large blue reservoir, the top of the ice cap catches the attention of two bald eagles securing their perch. A lake full of fish will provide plenty of food for birds of prey all winter long. White-headed raptors are always around the water and are opportunistic fishermen. Although it is an apex predator, it can obtain food by any means necessary, including hunting, scavenging or outright theft. Native to North America, the bald eagle is the undisputed symbol of the United States. Pesticides and hunting by crazy breeders nearly wiped out our birds, but with proper protection they have recovered and thrived throughout the Union. A strong patriot, the flying eagle represents eternal freedom. We look on with envy as we watch the broad-winged warrior fly freely in the vast sky above, while the despondent dreamers stay down below. It takes a 4B pencil (or more) to draw realistic clouds using wool and torn paper and if we do. Colored pencils, blue pencils or blue pastels (brush well). We need a woolen basket or a small piece of paper for mixing and we have to tear it to get a shaped and puffy edge. When making realistic clouds, one of the basic rules is that we should not have lines. So I dropped the pencil when I got to the sky and the cloud part of the picture. We need a pencil to apply 2 colors in one place on the paper: dark brown (with a graphite pencil) and blue, apply one cotton and another cotton on the dark brown area. Blue dye for printing on wool. Another rule is to keep the shadows of the clouds and the architecture of the building in line with the position of the sun and try to think about the shape and position of the clouds in the picture before you start making the clouds. This is the great work that we must do to fight the tendencies that have shaped it fundamentally. You will never see a cloud with a completely elliptical shape. Depending on our altitude and the position of the sun, the reflection of light can be seen more or less. For example, if the sun is behind a cloud and we have to raise our head to see that cloud, the color will always be dark brown except for the light edges. If the sun is not behind the clouds, we will see more contrast with the clouds because the light is coming from the side. There are many things we have to consider when we start drawing clouds, such as the type of cloud we want to draw: cirrus, cirrocumulus, cirrostratus, altocumulus, altostratus, stratocumulus, stratus, nimbostratus, cumulus, cumulonimbus… clouds. The most cloudy and visible so that’s the only type I do. Another thing to note is that the sky gets brighter with distance. These objects can only be analyzed by looking at cloud images.

4) Rub each piece of cotton on the corresponding area to absorb the dye

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